Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You
Chapter 10 - Consciousness Taking Over Her Body

Chapter 10: Consciousness Taking Over Her Body
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Her father, Lin Yuetong, had originally been a poor student. After marrying her mother, he had inherited her maternal grandfather’s assets and business, including the really profitable business Triumph Entertainment.
However, Lin Yuetong had caused her grandfather to go bankrupt because of his first love. Subsequently, he had divorced her mother and abandoned her and Lin Shuya.
Lin Yuetong, who had loved and doted on Lin Yan very much, had simply refused to give up on her even after the divorce.
Her mother’s health had been frail, so she hadn’t been capable of holding a job. Her sister, Lin Shuya, had been a sickly baby even before she had been born. Besides, Lin Yan had missed her mother dearly as well. Hence, she had agreed to exchange places with Lin Shuya.
Her father had refused, so she’d had a huge argument with him. Lin Yuetong had even hired someone to look after her to prevent her from leaving the house. In the end, Lin Yan had managed to escape.
Finally, Lin Yuetong had given in to Lin Shuya and made her promise to come home every month. This had continued until the last few years, when their relationship had deteriorated due to Lin Shuya’s instigation.
She had doted on her younger sister and given her the best of everything, including her own father, who had loved her dearly and protected her like a princess in an ivory tower.
However, Lin Shuya had repaid her by destroying her career and stealing her boyfriend.
All she had left now was an injured leg and a numb heart.
Lin Yan could hold her liquor well, so she began to feel tipsy only when they had almost finished a crate of beer.
“Your sister isn’t a good person, and Han Yixuan is scum. Lin Yan, listen to my advice. Don’t be seduced by looks in the future. It’s a fact that the more good-looking a thing or person is, the more poisonous they are. This is a universal law…”
Lin Yan supported her head with her hand and chuckled. “Does that mean you’re also poisonous? You’re pretty good-looking too!”
Wang Jingyang froze, his cheeks slowly turning red.
Lin Yan realized that she was getting drunk, and her consciousness was ebbing away. Wang Jingyang’s voice seemed to be getting further away.
It was a hot day, yet Lin Yan suddenly felt cold. She felt as though a piercing icy coldness had slipped into her body.
However, that feeling was fleeting.
Soon, this coldness seemed to melt into a warm stream and become one with her body.
“Ahem, I’m different. What kind of relationship do we have? How could I harm you? Lin Yan… I think you shouldn’t go back to your aunt’s place… You can come to my house tonight. I have a spare room anyway…” Wang Jingyang stammered as he suggested this.
He waited for some time, but Lin Yan didn’t respond.
When he turned around, he saw Lin Yan sleeping with her head on the table.
Wang Jingyang stared at the heartless girl and blabbered on. “Always so silly and foolish… Forget it, I’m not fit to criticize you. I’m even sillier, for I’ve fallen in love with a fool…”
Under the light, the girl’s head lay quietly on the table. She looked just like an angel. He could see the cute fine hair on her fair skin and her delicate face clearly.
Wang Jingyang watched her in a daze, his ears getting hot. His heartbeat increased, and even his breathing seemed rushed.
He clenched his fists and couldn’t help but inch forward to the girl’s face.
In no time, they were so close that his breath fell on her skin.
Just as Wang Jingyang’s lips were about to land on Lin Yan’s face…
Lin Yan opened her eyes abruptly and shot him a glare as sharp as an icy dagger.
Then, the girl said in a casual but cold tone, “Scram.”