Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You
Chapter 49 - Because I’m Earning Money

Chapter 49: Because I’m Earning Money
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Wang Jingyang had no idea if this was an illusion. Lin Yan seemed a little different from her usual self tonight.
After being banned from the racing arena and betrayed by Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan, she seemed to have crumbled due to these consecutive setbacks. However, right now, she looked as though she had been revived.
In fact, he realized that her spirits seemed lifted ever since their previous meet-up.
Tonight, in particular, he could see a trace of her former self. She was vibrant and glowing.
“Other than the audition today, what else did you do?” Wang Jingyang couldn’t help but probe.
“Nothing much!” Lin Yan blinked, looking confused.
Wang Jingyang raised an eyebrow. “Why do I feel that you’re in a really good mood?”
“Am I?”
Lin Yan touched her own face. She had merely driven that day.
Was it that obvious?
“Probably because I’m earning money!” replied Lin Yan.
Wang Jingyang thought that her answer seemed reasonable. “Alright, I’ll liaise with the landlord on your behalf.”

The next morning…
Wang Jingyang was exceptionally efficient, for he had already contacted the landlord. Sure enough, the rent was lower than the market price.
This district might not be an exceptionally premium or luxurious one, but it was indeed worth the rent.
Lin Yan immediately confirmed her decision and contacted a moving company.
Soon, the two of them reached the apartment building where her aunt stayed.
Wang Jingyang said as he walked, “I can accompany you to get the furniture and appliances tomorrow.”
Lin Yan waved her hands. “You don’t have to.”
Amid their conversation, the elevator reached the right floor with a ding. They walked to the apartment with the movers.
“You only have a few miserable belongings. I can help you with them. Why did you even hire the movers?” Wang Jingyang remarked as he pursed his lips.
Lin Yan pressed the doorbell and grinned. “Who told you this? I have a lot of stuff.”
The door swung open when she finished her sentence.
Her aunt, Wang Qiaohui, was startled to see Lin Yan. One second later, she exploded and started mocking her loudly. “Hey! Isn’t this our famous celebrity, Lin Yan? She is transforming into a phoenix! Why did she return to this rundown place?”
When He Shanshan heard that Lin Yan was here, she shot out of her room like an arrow. She pointed to Lin Yan’s nose and lashed out at her. “Lin Yan, you shameless woman! How dare you snatch my role! You still want to stay in my house? No way!”
Wang Qiaohui smirked coldly as she shot a glance at Wang Jingyang. “Wow, look at him. You even brought a pretty gigolo along for moral support?”
Wang Jingyang was speechless…
“Let me tell you something, Lin Yan! This is my house, and I want you to get lost this very minute! If you don’t, I’m going to call the police to arrest you for trespassing!” Wang Qiaohui spat as she pointed at a corner. “Get out along with your belongings!”
Lin Yan’s gaze followed Wang Qiaohui’s hand. All her belongings had been thrown out like trash by Wang Qiaohui.
Wang Jingyang could no longer suppress his anger. “F*ck! You old shrew! Didn’t Lin Yan pay for this house in the first place? The two of you should be the ones getting out…”
Wang Qiaohui looked smug and haughty at the moment. “Then go ahead and sue me so that the police can arrest me! The title deed clearly has my name on it!”
Lin Yan held back Wang Jingyang, who looked as though he was an erupting volcano. She beckoned to the movers and said, “Get my belongings.”
“Alright, Miss Lin.” The movers picked up all the stuff in the corner and packed them into boxes.
When Wang Qiaohui saw that Lin Yan seemed to be leaving, she folded her arms across her chest and hissed in a mocking tone, “Get your trash and leave!”
Lin Yan grinned. “I’m not in a hurry. I still haven’t finished packing my belongings.”
Wang Qiaohui’s expression cracked slightly. “Your belongings? What else do you have besides these things?”
Lin Yan strode past Wang Qiaohui and He Shanshan as she scanned the house. She glanced askew at the movers and instructed them, “Come in and move everything out. Don’t leave anything behind!”