Lord of the Magical Beasts
Chapter 723 - Unparalleled Blade Technique

Chapter 723: Unparalleled Blade Technique
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“Blade Storm!”
The sharp longsword in Core Deity Algernon’s right hand shone brightly as he let out a violent roar. The sword released bolts of lethal sword aura. Each bolt creaked in the wind and enveloped the massive body of the Mother Empress. Even though his stance looked similar to the one used by the God of Swords, Gerald, its power was several times stronger.
Every bolt of sword aura was akin to a lethal dagger, slicing open thin, snake-shaped Space Cracks!
The fury of the two enemies was intense!
The Mother Empress was livid when she thought about Core Deity Algernon’s despicable sneak attack so long ago. She roared and charged forward. Dark light coursed over the surface of her body and her already-impenetrable scales got several hundred times stronger. She took the damage from Core Deity Algernon’s sword aura as she crashed her sharp claws into his head and slammed her powerful tail into his waist.
An eye for an eye!
The Mother Empress would not retreat, no matter how strong Core Deity Algernon’s attacks were. She swore to herself that she would kill the detestable Core Deity Algernon, even if it meant that she would be severely injured in the process. She wanted to dig his divinity out and then swallow him whole.
Both the Mother Empress and Core Deity Algernon let out miserable cries after taking the respective attacks head-on. The Mother Empress was wounded by Algernon’s piercing sword aura despite her scales’ hardness, and her body was covered in blood. However, even though she seemed to be soaked in blood, most of her injuries were superficial. She did not suffer any fatal damage.
On the other hand, though Core Deity Algernon had turned his body to avoid the Mother Empress’s lethal claws at the critical moment, his chest had been hit by the Mother Empress’s tail. He did not seem injured on the surface, but he had massive internal bleeding, and his divinity had almost been shattered. He spat out a mouthful of blood.
The braver of the two would come out ahead in a battle of offense!
As a natural Wandering Divine Beast, the Mother Empress was not much weaker than Core Deity Algernon, even though her ancient injuries were not fully healed. The Mother Empress had revenge in her heart, and she attacked with full force. Core Deity Algernon was focused on capturing the Mother Empress and could not bear to land a killing blow. The victor had unknowingly been decided in advance.
“Powerful…an offensive capability even stronger than Core Deity Algernon’s… It’s no wonder that the Mother Empress could avoid the pursuit of all those people!”
“That’s right, we’re lucky that we didn’t get involved just now. Otherwise, we might have been swallowed whole by the Mother Empress!”
The spectating wanderers exclaimed in shock when they saw the bloodthirsty Mother Empress launching a barrage of attacks on Core Deity Algernon. Even though they already knew that the Mother Empress was nothing to shake a stick at, they hadn’t expected her full-powered attacks to be this terrifying!
Even Core Deity Algernon suffered severe injuries when he was hit at full power. Any ordinary Divine Duty Expert would have been killed in a second!
The Mother Empress attacked manically, stuck in a stalemate with Core Deity Algernon. At that moment, the Golden Roc displayed his might and launched a wave of attacks, giving the long-robed elder Alstom plenty of trouble. The Golden Roc had felt guilty ever since Yuna had met her unfortunate end. He had not spoken since the incident, and he bore an air of vengeance in his heart. He found a target upon whom he could unleash his frustrations in the Core Deity of the Justin Divine Branch. He attacked at full power. He wanted to tear his enemy apart!
“Retreat, retreat quickly!”
“Quick, fall back, quick!”

The powerful fighters from the two large Divine Branches had already thrown off when they had been suddenly surrounded by the Magical Beast Army and suffered heavy casualties in the blink of an eye. They were incredibly afraid, and they had pinned all their hopes of escape on their respective Core Deities. They instantly lost their will to fight when they saw that Core Deities Algernon and Alstom had their own troubles to deal with, and they split up to escape.
“The Lord has given his orders! Let no one escape! Attack!”
The Corpse Wizard King rode the momentum and instructed the Magical Beast Army to unleash a merciless massacre once he saw that the other side had crumbled completely. The powerful fighters from the two large Divine Branches were all elites. Unfortunately, they had slipped into Yang Ling’s Great Wizard Universe and the violent ambush of the Magical Beast Army! Even Grand Wizard Houtu alone was enough to incite fear and leave them with nowhere to run.
There was nowhere they could go!
The men from the two large Divine Branches were soon killed one after another by the manic attacks of the Magical Beast Army. They were torn to shreds by the bloodthirsty Magical Beasts as spectators looked on. Some were even swallowed whole, along with their divinities, and died without leaving a corpse! Those that died at the hands of Grand Wizard Houtu were even more pitiful. Their bodies and souls were instantly destroyed while their vital energies were completely devoured. There was no way they could be reincarnated!
“The Magical Beast Divine Branch is very powerful. They are merciless indeed!”
“They have this many Magical Beasts and can balance offense and defense. Who will be a match for them if their numbers increase even further?”

