Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You
Chapter 45 - I Am a Man of Principles

Chapter 45: I Am a Man of Principles
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Lin Yan shot him a glance. “Why?”
Pei Yutang dismissed her question by waving his hands. “Nothing! No wonder you’re my daddy! Sister Yan, you’re absolutely right. Sister Yan is always right!”
Lin Yan looked rather speechless. “I am always right? Didn’t you say that I’m a D-list actress who deliberately gets into scandals to boost her popularity? I was even shameless enough to start a rumor that I’m in a relationship with an actor…”
Pei Yutang denied this without hesitation. “Those rumors must have been spread by someone else. Those people want to tarnish your reputation!”
Lin Yan was speechless…
Young man, that wasn’t what you said earlier on!
The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched. “You do change sides in a battle really quickly, don’t you? Where are your principles?”
Pei Yutang scratched his head. “Principles? I am a man of principles!”
Lin Yan was speechless…
So, his principles were based on who drove the fastest? That person was always right?
How about old and experienced drivers? Would they get the same treatment?
“Oh yeah. Sister Yan, why didn’t you continue racing? Why did you become a celebrity instead?” asked Pei Yutang.
Pei Yutang’s inquisitiveness made it hard for her to handle his endless questions.
Lin Yan answered casually, “Originally, I just wanted to try racing for fun. I like being an actress more…”
Pei Yutang pondered this briefly and decided that racing wouldn’t be quite feasible in the long run as a career for Lin Yan considering that she was a girl. It was normal for her to like being an actress. Thus, he finally stopped questioning her. “In that case, it’s a pity…”
Lin Yan heaved a huge sigh of relief when Pei Yutang finally stopped asking questions.
Actually, what she had said to Pei Yutang wasn’t entirely a lie. There was a portion of truth in it.
The reason she had quit racing was a lie, but the reason she had started racing was real.
Initially, she had indeed begun to race because she’d had a crush on a racer. However, she had gradually realized that racing was more fun than dating a guy. It was so much more fun that she had simply forgotten about the guy and focused on racing…
Actually, in hindsight, this wasn’t the first time that had happened.
She really picked things up fast. After leaving school, she had tried various jobs. Before she had become a racer, she had even been a substitute game player.
She’d had a crush on a professional player, so she had practiced really hard to learn the game tactics for his sake. In the end, she had turned into an expert and even become the best player on the server.
Playing games was really fun, so why would she need a boyfriend? Could he be eaten?
However, she had been really young when she had started playing games. This activity hadn’t been very popular back then, and the competitions hadn’t garnered that much attention. She hadn’t been able to make much money, so she had switched jobs to find something that promised more income.
So far, her racing career was the longest job she had ever held, as well as the one she had been the most passionate about.
After being banned from competing, she hadn’t been able to get over this setback. She had returned to her home country, thinking that her sister and Han Yixuan would be a source of comfort and serve as her harbor.
She had consoled herself by saying that it was good that she had retired. She would have more time for her family and boyfriend.
In order to spend more time with Han Yixuan, she had decided to enter the entertainment industry.
At the time, she had been exhausted both physically and mentally. All she’d wanted was to spend time with her loved ones and nurse her injury.
How could she have expected that the harbor she had envisioned would turn into a depressing hell?
She had given her contract to Lin Shuya and allowed her to take care of everything. Her sister had fabricated rumors and scandals on the pretense that she was helping her and clinched horrible roles on her behalf.
Indeed, she had become popular instantly, but in a negative way. She was soon being slammed online and, by the time she realized it, her relationship with Han Yixuan was already on the rocks.
She began to reject the jobs that Lin Shuya booked for her, but the effect wasn’t ideal. In the end, she found out that Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan had gotten together behind her back and she finally broke all ties with them.
After investigating, she discovered that her sister was the mastermind who had schemed against her. Devastated and discouraged, she had crumbled from within…