Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You
Chapter 42 - Amazing Racing Techniques

Chapter 42: Amazing Racing Techniques
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“Bro, I’m off first!”‘
Song Yaonan’s silver GTR sped off first, leaving them behind on the track.
On the other hand, Lin Yan was still trying to figure out where the accelerator and the brake were located.
Pei Yutang sat in the car, having a nervous breakdown. “Sister! You might as well just get out. Stop fooling around! I’ll just call him daddy twice.”
Lin Yan replied, “Why are you so anxious? I’ve already promised to let him finish one round. Besides, did your Big Brother and Second Brother agree to you calling someone else daddy?”
Pei Yutang was speechless…
He suddenly fell limply against the back of the seat, looking crushed and despondent.
He wanted to get out of the car!
Soon, Song Yaonan came back after completing one round amidst cheers and whistles.
He had taken the lead by an entire round, Even if she were to take over, she wouldn’t be able to catch up…
Pei Yutang had originally thought that he was already pathetic enough. He had to call someone daddy on his knees after all. However, he now would have to say it twice!
After Song Yaonan passed them a second time, Lin Yan finally managed to start the car.
When the engine was ignited, the exhilarating feeling brought by extreme speed startled Pei Yutang.
Soon, he saw the sleepy-looking girl who resembled a tiny, frail bunny prop her forehead with a hand. She held onto the steering wheel with the other hand as she smoothly sped on the track and drove around in loops. She made her way towards Song Yaonan, who was ahead…
It was as if she had become one with this car.
Pei Yutang was speechless…
Song Yaonan was still acting smug ahead when he heard the sound of the car behind him.
What was going on?
That woman had caught up with him?
He had never imagined that the girl would have this capability!
However, he wasn’t worried. He was an expert at blocking others, so he was confident that no one would be able to surpass him.
Earlier on, Pei Yutang had been left behind by a huge distance.
Song Yaonan said, “Darling, watch me. Not only am I going to block their way, but I’m also going to send them spinning away from the track!”
The pretty lady beside him said, “Brother Nan, you’re the best! Show them what you’ve got!”
Song Yaonan replied, “Darling, sit tight. Watch how I’m going to crush…”
Song Yaonan was interrupted mid-sentence when that red Ferrari, which seemed to be on fire, turned a corner at a tight angle and surpassed him easily.
Then, the red Ferrari left him trailing behind.
The pretty lady was speechless…
Song Yaonan was speechless…
Earlier on, that red Ferrari had lost to him. However, now, it was speeding like a ferocious beast.
His silver GTR was as insignificant as a toy car compared to the Ferrari…
An overwhelming pressure enveloped him. This was something he had never felt ever since he had started racing. He was completely astounded.
Song Yaonan’s haughty expression froze and he immediately reacted. “F*ck! Don’t worry, I’m going to catch up real soon!”
That Ferrari seemed to have come alive in the girl’s hands. She blocked his path easily and even seemed to be able to predict what he was going to do next. She left him stranded and stuck as she blocked all possible routes, making it impossible for him to overtake her.
He had no chance to retaliate at all. Instead, he was almost forced out of the track several times.
When the red car eventually sped past the finish line, Song Yaonan sat dumbstruck in the driver’s seat. He couldn’t snap out of his shock…
It… was over…