Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You
Chapter 41 - Intense Aura

Chapter 41: Intense Aura
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Pei Yutang was about to fall to his knees, when a pair of soft, slender hands suddenly grabbed his arm firmly.
Lin Yan supported him. “Why are you in a hurry?”
“Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing? Are you trying to act as if nothing happened?” One of Song Yaonan’s friends began to protest.
Pei Yutang’s eyebrows were furrowed tightly together as he flung her hand away. “Don’t interfere in this matter! It has nothing to do with you.”
Lin Yan ignored the commotion and gave him a tiny smile. Then, she turned to glance at Song Yaonan. “Young Master Song, you merely beat Pei Yutang. You haven’t raced me yet. Shall we have a race?”
The crowd fell silent for a moment before it erupted into laughter at Lin Yan’s suggestion.
“Woman, you want to race with Brother Nan? Are you joking?”
Pei Yutang pulled Lin Yan aside. “What are you doing? Are you crazy? You got carsick during the ride earlier, yet now you want to race?”
When everyone else heard Pei Yutang’s words, they roared even louder with laughter.
“She gets carsick, yet she wants to race? This is such a hilarious joke!”
Lin Yan continued to look meek and gentle as she said, “Young Master Song, let’s have a race. If I win, you have to agree to anything I want. If you win…”
Song Yaonan clearly thought that it was impossible that she would win. He looked at her as if she was a clown who was overestimating her capabilities before he interjected. “What happens if I win?”
Lin Yan beamed. “If you win once more, then Pei Yutang will call you daddy twice.”
Pei Yutang was speechless…
“Ha ha ha…”
Everyone burst into laughter again.
Pei Yutang cast a deadly glare at Lin Yan. “F*ck! I merely scolded you at the hospital. Do you have to seek revenge this way? And who are you to make a bet on my behalf? You…”
Lin Yan threw him a casual glance and quipped, “Shut up. Be quiet.”
Her expression didn’t even change. Her tiny face looked delicate, and she looked demure in that simple dress. However, when the girl fluttered her eyelashes, her eyes, which looked as though they were dipped in ink, gave off an entirely different aura.
Several thoughts appeared in Pei Yutang’s mind…
She was like a country bumpkin, yet all of a sudden, she had transformed… She was so seductive…
It felt as if she had turned off Pei Yutang’s switch. He immediately fell silent, and his cheeks blushed under her stare. Even his breathing seemed to freeze…
He must have been bewitched…
He incredibly felt like this country bumpkin had become breathtakingly beautiful and started to exude an intense aura.
He must have gone mad…
“So? Is the race still on? Or… Is Young Master Song afraid? In that case, I shall allow you to have one round first!” Lin Yan spoke, looking natural and relaxed.
Her words resulted in another round of deafening mockery and laughter.
“Ha ha ha… Is this woman out of her mind?”
“Pei Yutang’s taste in women is really unique. The anatomy of her brain is unusual!”
When Song Yaonan finally stopped laughing, malice gleamed in his eyes. “The race is certainly on! It has been some time since I’ve done something so interesting!”
Lin Yan replied, “Let’s begin!”
She promptly sat in the driver’s seat of Pei Yutang’s car.
When she saw Pei Yutang remain motionless, she raised her eyebrows. “Why are you still in a daze? Come on!”
Pei Yutang, who was ashen-faced, hurried in. “What are you up to, you crazy woman? This is not something you can play with!”
“Get in position! Ready?” said the person with the gun in his hand.
Lin Yan didn’t answer. She merely touched the steering wheel and asked Pei Yutang, “Where is the accelerator of your car?”
She didn’t even know where the accelerator was, yet she wanted to race?
‘Cough, cough…’ Pei Yutang almost spat out blood. He fastened his seatbelt at lightning speed and hissed, “Lin Yan! Are you kidding me?”