Lord of the Magical Beasts
Chapter 722 - Great Demon King

Chapter 722: Great Demon King
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The Mother Empress?
Alstom, the elder wearing the long robe, was incredibly shocked when he saw the Mother Empress flying around Yang Ling.
He had successfully set up the Justin Divine Branch and become a high and mighty Core Deity after toiling for a million years. However, unlike the arrogant Core Deity Algernon, who made enemies wherever he went, he had always kept a low profile and worked on developing his abilities. His faction did not look strong on the surface, but their true abilities were far greater than anyone imagined. His faction did not pale in comparison to the Algernon Divine Branch, which was supported by the City Amongst the Clouds.
He had led the main forces of the Justin Divine Branch out to capture the Mother Empress in the Nine Phantom Mountain Range. He had hoped to build a solid foundation for the rapid development of the Justin Divine Branch. Originally, after the sudden disappearance of the Mother Empress, Alstom had thought that all hope was lost and prepared to return home. He did not expect the escaped Mother Empress to arrive on his doorstep.
“Tthe Mother Empress?” The Core Deity spread his tidal-like Divine Knowledge out after he saw the strange look in the long-robed elder’s eyes. He was elated when he noticed the faraway Yang Ling and his group.
He had been dwelling on his mistake the other day. He felt incredibly indignant whenever he thought about how the Mother Empress had escaped at the last moment. It was a Mother Empress that could spawn Wandering Divine Beasts! Who would be able to match my Algernon Divine Branch if I captured it and used it to spawn a few dozen Wandering Divine Beasts? When that time comes, I will be able to free myself from the authority of the City Amongst the Clouds and speak directly to the envoy of the Creator. In fact, I might even become an influential envoy of the Creator!
“Hahaha, good, very good. Let’s see where you can run off to this time!”
The Core Deity Algernon did not hesitate, charging toward the faraway Mother Empress as fast as lightning. He was incredibly excited at the possibility of becoming an envoy of the Creator. Not only would that mean a respectable status, but it also meant that he would be able to obtain unimaginable benefits. He would be able to collect the offerings of many tiny Divine Branches and gather even more resources. More importantly, he would be able to enter the God Prison in the Unending Sea to learn about the mysteries of the laws of the universe whenever he wished!
Core Deity Algernon was incredibly fast. He led a team of elites and charged straight toward Yang Ling. But the long-robed elder by the name of Alstom was not slow, either. He followed closely behind with his subordinates. Soon, they arrived in front of Yang Ling, leaving gusts of wind behind them.
“What’s going on?”
“The Mother Empress–the Mother Empress that can spawn Wandering Divine Beasts has appeared once again!”

