Lord of All Realms

Lord of All Realms

Lord of All Realms
Chapter 1639: Smashing the Stele!

Air whirls emerged on the Stele of Death that floated above the Bone Shatter City like a giant piece of white jade.
As the air whirls rotated slowly, they started channeling death power from the Bone Shatter City.
At the same time, countless rays of pale-gray light radiated from the air whirls, rapidly filling the entire stele like spider webs.
Each and every ray of pale-gray light seemed to carry the profound truths of death power, and secretly resonated with Grand Monarch Bonefall’s bloodline.
The Bonedrudes in the Bone Shatter City ignited their bloodline power.
Numerous death power shields went up one after another to merge with the defenses of the floating city.
An incomparably thick and solid shield of pale-white power came to form, enveloping the entire Bone Shatter City.
Floating under the Stele of Death, Grand Monarch Bonefall stared coldly at Nie Tian.
Then, while he remained behind the pale-white spherical power ward that enveloped the entire city, the Stele of Death suddenly shot out with a sharp whiz.
It flew directly towards Nie Tian like a giant kite, with dozens of rays of pale-gray light connecting the bottom part of the stele and the power ward enveloping the Bone Shatter City.
Like some sort of band, the rays of light could not only transfer power to the Stele of Death, but also pull the stele back to the Bone Shatter City in moments of danger.
Under the city’s protection, Grand Monarch Bonefall raised his white, bony hands, as if to call out to the god of death and stimulate the stele with his own bloodline.
“Bloodline: Mortal Sacrifice!”
The air whirls on the white jade-like stele accelerated abruptly.
Nie Tian couldn’t help but exclaim softly as he discovered that he was losing his flesh power. At the same time, Pale-gray spots had somehow appeared on his skin, and were gnawing at his life power.
He let out a laugh of disdain. “So this Stele of Death is a precious treasure of the Bonedrudes, right? I suppose it has similar effects as Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s Bell of Death. Even he failed to cause me any serious damage with that bell of his, not to mention you, who’s only at the middle tenth grade.”
As soon as he infused the Rampage Behemoth’s bone with his bloodline power, it expanded in an extremely fast and peculiar manner, as if an invisible monster was hiding inside of it, madly devouring his flesh power and letting out howls that made everyone’s souls tremble in fear.
The howls even shook space, rendering it unstable.
As a rift split open in the void, a streak of light flashed out of it and quickly vanished into the distant starry river.
“Nie... Nie Tian...” Pei Qiqi’s voice seemed to echo in his ears as the streak of light flitted past, even though there must be endless space between them.
“Ehh...” After a moment of bewilderment, Nie Tian refocused on the bone that had already expanded hundreds of times over, and infused drop after drop of his Blood Essence that carried immense life power into it.
All of a sudden, a terrifying, massive shape of the Rampage Behemoth manifested in the blood-colored light that was released by the bone.
At the same time, the bone shot towards the Stele of Death like a divine spear that was going to tear through the heavens.
The Rampage Behemoth that manifested outside the bone seemed to somehow come back to life. Devastating power spread into its surroundings in an unstoppable fashion as clusters of crimson light exploded.
The clouds they created looked like the splashes of meteors plummeting into a sea of blood, gorgeous but deadly.
Wave after wave of frenzied, bloody power that was mixed with crimson crystalline chains and emanated the behemoth’s bloodline wonders slammed into the Stele of Death.
The white jade-like stele that was thousands of meters tall instantly had a layer of red added to it.
The air whirls within it could no longer operate as they had before.
As more frenzied howls of the Rampage Behemoth echoed out, more clusters of explosive clouds were created, all of which targeted the Stele of Death.
The countless rays of pale-gray light that covered the Stele of Death like spiderwebs snapped one after another, spraying refined death power.
Cracking sounds somehow came from Grand Monarch Bonefall’s enormous bony form that was in the Bone Shatter City.
Through his soul awareness, he seemed to see the Rampage Behemoth, which had inspired fear across the three worlds, reviving after spending eons in silence, and bombarding the Stele of Death with its unparalleled power.
For some reason, he even vaguely heard the Rampage Behemoth bellowing something as it ravaged the stele.
“Bone... Bone...”
As the Rampage Behemoth bellowed, a scary, mountainous body of bones seemed to rise from within the Stele of Death and stand several dozen kilometers tall.
Grand Monarch Bonefall’s heart nearly exploded as soon as he saw the terrifying bone form.
Grand Monarch Bonefall stuttered, not daring to believe his own eyes.
He hadn’t built the Bone Shatter City or the Stele of Death. Both of them were precious treasures of his clan that had been handed down to him.
Therefore, he had assumed that he knew everything there was to know about them.
However, only at this moment, as the terrifying bony form manifested in front of him, did he realize that the Bone Shatter City and the Stele of Death carried the residual power and awareness of the Bone Emperor, the Bonedrude paragon.
The magnificent bony form that had manifested from within the Stele of Death suddenly exploded.
It was actually smashed by the Rampage Behemoth’s illusory shape!
At the same time, the Stele of Death, which had been passed through numerous generations and made countless Bonedrude grand monarchs, cracked and shattered.
Many Devils, Netherspirits, Seaspirits, and Moonspirits were flabbergasted after witnessing that bone of Nie Tian’s smashing the Stele of Death, which they had believed to be unbreakable.
“The Stele of Death shattered! This is unbelievable!”
“My heavens! That was a priceless treasure that only the most promising Bonedrude grand monarchs were allowed to carry!”
“Since I learned about the existence of the Stele of Death, I’ve never heard of it being severely damaged by anyone or any force!”
“A precious treasure of the Bonedrudes…” Nie Tian muttered with an indifferent look in his eyes. “I can’t say that I’m impressed.”
Then, he sensed the Rampage Behemoth’s wrath within the bone and thought to himself, “It seems that you only truly recovered after the Ripper Behemoth purged the Bone Emperor’s residual power in you. After all, you died after a legendary battle against the Bone Emperor.
“No wonder you’re so angry and relentless when facing a tool the Bonedrudes forged with his residual power.
“Bad luck for this Grand Monarch Bonefall.”
The Rampage Behemoth’s bone suddenly shot towards the Bone Shatter City, bursting forth with a tremendous amount of blood-colored light.
An image entered the mind of every single Bonedrude in the Bone Shatter City as they looked up at the incoming bone.
A colossal creature that was even vaster than the Forbidden Land of Devil Refinement and could devour stars seemed to be pouncing towards them, emanating boundless frenzied power as it did.
Each and every one of them, including even Grand Monarch Bonefall and the Bone Shatter City, seemed to be too weak to withstand a single strike from it.
Scared soulless, the Bonedrudes whispered, “A Star Behemoth!”
“Is this the might of a Star Behemoth?!”
“With something like it around, how did we dare to invade the Mortal World and the Spirit World?!”