Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love
Chapter 4: Living With a Temperamental Adonis (4)

Chapter 4: Living With a Temperamental Adonis (4)
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Su Zhinian did not give any response and left with his entourage.

Another failure…
Song Qingchun sat in her own car and tousled her hair out of agitation before sighing as she leaned back down her car seat and closed her eyes. They had not seen each other for so long and he had become so much more perfect than before.
Pulsating with youthful energy, worth several billions, the business genius, the most handsome CEO… all these labels given by the public did not feel fake on him. His face was even more alluring and handsome compared to when he was young.
She could remember him making the whole school of girls go crazy with his looks, and after so many years, his handsome level had only increased and not decreased. If Song Qingchun had to nit-pick one bad quality about Su Zhinian, that would have to be his personality.
After so many years, he was still the same way, radiating an icy aura to prevent any living human beings from getting close to him. According to the reporting by one of the many tabloid papers, all the pictures and videos of Su Zhinian taken at activities and functions included zero smiling faces. There was barely a hint of a smile, much less a bright one.
It was also worth noting that, in those pictures and videos, there was never a woman near him, as if the female human beings were non-existent in his eyes. For some crazy reasons, such a non-approachable personality still managed to attract the attention of many crazy online fans, admiring his frigidness, comparing him to a delicious forbidden fruit.
Song Qingchun could not help but scoff to herself thinking about all of this. Suddenly, her phone rang. She quickly recovered from her reverie. She whipped out her phone and answered it after taking a quick look at the name of the incoming caller. As she connected the call, a gentle voice said, "Qingchun."
"Big Sister-in-law."
Song Qingchun greeted her caller and then asked, "How's dad?"
"He's stabilizing, he just took the pills and went to bed," her sister-in-law, Fang Rou 1 , answered. Like her name suggested, she always had a mellow way about things. Even when asking a harsh question, she would ask in a slow and gentle tone. "Qingchun, have you seen Su Zhinian?"
Song Qingchun was quiet before answering honestly, "I have."
"How did it go? Did you get him to agree with the terms?" Fang Rou asked in her signature slow way, but there was obvious cheer that was absent before.
"I haven't…" Song Qingchun was reminded of the distaste on Su Zhinian's face when he saw her, and her mouth twisted. After a short struggle, she finally asked, "Big Sister, there are so many impressive characters in the business world, why does dad want him to take the position of Song Empire's CEO?"
"There might be many impressive characters, but he is the only legend. He is the only miracle worker. Furthermore, Song Empire now does not have the budget to hire an acting CEO. He once stayed with our Song family and can be considered a family friend, so no matter from which perspective, he is the most suitable candidate to ask to take over Song Empire and become its CEO," Fang Rou explained in her soft tone before adding, "Qingchun, you will be able to persuade Su Zhinian to take over Song Empire, right?"