The spectating wanderers shouted in shock when they saw the Five-clawed Golden Dragon Flag waving in the wind behind Yang Ling and the bloodthirsty, violent Magical Beasts that surrounded him. Their skin crawled. As experienced wanderers, they had seen many Divine-level Magical Beasts. However, they had never seen this many different Divine-level Magical Beasts gathered in one spot. And they had never seen Magical Beasts that could coordinate with each other to such a degree!
In some sense, these were no longer individual Magical Beasts, but a terrifying conglomeration of Magical Beasts that operated as one!
“Magical Beast Divine Branch, I’ll bathe your Giant Dragon Valley in blood one day!”
Core Deity Algernon let out a yell before pulling back in retreat when he saw that the situation was dire. He flapped his wings with all of his strength and rapidly escaped into the east. At the same time, the crafty Core Deity of the Justin Divine Branch, Alstom, chose to take the Golden Roc’s attack head-on. He let out a dull grunt and then retreated into the west. He took up a position directly opposite Core Deity Algernon.
Even though he was in a disadvantageous situation, Core Deity Algernon had paid attention to the surrounding movements while he was battling the Mother Empress. He quickly realized the identity of Yang Ling and his group from the rumblings of the crowd. He clenched his teeth and departed rapidly, prepared to one day seek reinforcements from the City Amongst the Clouds to bathe the Giant Dragon Valley in blood.
Both Core Deity Algernon and the Core Deity of the Justin Divine Branch, Alstom, displayed remarkable bursts of speed in the face of death. They made it far away from the battlefield in an instant. Core Deity Algernon, who was adept in the Law of Wind, rapidly flew a million miles, becoming a small dot that would soon disappear into the horizon. His speed was comparable to that of the Golden Roc!
“You will not be able to escape!”
The Golden Roc was incredibly fast, and he was in hot pursuit. He wanted to tear the Core Deity of the Justin Divine Branch in half. However, he had not yet managed to reach him when a dark figure flashed past him and caught up to Alstom as if it were teleporting. His right hand pierced Alstom’s back like a dagger and grabbed onto his divinity. He then pressed down forcefully!
Grand Wizard Houtu, who had been freely massacring the elites of the two large factions, had arrived at just the right moment!
The life faded from Alstom’s eyes as he let out a wrenching, pathetic cry that pierced through the clouds. He turned to look at the disheveled Grand Wizard Houtu. Soon, the energy in his body turned into a cloud of black gas, which entered Grand Wizard Houtu’s body through the back of his head. His body became fainter and fainter as a gust of wind blew past. Then, he turned into specks of dust and vanished into the universe!
His soul had scattered, his body destroyed!
A high and mighty Core Deity with abilities beyond comprehension had been killed in an instant!
The spectating wanderers felt their limbs tingle and scalps crawl when they witnessed this terrifying scene. The immense numbers of the Magical Beast Army were already horrifying enough. No one expected there to be such an unparalleled fighter within the Magical Beast Divine Branch.
How frightening was a being that could kill a high and mighty Core Deity in a second, with only one stroke? What was more terrifying was that a mere guard was already this powerful. Just how powerful was the one observing the battle from the sidelines, the Core Deity of the Magical Beast Divine Branch, the one hailed as the Great Demon King, Yang Ling?
The crowd gasped when they saw Yang Ling, who was suspended in the air with his eyes closed, unable to imagine just how terrifying his abilities were. Core Deity Algernon, who was fleeing for his life, was even more fearful. He knew that he had offended a true powerhouse this time. He clenched his teeth and stabbed his own divinity to cast a secret technique at the cost of his life force and Soul Energy. In that instant, his speed increased exponentially, leaving the Mother Empress far behind him!
“There’s no way you can escape within the Great Wizard Universe. It doesn’t matter how fast you are!”
A cold voice rang out in Core Deity Algernon’s brain just as he was heaving a sigh of relief and thinking that he had averted the crisis. Then, a blur flashed in front of him. Yang Ling had blocked off his escape route!
Yang Ling had effortlessly teleported in front of Core Deity Algernon using the Teleportation Portal and Great Wizard Universe!
A beam of cold light flashed past, accompanied by a wave of killing intent. The lethal Battle Soul Blade had sliced off the head of Core Deity Algernon before the fearful Core Deity had a chance to react. It was fast as lightning, clean and precise. There was no wavering or hesitation at all.

The Battle Soul Blade was unparalleled!
The speed at which Yang Ling could unleash his blade had reached an unimaginable level after he’d cultivated the Skyreach Wizard Mantra and advanced to the beginner level of Wizard Deity. The same simple stroke was now thousands of times more powerful. No one could dodge the attack, even if they saw it coming.
Speed was the most important factor, no matter the attack!
Yang Ling had sliced off the head of Core Deity Algernon in a single stroke without layering on the Law of Ice, Law of Lightning, or the Soul Dissolving Blade Aura! In the past, he had wanted to learn the various laws of the universe and search for the methods of dispelling them. However, after he received the legacy of the stele at the Skyreach Tower, along with a preliminary understanding of the laws of the universe, he had found the most direct and most effective method.
The crowd fell into stunned silence when they witnessed Yang Ling teleport over a long distance to kill Core Deity Algernon with one stroke! Even though they knew that the Core Deity of the Magical Beast Divine Branch, the Great Demon King, Yang Ling, was no simple figure, no one could have known how truly terrifying he was! Even the Dimensional Wanderers mingling among the ordinary people with their auras hidden felt their scalps crawl when they witnessed Yang Ling’s impossibly fast blade!