Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You
Chapter 31 - This is a Killer Question

Chapter 31: This is a Killer Question
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A chill crept up Lin Yan’s spine. This was undoubtedly another killer question.
Pei Yucheng had given her a chance previously, so there was no way he would give her another.
How should she answer to avoid a terrible death?
No one would believe that she had lost her memory or was being possessed.
This would only infuriate him.
Should she confess that she was a pervert?
But Pei Yucheng might just send her to prison!
Pei Yucheng didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He just watched her quietly, waiting for her reply.
Lin Yan felt like there was an enormous ax hanging over her head, ready to drop at any moment…
Time continued to tick away.
Lin Yan knew that she faced death, no matter what excuse she came up with. Thus, she inhaled deeply before rattling on. “President Pei, this is what happened… You’re handsome, suave, impressive, charming, talented, brilliant, intelligent and smart. The first time I saw you on TV, I fell head over heels in love with you. I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind ever since. I think about you day and night. Do you know that there are 100 ways of being sweet? Eating candy, eating cake, and thinking of you 98 times!
The reason I’ve done such disrespectful things to you is because I can’t control myself. President Pei, no words could describe how good-looking and perfect you are. Your looks surpass celestial beings…”
Lin Yan’s speech could rouse the deaf and enlighten the blind. When she finished speaking, the room went deadly quiet for at least three seconds.
Suddenly, a deep, low voice broke the silence. Pei Yucheng’s smile was like a melting iceberg transforming into a stream.
In the past, Pei Yucheng’s smile hadn’t met his eyes, and there had been no warmth in it.
This was the first time she had seen Pei Yucheng give her such a genuine smile… He was so gorgeous…
He could really bring destruction to a whole country…
She had finally understood how a single smile could overthrow a city.
Lin Yan gaped at him in a reverie.
At first, she had felt embarrassed for praising him in such an unabashed manner.
However, after seeing his reaction, she felt like she had been robbed of her speech.
Pei Yucheng’s imposing aura seemed to have diminished as his smile appeared. Then, he commented on her speech, “That was quite good.”
Pei Yucheng paused before asking, “Did you just think of that?”
What he meant was, had she come up with it a moment ago?
Lin Yan swallowed her saliva and hastily explained, “No! This comes from the bottom of my heart. That’s why I could say it so eloquently.”
Pei Yucheng replied, “Seems like I can forgive you based on what you said.”
Lin Yan had a shrewd hunch. Judging by Pei Yucheng’s tone, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope.
Lin Yan’s eyes sparkled as she replied shrewdly, “Of course you can’t forgive me, President Pei. You’re a God in the celestial realm. How can a mortal like me covet you? It’s all my fault!”
While Lin Yan was racking her brains to save herself, the door suddenly burst open forcefully, giving her a rude shock.
Lin Yan caught a glimpse of a colorful tornado rushing in…
“Big Brother! You’re finally awake!”
It was a young man who looked as though he was almost 20 and had a head of vibrantly-colored hair. He threw himself at the man on the bed and began to sob loudly as tears rolled down his face. “Big Brother! I thought you wouldn’t be able to wake up this time! If you die, what will I do?”