Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You
Chapter 13 - You Are Already Disrespectful

Chapter 13: You Are Already Disrespectful
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After some time, Pei Yucheng finally put on his clothes along with his spectacles.
The man sat on the couch by the windows. The mottled sunlight streamed in through the leaves on the tree and fell on his aloof face. He rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt and crossed his legs casually. Not only did the simple spectacles resting on the bridge of his nose not diminish his imposing aura, but they actually made him look even more seductive.
Lin Yan was speechless!
She felt that she wouldn’t be able to calm down for the entire day.
Everyone in the entertainment industry agreed that Pei Nanxu’s looks could kill. However, the man before her could summon and eliminate souls.
Pei Yucheng sensed that she had something to say and took out a cigarette slowly. A wisp of smoke swirled around the tips of his long fingers. “What is on your mind?”
Lin Yan came out of her reverie and tried to organize her thoughts. Her heart was pounding as she asked cautiously, “Sorry, President Pei. I think I drank too much yesterday and I can’t remember anything…
I would like to ask what happened. Why did I wake up in your house this morning?”
“You can’t remember…” Pei Yucheng’s thin lips curled up unconsciously, and there was a fleeting gleam in his eyes.
Then, he spoke in an exceedingly deep and masculine voice that sounded a little hoarse. “Why? Are you pretending to have amnesia after sleeping with me?”
Lin Yan was speechless…
‘Plonk!’ Her legs turned to jelly and she slipped off the bed. As she fell, her knees pressed against the floor in fear.
How was it possible?
How could she have the audacity?
Lin Yan scrambled to her feet and explained frantically. “How is that possible? Mr. Pei, I reckon that there must have been a misunderstanding between us. Even if I had borrowed courage from you, I wouldn’t have dared to disrespect you…”
Pei Yucheng held a cigarette in between his long fingers as he glanced at her lazily. “Although it was unsuccessful, you are already being disrespectful.”
Lin Yan was speechless…
Already… Already disrespectful…
To what extent had she been disrespectful?
Could anyone save her right now?
Pei Yucheng stole a glance at Lin Yan, who had clammed up. “What else do you have to say?”
Lin Yan made a final attempt. “Yes! Mr. Pei, I have a really important question. Since you said that… I… I was already disrespectful… How did I… succeed?”
If she was capable of taking advantage of Pei Yucheng, why hadn’t she died instead?
Pei Yucheng used his hand to support his forehead while his other hand continued to hold the cigarette. His eyebrows were slightly raised as he asked, “Are you hoping… that I can help you recollect?”
“Cough, cough…” Lin Yan had turned stark white. “No! No need! I didn’t… mean it that way!”
Lin Yan was forced to abandon that question.
What should she do?
Lin Yan felt anxious and panicky as she carefully asked, “Mr. Pei… if I told you… that I don’t remember anything… Would you believe me?”
As he noticed how scared the girl looked, Pei Yucheng managed a faint smile. “I certainly believe you.”
He finally believed her!
Lin Yan’s eyes sparkled and she seemed to choke with emotion. Then, Pei Yucheng opened his mouth and said, “After all, if a woman wished to ditch a man after using him, what sort of absurd excuse wouldn’t she conjure?”
Lin Yan was speechless…
Damn it!
She really hadn’t!
It was too frightening to even think of ditching Pei Yucheng.
Alcohol had caused her all this trouble!
Hadn’t she suffered a great loss in this case?
How could she assume responsibility for this if she had no recollection of the entire process whatsoever?