Lord of All Realms

Lord of All Realms

Lord of All Realms
Chapter 1699: Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s True Form

The Heaven Sha, the burly bald man with a bare upper body contained in the many spheres of purple light, exclaimed in surprise, “Nie Tian?”
The next moment, the thousands of rays of scarlet light that the Heaven Sha had split into flew out of the glowing spheres.
Hundreds of rays of blood light condensed into the Heaven Sha’s blood domain in the deep sea of purplish-black Devil Qi.
The Heaven Sha’s dharma idol stood inside like a towering mountain as all sorts of turbulent, disordered flesh auras merged into his blood domain, like a hotchpotch.
It was just that his dharma idol was still weaker than the terrifying devil figure, even though it was just a doppelganger.
With a brilliant sea of stars over his head, Nie Tian stood on a green land of rich life force. Surrounded and protected by the three god domains, his colossal Life-origin Form rushed valiantly into the purplish-black deep sea of Devil Qi.
The flesh aura of the terrifying devil figure Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had morphed into instantly started clashing violently with the spiritual and flesh power Nie Tian’s three domains and Life-origin Form naturally emitted.
The purplish-black spheres of light surrounding the terrifying devil figure looked like purple stars and realms.
Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s doppelganger looked like the ruler of the starry sea, a devil god who dominated the world. It seemed to even have the power to control the sun and the moon and break heaven and earth with only one hand.
In a flash, hundreds of true bloodline meanings that Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had comprehended and many wonders of devil blood were cast upon Nie Tian, like chains of order and cages woven by rules.
They were either in the form of purple lightning or black devil fire.
The All Manifestations Star Banner floating in Nie Tian’s star domain fluttered violently as its soul wailed, and its star power disappeared like crazy.
The Heavenly Stars Flower swayed and burst forth with dazzling light.
However, its petals withered one by one.
The dazzling fragmentary stars, the secret fragmentary star magics, and the spell arrays of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace in his star domain were all impacted by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s power.
The luxuriant Godspirit Tree in Nie Tian’s wood domain started to wither, with its branches and leaves falling off.
Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s devil blood gave birth to a decayed, silent aura that seemed to be from a remote world. Unexpectedly, the aura could copy the true meaning of death from the Bonedrudes specifically to suppress his wood domain.
At the same time, black devil flames suddenly condensed into blocks of black ice.
The blocks of black ice also emitted extreme coldness that could directly pierce a person’s marrow and were as frighteningly cold as the black frigid lake in the Realm of Middle Continent.
They were all transformed from Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s devil blood.
His devil blood could morph into anything he wanted!
Unexpectedly, the terrifying devil figure had formed different kinds of power that could be used against his domains of star, flame, and wood with pure Devil Qi. Different powers secretly contained different kinds of magical laws and principles. It was as if three people who cultivated three different powers to the extreme had merged as one.
At this moment, the Heaven Sha, who was a kingpin of the Doomed Star Sea, spoke, “Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s body has gathered the power of myriad Devils. His bloodline cultivation is totally different from the Dark King’s. He has perfected the changes of his devil bloodline. The Devil bloodline was infinitely changeable to begin with, yet his devil body has been changing from the moment he was born.
“Change is the true meaning of his devilish Dao. If he becomes a paragon, perhaps he will be even more terrifying than the Dark King!”
With these words, he shouted, “Blood Sha Spell of the Blood Spirit Sect!”
As the Heaven Sha’s blood merged into his blood domain, he rapidly morphed into a horrifying blood monster.
As soon as the blood monster came to form, his dharma idol quickly shriveled. The blood monster seemed to gobble up his blood domain before it continuously grew and became a weird monster that knew nothing but to fight, with its blood and the blood of all living beings as its source of power.
While the Heaven Sha disappeared, the Blood Sha was born!
The Blood Sha was another form of the Heaven Sha!
It had a perfect combat body and its thoughts, awareness, experiences, and memories were all purely suitable for fierce battles.
It had no extra thoughts and didn’t pay attention to anything in the outside world. It didn’t seem to even know Nie Tian anymore.
There was only the terrifying devil figure in the depths of its scarlet eyes for that was its sworn enemy!
“Now, you’re a little more interesting,” the terrifying devil figure said.
It finally got serious. All of a sudden, the originally illusory body that seemed to be made of Devil Qi grew solid.
