Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You
Chapter 38 - Was His Big Brother So Cheap?

Chapter 38: Was His Big Brother So Cheap?
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If she had been an ordinary girl, she would have shrieked in fright.
Lin Yan merely raised her eyebrows in surprise when he ignited the engine.
This acceleration power was amazing!
Seemed like he had hired a professional to modify the car.
Although it couldn’t be compared to a professional racing car, it was still considered good for amateurs.
Lin Yan could guess what Pei Yutang was up to. She sat quietly in the front passenger seat and didn’t utter a word. She just shut her eyes to rest.
After being banned from racing, she had forgotten how long it had been since she had last touched a car.
Now that this familiar, pleasant sound rang her ears, it seemed like a lifetime ago.
Flashbacks of her racing competitions and the incident of her racing ban flashed in her mind. She had tried her best to forget those memories, but now everything came flooding back. It was as if it had all happened only yesterday…
Pei Yutang noticed that Lin Yan had shut her eyes. She actually looked unwell. He immediately sneered and asked, “Are you carsick?”
Lin Yan was starting to understand this young man’s temper. Thus, she decided not to answer. Instead, she remained silent as a form of tacit agreement.
Pei Yutang increased the speed one second later.
In no time, Pei Yutang had driven to a spacious, empty road. There were a few consecutive winding roads there, where he flaunted his driving technique.
Pei Yutang saw Lin Yan get paler and assumed that she was terrified of the speed. He dissed her in disdain. “Don’t tell me you’re going to puke. Why is my brother attracted to such a weak and timid woman like you? I really detest frail women like you who get carsick so easily…”
Lin Yan was speechless…
When she heard his remarks, she highly suspected that this boy might end up alone for the rest of his life.
Pei Yutang replied, “Listen to me, there is no way you can become my sister-in-law! You should abandon this thought!”
Lin Yan was speechless…
She really didn’t harbor this thought…
Pei Yutang curled his lips smugly, displaying his front teeth. “Of course, if you can endure sitting in my car for the next 30 minutes, I shall reconsider!”
Lin Yan was speechless…
He would reconsider based on this condition? Was his Big Brother so cheap?
Lin Yan coughed gently and blurted out, “You don’t have to reconsider… I want to get off… I’m carsick… I want to puke…”
“I’m still not done having fun! Hold in your vomit!”
Pei Yutang was thoroughly enjoying himself as he raced. At the same time, a silver-colored GTR turned in and sped beside him. It gradually overtook him and blocked his path.
Soon, four other racing cars made their way and Pei Yutang was stuck in the middle.
Pei Yutang studied the cars, his face darkening instantly. “F*ck! Why are they still lingering here? It’s those assh*les again!”
Lin Yan surveyed her surroundings and immediately noticed that Pei Yutang had been surrounded by these cars.
Pei Yutang’s car would constantly brush against the rest of the cars, producing sparks…
After several minutes, Pei Yutang was forced to come to a halt at the foot of the mountain.
Pei Yutang was livid as he opened the door impatiently and got out.
The drivers soon convened after exiting their cars.