Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You
Chapter 12 - I Can't Stay Calm With You Like This

Chapter 12: I Can’t Stay Calm With You Like This
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The next morning, in a mansion in the capital city…
Lin Yan rubbed her eyes sleepily in a spacious, bright bedroom. She scrambled up from the soft blanket.
Lin Yan was jolted awake the next second when she took a good look at her surroundings.
The room was spacious, and the design was luxurious in a subtle way. There was a swimming pool outside the windows, and the bed was a king-sized one. The paintings and ornaments may look simple and subtle, but the price of every item was jaw-dropping.
This… This was definitely not her aunt’s apartment. It couldn’t be Wang Jingyang’s house either.
Damn it!
Why had she lost her consciousness?
Hadn’t she been eating with Wang Jingyang yesterday night?
Where was this place?
She remembered eating barbecued food with Wang Jingyang at the stall. Then, the next minute… she was lying on a stranger’s bed when she opened her eyes?
Lin Yan tried her best to recollect what had happened, but to no avail.
Suddenly, her phone rang.
Lin Yan pressed it and realized that Wang Jingyang had sent her numerous texts.
Pup had typed, ‘What the heck! Lin Yan, you heartless woman! Why didn’t you tell me about such an important thing? When did you get a new boyfriend?’
Pup had typed, ‘Who is your boyfriend?’
Pup had typed, ‘How old is he?’
Pup had typed, ‘What is his occupation?’
Pup had typed, ‘What about his family?’
Pup had typed, ‘Is he handsome?’

Lin Yan was confused by his texts. What nonsense was Wang Jingyang rambling about?
What boyfriend?
Lin Yan was speechless as she stared at her phone. A moment later, the bathroom in the opposite direction suddenly opened…
A man who was even more attractive and good-looking than Pei Nanxu walked out of the bathroom.
If she wasn’t mistaken, she had just met this man recently. He was the head of the Pei family and the president of the JM corporation, a multinational empire. He was Pei Nanxu’s older brother… Pei Yucheng!
Lin Yan was speechless.
What was going on?
The man was half-naked. He only had a towel wrapped around his waist…
The man glanced casually at the girl sitting at the edge of the bed with eyes that resembled a cold and deep pit. “You’re awake.”
Lin Yan sat there completely dumbfounded as she stared at the man who had just walked out of the bathroom. In an instant, her brain seemed to get crushed by hundreds of hurtling massive mammoths.
“Pei… Pei Yucheng?”
This man had left a very deep impression on her when she had first seen him in the car the other night. Thus, she was absolutely certain that he was the same man.
She tried once more to recall what had happened last night. However, she still couldn’t remember anything.
Lin Yan slapped herself!
‘Lin Yan, wake up!’
‘You are dreaming right now!’
‘You must be dreaming right now!’
Pei Yucheng, who was rubbing his hair, watched as Lin Yan slapped her face suddenly. His expression seemed conflicted.
To prevent Lin Yan from hurting herself again, the man warned her. “Perhaps, you need to calm down first.”
Lin Yan nodded fervently, albeit stiffly. “Yes, yes, yes! That’s right! I need to calm down. Calm down. Calm down… Calm down first…”
Lin Yan mumbled frantically to herself as she forced herself to calm down.
In the end…
She bit her lip as she glanced at Pei Yucheng. She looked as though she was about to crumble. “President Pei… You… Can you wear some clothes? I can’t stay calm with you like this…”
A fleeting smile appeared on the man’s face. “Okay.”