Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You
Chapter 29 - It Was a Mistake

Chapter 29: It Was a Mistake
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Both of them were still talking when a man walked out of the partitioned area. He seemed to be an assistant. He strode over to them and said in a low voice, “Second Young Master asked me to inform both of you that he and President Pei have to leave first. Something urgent came up.”
Feng Anhua was speechless…
Jiang Yiming was speechless…
They were in trouble! President Pei had left in a huff!
Their original intention had been to pander to President Pei. Who knew that it would backfire!
They knew it!
How could President Pei be the type of person who bent the law for the sake of a woman?
President Pei must have been here purely for an inspection check!
However, they had used a vile mindset to make assumptions about President Pei!
This was a sin. They needed to remedy the situation!
Feng Anhua stole a stealthy glance at Lin Yan. “Miss Lin, your performance was brilliant just now. It has left a lasting impression on both of us. Congratulations! This role is definitely yours!”
Jiang Yiming hurriedly chimed in, “Miss Lin, you should go back and get prepared. The production crew will inform you when we start shooting.”
Jiang Yiming was feeling slightly conflicted.
He had assumed that He Shanshan and Pei Yucheng had some sort of relationship. However, after all this time, it turned out that it had been a misunderstanding!
Fortunately, this was only a mistake. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to use Lin Yan.
Lin Yan was the perfect choice for this role in his opinion. If he missed out on her, he would really regret it.
“What are you all doing?”
Wang Qiaohui’s ear-piercing scream broke the silence. “How could she be selected? Are your brains damaged?”
He Shanshan’s eyebrows were furrowed tightly as she was trying to make sense of what was going on. Unless she was mistaken, Zhou Feng had been sent by Sister Shuya. However, at this crucial juncture, he seemed to have gotten into some sort of trouble himself.
Feng Anhua pointed at Wang Qiaohui and said coldly, “Both of you have caused enough trouble. The result of the audition is out, so please leave now!”
Wang Qiaohui was stunned momentarily. This producer had treated them so respectfully earlier on. Why was he talking to them this way now?
“Do you know who you’re talking to? I’ll call Shuya immediately!” Wang Qiaohui snapped coldly.
Jiang Yiming and Feng Anhua looked startled as they glanced at each other.
Lin Shuya from Triumph Entertainment?
After all this time, the backer behind this mother and daughter had turned out to be Lin Shuya.
No wonder Zhou Feng had come over. They knew that Lin Shuya and he were quite close and the two of them would meet in private.
This was such a huge blunder.
In the end, Feng Anhua ordered the crew to lead the mother and daughter pair out.
“Miss Lin, I’m sorry that we caused you unnecessary trouble because of a mistake on our part. If you still have any other questions, feel free to ask us.”
‘Lin Yan’ replied, “I want to get my pay in advance.”
Feng Anhua agreed readily. “Sure, I’ll get someone to handle it later.”
‘Lin Yan’ nodded briefly and turned around to leave.
After leaving the audition room, ‘Lin Yan’ walked slowly to a deserted corridor.
Then, she flagged a cab and went to the hospital.

After a long while, Lin Yan woke up.
She opened her eyes groggily and realized that she was lying on the edge of a bed. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw the man sleeping on the bed.
Lin Yan instantly recognized him.
Pei Yucheng…