Nie Tian clearly sensed that a tremendous amount of flesh power was instantly injected into the devil figure after passing through countless layers of spatial restrictions.
The flesh power was devil blood power from Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s true form.
The devil blood power directly enhanced the battle prowess of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s doppelganger, which showed that he had given the Heaven Sha great respect after he had transformed into the Blood Sha, which was a purely combat-oriented form.
“Bloodline, Life Drain!” Nie Tian exclaimed.
In his Life-origin Form, he activated his bloodline talent with all his might and released his flesh aura sea, but he couldn’t channel the slightest bit of flesh power from Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s body.
The devil blood that Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had injected into the body was matchlessly solid, and firmly attached to his doppelganger.
The devil power that was used to attack Nie Tian’s god domain and flesh aura sea was all power that had been repeatedly refined by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s soul. It contained numerous manifestations of his devil blood that were able to completely suppress his life power.
Of course he couldn’t absorb this power.
“I can, to a great extent, guess the source of your bloodline,” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil said.
While facing the Blood Sha, another face seemed to appear at the back of his head, whose devilish eyes looked deeply into Nie Tian’s eyes, and spoke, “No wonder you are so favored by Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit. Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit was a Netherspirit and was limited by his fleshly body, so he has been trying to change that.
“Your bloodline has infinite possibilities, so of course he fixed his eyes on you.
“Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, or Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, has long been abandoned because he has acted against his will. The more you comprehend his soul Dao, and the more skilled you become with his soul spells, the more likely that you will be in danger of being possessed.”
“What a pity...”
He seemed to have long known that Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, who was only second to him in the rankings of the Void World, was, in fact, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit from the Spirit World. He even knew that Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s residual awareness in the Nether River had tried to possess Grand Monarch Nether Spirit in the Spirit World back in the day.
Before he could explain everything, he suddenly raised his giant devil hand and tried to press Nie Tian down with it. “Nie Tian! It’s time for you to go down there and join the others!” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil yelled.
Devilish light instantly fell toward Nie Tian like a dome, as if it contained the powers of a whole realm.
The horrifying pressure it brought was only aimed at him!
Grand Monarch Heaven Devil shouted, “You are the real key to whether the gate can be opened or not! Now that your bloodline has reached the tenth grade, it should be enough!”
Nie Tian’s three domains and Life-origin Form were enveloped in a giant pillar of purple light, which was thousands of meters wide and tens of thousands of meters high.
Carried by the purple pillar, Nie Tian instantly fell to the Realm of Shadow Devil, and then to the brilliant passage.
The change was so sudden that Mo Heng, Fan Tianze, Yin Xingtian, and the Heaven Sha all failed to stop it in time.
In a flash, Nie Tian was dragged down to the gorgeous passage connecting to the Dark Abyss by the purple pillar of light.
“Now, Blood Sha!” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s terrifying devil figure was now in its complete, solidified fleshly form.
However, his colossal body kept writhing, with veins breaking out of it like giant pythons.
His devil bones rattled and changed unceasingly. They morphed into devil beasts, devil insects, and the forms of various ancient devils, devil gods, and deceased top grand monarchs who had once existed in the history of the Devils.
Suddenly, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil morphed into a devil god clad in ink-black armor, who then raised his hand to slap towards the Blood Sha.
Darkness instantly filled the air and imprisoned the Blood Sha’s combat body.
It was quickly cut into countless blood strings by dark power.
If Dong Li were here, she would find that the devil god Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had morphed into was none other than the paragon in the history of the Devils.
Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had even copied and manifested the Dark King’s dark power with his devil blood, so much so that it was difficult to distinguish it from the genuine article.
Looking at Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, the Snow Devil of the Doomed Star Sea understood instantly, knowing that the strongest expert of the Void World had gathered all his strength here. “His true form has descended.”
At the moment, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s devil blood had all converged on this body of his.
This way, it was no longer his doppelganger, but his true form.