Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You
Chapter 44 - Please Teach Me

Chapter 44: Please Teach Me
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“Cough, cough…”
Lin Yan almost choked on her own saliva in shock when he called her daddy. “What did you say?”
Pei Yutang exclaimed, “Daddy, you were so awesome! Please teach me!”
Lin Yan was speechless…
Where is your integrity, young man? He had earlier labeled her as a scheming woman and a weak bunny. Now, she had become his daddy?
If she had known that he would address anyone so readily as his daddy, she wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble to help him.
Fortunately, it had been an easy race that hadn’t required much effort. Otherwise, her injured leg wouldn’t have been able to withstand the strain.
Lin Yan was speechless as she studied the young man’s bright eyes, which looked dazzling. It seemed as if there were nine suns in his eyes right now.
She found it really difficult to look into this pair of eyes.
Pei Yutang continued to stare at her with his bright eyes. “Daddy! How did you manage to do that? You beat Song Yaonan! And you started one round after him!”
Lin Yan was speechless…
She had merely beaten an amateur. Was she really that amazing?
Pei Yutang added, “You’re at a professional expert level! Are you the leader of a car team?”
Lin Yan interjected. “Hold on… Third Master, can we discuss something else first? Could you stop calling me your daddy?”
At the thought of Pei Yucheng and Pei Nanxu, she couldn’t help but shudder.
Pei Yutang asked, “Then what should I call you?”
Lin Yan replied, “Anything but daddy.”
“First Sister-In-Law!” Pei Yutang suggested.
Lin Yan replied, “Shut up…”
“Second Sister-In-Law?” Pei Yutang asked.
Lin Yan was exasperated. Damn it!
She inhaled deeply before saying, “Lin Yan will do.”
Pei Yutang agreed obediently. “Okay, Sister Yan! No problem at all! Sister Yan, you haven’t answered my question.”
“You’re exaggerating. Have you ever met a leader like me? I merely drove slightly faster than him,” answered Lin Yan helplessly.
Pei Yutang widened his eyes. “Slightly faster? Sister Yan, do you have any misconceptions about professional racing? To a racer, speed is everything!”
“I don’t understand much. I was merely involved in it for a while.”
Lin Yan didn’t feel like talking about her past. Her name had been erased from the professional racing arena after all.
Pei Yutang blinked curiously. “Sister, why did a girl like you become a racer? It’s such a dangerous thing to learn.”
Lin Yan scratched her nose and tried to brush this question off. “That… is a long story…”
Pei Yutang said, “It’s okay! You can take your time saying it!”
Pei Yutang looked as though he really wanted to jot down every word that she was about to say.
Lin Yan had no choice but to think hard about how to answer his question.
A few moments later, she began talking. “Actually, the story goes like this… I learned to race because of a chance encounter… At the time… I liked a guy who was also a racer… Therefore, because of him… I began to get in touch with racing…”
Pei Yutang was stunned momentarily. “You learned to race because of a man…”
Lin Yan replied, “So?”
Pei Yutang corrected himself quickly. “Nothing… What happened afterward? Did you manage to win his heart? Did he become your boyfriend?”
Lin Yan looked wistful and melancholic as she reminisced about her past. “Then, I began to learn and find out more about racing. As I began to improve, I gradually became faster. In the end, I realized that… racing was really fun. Why did I still need a boyfriend? Could a boyfriend be eaten?”
Pei Yutang replied, “Oh…”
He had guessed the plot, but not this unexpected ending.