The abnormal actions of the two large Divine Branches quickly alerted the rest of the wanderers in the Starry Sky Castle. Someone soon recognized the Mother Empress by Yang Ling’s side and shouted excitedly. No one expected the Mother Empress, so adept in hiding its aura, would not only appear once again, but also come directly to the Starry Sky Castle.
“Alstom, the Mother Empress is the prey that the Algernon Divine Branch and the City Amongst the Clouds have our eyes on. You came too late!” Core Deity Algernon knit his brows when he saw that the long-robed elder had followed closely behind him. Others might not know of the old man’s true abilities, but he knew all too well. He had no choice but to invoke the name of his patron, the City Amongst the Clouds.
“I heard that Lord Harington had already returned to the City Amongst the Clouds. I doubt that he is too interested in the Mother Empress!” Alstom cracked a cunning smile and hinted at the fact that the City Master of the City Amongst the Clouds, Harington, had his own troubles to deal with.
After developing their abilities in secret for millions of years, the combined abilities of the Justin Divine Branch had long surpassed an average Divine Branch. However, they still could not challenge influential factions like the City Amongst the Clouds head-on. If this had been an average day, Alstom would not dare to offend the Algernon Divine Branch and the City Amongst the Clouds behind them. However, the situation was different now that the City Master of the City Amongst the Clouds, Harington, had been severely injured in the battle with the captain of the Flowing Cloud Battle Squad, who continued to pursue him!
Who could squander the opportunity to obtain a Mother Empress, which came only once in a million years!
“Alstom, your Justin Divine Branch would not be able to defend the Mother Empress with your abilities even if you got it!” Core Deity Algernon had an ice-cold expression. A gleam of light flashed in his eyes.
“Lord Algernon, actually, we can make a deal!” Alstom smiled. He paused for a moment before he continued, “There are more and more factions rushing here now. We will only be taken advantage of if we continue to fight each other like this. Why not join forces to scare off the other factions and capture the Mother Empress together? In the future, I’ll take just three of every ten Wandering Divine Beasts that are spawned. Your Algernon Divine Branch can have the other seven!”
Alstom quickly came to a decision when he saw that many wanderers, as well as the scouts working under the Power King and the King of Darkness, were making their way toward them. Rather than risk offending the City Amongst the Clouds and engaging in an all-out fight against the Algernon Divine Branch, he might as well join forces with them. Otherwise, he might not be able to obtain anything at all in the end!
“Alright, deal!” Core Deity Algernon did not hesitate once he saw that the rival faction of the King of Darkness had rapidly gathered around them. He turned to look coldly at Yang Ling, who stood beside the Mother Empress, and said, “Young man, I do not care how you managed to obtain the Mother Empress. But if you do not wish to die, then hand her over while you still can!”
“What a joke! The wings of the Mother Empress do not grow on my body. Come catch her yourself if you’re able to, you Birdmen! But be careful, you might end up as a snack in her stomach instead of catching her!” Yang Ling smiled coldly and secretly formed a Wizard Seal.
His abilities had gotten a huge boost after he had advanced to the level of beginner Wizard Deity, cultivated the Skyreach Wizard Mantra, and revived Grand Wizard Houtu. He could test out his abilities on Core Deity Algernon and the rest. He would also be able to gain a further understanding of the situation in the City Amongst the Clouds and make preparations for his bloodbath there once he tampered with their souls and obtained their memories.
Two birds, one stone!
The wanderers who were observing the situation were dazed, unable to react for a long time. No one would have expected Yang Ling to call the powerful Core Deity Algernon a Birdman in public.
“Tsk tsk, powerful! Not only did he capture the Mother Empress, he even disregarded Core Deity Algernon! Just who is this young man?”
“Hehe, Birdman; he sure is gutsy. This is going to be exciting!”
The wanderers who were witnessing the commotion slipped into a chatty discussion when they saw the cheerful Yang Ling and the steel-gray face of Core Deity Algernon. They mulled over Yang Ling’s identity. Some of them were silent, coldly observing the situation. Others gloated as they witnessed the commotion. Those that had animosity with the Algernon Divine Branch were incredibly excited. They cursed and fiercely vented their frustrations.
“All of you have to die!”
Core Deity Algernon’s face was steely. He waved his hand, and the hundreds of Divine Duty Experts behind him closely surrounded Yang Ling and his group. The long-robed elder Alstom did not hesitate any longer and instructed the elites under him to join in the attack. Yang Ling and his group had been encircled by over a thousand powerful fighters in an instant. The wanderers watching the scene retreated rapidly when they saw the dangerous situation.
“Two big Divine Branches have joined forces. Tsk, tsk, that young man is dead meat!”
“That’s right, even if Core Deity Algernon and the Core Deity of the Justin Divine Branch, Alstom, were not going to take action, just the combined attacks of over a thousand Divine Duty Experts would already be incredibly terrifying!”
“Hmph, two great Divine Branches joining forces to attack just a few men, how despicable!”
The people chattered to one another after they recovered from the shock of seeing that the Algernon and Justin Divine Branches had joined forces to attack Yang Ling and his group. Originally, the elites under the King of Darkness and the Power King had wanted to seize the opportunity to capture the Mother Empress. However, they hesitated when they saw the sudden alliance of the two major Divine Branches. They did not dare to act recklessly.
“We’re comparing numbers?”
Yang Ling laughed coldly when he saw the confident Core Deity Algernon and the Core Deity of the Justin Divine Branch, Alstom, then summoned his Magical Beast Army. Dark Dragons, Horned Dragons, Ancient Siva Apes… There was no end to them. They turned the situation around and surrounded the men of the two large Divine Branches.
“Great Wizard Universe, attack!” Yang Ling gave an order without waiting for the enemy to react. He silently recited the Skyreach Wizard Mantra and unleashed the Great Wizard Universe with the fastest speed possible.
Yang Ling had just issued his order when three dark figures charged out. The Mother Empress charged toward Core Deity Algernon in fury. The Golden Roc roared loudly and slammed his claws into the head of the Core Deity of the Justin Divine Branch, Alstom. They kept the strongest opponents in the opposing faction busy while Grand Wizard Houtu silently unleashed a massacre on the forces of the two large Divine Branches, as unstoppable as a meat grinder.
Grand Wizard Houtu could kill an ordinary Dimensional Wanderer in seconds, much less Divine Duty Experts who were one whole level lower. Even a Divine Duty Expert with abilities at the peak of the eighth level would not be able to fend off a single attack from Grand Wizard Houtu!
“Demon God Battle Formation, attack! Don’t let anyone escape!” The Corpse Wizard King instructed the Magical Beast Army to unleash their assault.
The Demon God Battle Formation far surpassed the Angel Battle Formation from which it had been derived. Its power increased the more Divine-level Magical Beasts were part of the formation. Both the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Corpse Wizard King, Dark Dragon King, Horned Dragon King, Blood Angel Ophelia, and the rest of the group reached alarming levels once they got into formation. The Great Wizard Universe Yang Ling had unleashed strengthened their abilities even more. They crumbled the armies of the two large Divine Branches in a mere instant.
The Demon God Battle Formation was unstoppable!
Core Deity Algernon and the Core Deity of the Justin Divine Branch were both shocked and furious when they saw their elites being split apart and surrounded by countless Magical Beasts, as the powerful fighters they had spent much effort to develop were massacred one after the other. Originally, they had thought that they would be able to kill Yang Ling and his group with ease and rapidly snatch the Mother Empress once they’d joined forces. They did not expect to be overwhelmed in their carelessness.
“My God, where did this many terrifying Divine-level Magical Beasts come from?”
“The Magical Beast Divine Branch. I heard that the Giant Dragon Valley had fallen to an unparalleled fighter with the reputation of a Great Demon King. He commanded a million Divine-level Magical Beasts and has set up a Magical Beast Divine Branch. Could that young man be the Great Demon King?”

The onlooking wanderers felt their skin crawl when they saw the unstoppable Grand Wizard Houtu, the piercing attacks of the Mother Empress and the Golden Roc, the mysterious Great Wizard Universe, and the bloodthirsty Magical Beast Army. They whispered to one another and heaved great sighs of relief that they had not acted recklessly just now.