Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You
Chapter 23 - Your Acting Is Excellent

Chapter 23: Your Acting Is Excellent
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Her acting skills were dreadful to begin with, so she definitely couldn’t handle this complex character. Besides, the mannequin looked really funny and silly. This was way too difficult!
If this had been a real person, at least there would have been an interaction so that she could immerse herself in her role. However, acting with a lifeless mannequin was too awkward, as it couldn’t respond.
Lin Yan’s eyes darted left and right, looking for a chance to escape. Unfortunately, the doors had been locked earlier on.
The auditions went on.
Within an hour, three more actresses had had their turn. In general, they were all better than the first actress. However, they couldn’t bring out the essence of the domineering female president. They merely seemed fiercer but fell short of Jiang Yiming’s expectations and the ideal character.
Jiang Yiming massaged his temples. “Next.”
At that moment, Wang Qiaohui glanced at her daughter. “Shanshan, their acting was horrible. How could they even dream of competing with you? What do they have?”
He Shanshan curled her lips and smirked in a conceited manner.
After some time, Feng Anhua stood up and turned to Wang Qiaohui and her daughter. With a fawning smile, he said, “Miss He, it’s your turn.”
He Shanshan nodded and deliberately rose gracefully. She strode towards the center of the room.
He Shanshan eyed the mannequin haughtily. “Don’t feign death. Get up! I want to talk to you. We should come to a consensus…”
“Shanshan, you were great!” Wang Qiaohui instantly clapped loudly.

Jiang Yiming inhaled deeply.
She was a student of the prestigious Capital City Drama and Theater School?
Even if she had been an ordinary person, her acting would still have been considered passable.
However, now that she was a student of this prestigious drama school, things were different.
Could she be a domineering female President?
What was He Shanshan acting like? Was she a pampered, unreasonable princess?
What was she trying to portray?
If it hadn’t been for President Pei, Jiang Yiming swore that he would have chased both her and her annoying mother out this very minute!
“How was it? Did you see that? This is real acting and true talent!” Wang Qiaohui glanced at Jiang Yiming and Feng Anhua.
Feng Anhua, who knew that Jiang Yiming was about to erupt, pressed his arm furtively and whispered, “Be calm… Think of President Pei!”
At last, Jiang Yiming suppressed his fury and swallowed his words.
“Miss He’s acting is excellent!”
“Not bad. Miss He’s acting is admirable!”
Suddenly, the eliminated actresses stood up to applaud for He Shanshan.
They were no fools, so they had noticed Jiang Yiming and Feng Anhua’s attitude. This girl definitely had an influential backer.
Anyway, they had already been eliminated. They might as well pander to her and perhaps strike a friendship with this girl.
When He Shanshan saw that these actresses who were beginning to gain fame were all treating her with respect, she curled her lips.
“Excellent. Miss He has a strong foundation and fits this role well. Thus, we have decided to give this opportunity to her,” said Feng Anhua with a smile.
“Congratulations, Miss He!”
“Miss He, can we exchange numbers?”
Several actresses approached He Shanshan quickly.
Before He Shanshan could speak, Jiang Yiming spoke, looking unhappy. “There is one more actress. Number 33, it’s your turn.”