Lord of the Magical Beasts
Chapter 22 - Just Who’s the Pervert?

Chapter 22: Just Who’s the Pervert?
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After they were done shouting for vengeance, the group crowded toward Yang Ling and engaged in passionate conversation. In all these years, Yang Ling was the only one who had dared to humiliate the Anca family like that. This, coupled with the lavish decorations and alarming workers he had under him, convinced the crowd that Yang Ling was indeed a noble, a noble with powerful backing. He must not have much consideration for the Anca family.
After the crowd scattered, more than a dozen mysterious people paid a visit to Yang Ling. Amongst them were the boss of a wood-processing company, the owner of the smithy, the owner of the bar… Basically every influential person and merchant with decent clout other than the Anca family in Wissen Town were all there.
“Sir, welcome to Wissen Town. May I ask, how long are you going to stay here?” After the formalities, the boss of the bar, Andrew, asked nonchalantly. In the eyes of the crowd, opening a shop selling weapons made by dwarves here in the town might just be a whim to a powerful noble like Yang Ling.
There’s more than meets the eye!
Observing the situation, Yang Ling quickly understood why the group had visited him. The Anca family had committed many atrocities and harmed the civilians. Even the more influential people in the town could not take this any longer, much less an average civilian.
“I am the same as all of you, just an ordinary merchant. I’ll probably go wherever is profitable for my business.” Yang Ling let out a mysterious smile.
Ordinary merchant?
The group looked at each other, understanding that this was merely Yang Ling’s excuse. If he was just an ordinary merchant, how could he have the money to set up a weapon shop run by dwarves, or employ guards and elves as servers?
After finishing the rum in his glass, the dark-skinned steelsmith said loudly, “Sir Yang, you have publicly humiliated the Anca family today. They will definitely think of ways to exact revenge, so you have to be on guard!”
“Yes, the Anca family is very powerful. You have to be careful. I wonder Sir, how many guards do you have by your side?” The owner of the bar Andrew looked nervously at Yang Ling, seemingly more nervous for him than Yang Ling was for himself.
The reason the group had paid a visit to Yang Ling was to see how powerful Yang Ling really was. If his abilities ran deep and were enough to hold his own against the Anca family, he would definitely be a blessing to the people of Wissen Town. If his abilities were not powerful enough, or if he had come to Wissen Town on a whim, with no intentions of dealing with the Anca family, then the people of Wissen Town would be doomed.
“Hehe, the Anca family? They are merely a bunch of clowns!” Yang Ling took a sip of the sweet rum before continuing, “I have come here this time with the hopes of creating an empire with my abilities. I do not wish to rely on the powers of my family!”
Just as he had with the elf elder, Yang Ling allowed the group’s misunderstanding of his identity to continue. After all, no one would believe him even if he were to tell them how he had arrived in this world. Allowing the misunderstanding to continue might even have surprising benefits.
He does not wish to rely on the powers of his family? Yet another rich kid who has never seen the world. The group was a little dejected. The Anca family was a powerful organization, so how would Yang Ling hope to deal with the Anca family without the help of his family?
Looking at the dejected Andrew, Yang Ling understood what they were thinking. He feigned worry, “I have quite a few friends. I can deal with the Anca family without having to rely on my family, but unfortunately…”
“Unfortunately what?” The dark-skinned steelsmith sensed a ray of hope as he directed a steely gaze at the hesitant Yang Ling.
“Even though they are my friends, I am too embarrassed to get them to help me without giving them a little reward! But I just opened this shop and do not have much money left. Furthermore, this house is too small. There’s no way to accommodate too many warriors, even if I called them here!” Yang Ling feigned dejection as he sighed.
“No problem! You can count on us; the more warriors you can invite the better!” The owner of the bar Andrew was elated as he patted his chest, promising to solve all of Yang Ling’s problems. Even though business in his bar was bustling, most of his earnings had to be given to the bloodsucking Anca family. If Yang Ling was able to get rid of the Anca family, he would give up a few years of his profit, much less a mere house.
After coming to an agreement, Andrew and the rest of the group acted fast, quickly delivering presents to Yang Ling by the dozen. Other than tens of thousands of Purple Crystal Coins, they also gave him a chest of Magical Beast Essence Crystals and countless specialty items. Furthermore, they also got the townspeople around the weapons shop to move elsewhere, building a giant house for Yang Ling in the area.
After all these favors, as well as to prevent Ymir from launching a full-powered attack on him, Yang Ling revisited the Barbarian tribe to prepare an elite Barbarian group. Barbarians were naturally powerful and fearless, making them the best candidates to take the frontline.
The leader of the Barbarians got worried once Yang Ling said that the market for Magical Beast Essence Crystals and Dark Fire Crystals was not good lately. But this Ancient Summoner was powerful, and his background was even more alarming. He did not dare fight against him, nor could he get him to leave; after receiving the salt and foodstuffs brought over by Yang Ling, he had no choice but to quickly agree to his requests and send out a hundred of his most elite warriors.
Yang Ling had just returned to Wissen Town for a few days when Sofia brought fifty elite elf archers to him. Rumi also brought over a full eighty brave dwarf warriors. Along with the hundred swordsmen they had gathered in Wissen Town, they quickly set up a powerful group of guards, allowing the bullied townspeople of Wissen Town to see a ray of hope.
Perhaps having received some news, the lackeys of the Anca family were being more cautious, mostly hiding within the heavily guarded castle. But Yang Ling did not let his guard down as he understood that a powerful thunderstorm might be brewing under these peaceful times. He ordered the dwarf Rumi to quickly create armor and weapons for the guards.
After handing the reins of the guards to Casey, Yang Ling became the person with the most time on his hands. He either spent his time training his own Magical Beast army or cultivating the mysterious Wizard Mantra. Other than that, he would spend most of his time enjoying the services of Alice.
“Is it here?” Alice was blushing.
“Yes, harder please!”
“Do you want it faster?”

With half his body submerged in his bathtub, Yang Ling closed his eyes as he enjoyed the massage Alice was giving him. He was so comfortable that even his pores were relaxed.
Suddenly, Yang Ling creased his brows and caution filled his heart. He had just opened his eyes when he saw a black arrow shooting toward him. Following that, a slender black figure entered through the window. Looking at the figure, he noticed that it was the female assassin who had failed her sneak attack on him previously.
“Ah…” Looking at the female assassin who had suddenly appeared and the gleaming dagger, Alice lost her voice in shock, leaning tightly against Yang Ling’s bare back.
Swallowing a huge gulp of his saliva, Yang Ling looked awkwardly at his lower body. It was lucky that he was in the water; otherwise, he would have exposed himself. He had not expected Alice’s breasts to feel this supple even though they did not look particularly impressive.
“Hmph, give me your life!” The female assassin held her dagger in front of her and charged toward him like the wind. Her ice cold gaze and the gleaming dagger caused Alice’s skin to crawl.
“You’re asking for death!”
Yang Ling was not afraid. He made a hand gesture and summoned a Horned Bee Beast. In the blink of an eye, the female assassin was forced to evade the attacks, almost falling to the three lethal, poisonous stingers.
Seeing his opponent being kept busy by the Horned Bee Beast, Yang Ling could not miss this opportunity. He let out a low grunt as he stood up, preparing to subdue his opponent. In that moment, two shrill cries came from within the bathroom.
After dealing with the detestable Horned Bee Beast, the female assassin felt a mixture of shame and anger when she saw Yang Ling’s naked body. She had wanted to charge forward with her dagger, but she saw Horned Bee Beasts appearing out of thin air. She also heard footsteps coming toward the bathroom. She understood that she had lost the best opportunity, and she had no choice but to escape through the window after letting out a cold grunt.
At the same time, Alice covered her eyes with her hands, her ears turning red. She had not expected Yang Ling to…
“Ah, Yang Ling, you’re such a gangster!”
Yang Ling had not even had the time to react when the door to the bathroom was pushed open. Sofia, who had come to check things out after hearing the commotion, had just looked in when she immediately turned her head away.
After three more shrill female shrieks, a powerful male voice came from Yang Ling’s bathroom, causing the Barbarians who were patrolling the vicinity to shiver. They had long heard rumors that the nobles of the human race had perverted ways of playing with each other. It looked like those rumors were true indeed!