Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon
Chapter 1290 - International Invitational Tournament Broadcasting Rights

Chapter 1290: International Invitational Tournament Broadcasting Rights
November 5th, Monday…
Pei Qian arrived at his office as usual and prepared to flip through the work reports of the various departments. At the same time, he wanted to pay attention to the recruitment process.
Would the employees recruited this time be different with the influence of the booklet?
Of course, Pei Qian knew that this thinking might be too optimistic, but he could always look forward to some changes.
What’s more, Wu Bin went back after being scolded. Pei Qian wondered how his self-reflection was going.
It would be best if he could fundamentally reverse the thinking of the people from the HR department. If not… he could only think of other ways.
Pei Qian began to think about how to correct everyone’s understanding of the Tengda spirit and correct the deviation.
However, this matter could not be rushed. After all, if he used too much force, it might be even more crooked.
He had to think about it carefully.
He was just thinking about it when he heard a knock on the door.
Pei Qian looked up. It was Zhao Xuming.
Pei Qian could not help but feel surprised.
That was because he knew very well that Zhao Xuming was used to working hard to reduce his presence. Eric would usually be the one to report or ask for instructions. He did not do it often.
What’s more, the report this time was obviously not routine.
It was quite rare for them to take the initiative to approach him under such circumstances.
Zhao Xuming was obviously a little uneasy. This was the first time he had reported one-on-one work to Boss Pei since he joined Tengda. Thus, he could not help but feel nervous.
Eric had been present in the past. Eric had been under pressure. It was more comfortable for him to play support behind.
However, now that he had to face Boss Pei directly, he could not help but feel nervous. He was afraid that Boss Pei would catch him if he said something wrong.
“What’s the matter?” Pei Qian asked.
Zhao Xuming nodded. “Boss Pei, I’ve already sent the live-stream plan for GOG’s international invitational tournament to your email, but I haven’t gotten a reply. That’s why I came to ask if this plan is feasible.”
Pei Qian was very confused.
The global finals?
Live-stream plan?
Oh, that’s right. It was indeed time for the international invitational tournament from the looks of the time.
Pei Qian did not pay attention to these things because he had too many departments to pay attention to.
Of course, strictly speaking, Pei Qian could still do it if he really wanted to squeeze out some time to understand the situation of all the departments.
However, he did not want to do that.
It would be too tiring!
My goal is just to lose some money. Why should I work so hard?
Wouldn’t he be making a huge loss if something went wrong with him after working so hard?
Thus, Pei Qian had been working hard to establish the independence of the various departments from the beginning so that these departments could operate normally without his instructions.
Even if the person-in-charge of these departments made mistakes, Pei Qian never criticized them. Instead, he praised them.
Pei Qian felt that the best state was for the various department heads to be at ease and be bold to court death and not to consult him about everything. However, when he wanted to interfere, these people would strictly follow his instructions.
As time went by, the various departments got used to arranging work without Boss Pei’s instructions.
He could not possibly not do it even if Boss Pei did not agree. Otherwise, he would not be called the person-in-charge. He would just be called the mouthpiece.
Now, Pei Qian has achieved his initial goal. However, it was slightly different from what he had expected…
Pei Qian flipped through the previous email on his computer and realized that GOG’s second international invitational tournament had been prepared a long time ago. Zhang Yuan’s E-Sports Department was mainly preparing and Min Jingchao had given some cooperation.
After Eric and Zhao Xuming joined Tengda Corporation, some work naturally moved to them.
At this point in time, everything that needed to be decided had been decided. In other words, there were still some minor details that needed to be finalized.
There was a lot of content. It was a headache. Pei Qian decided not to read it.
It was more convenient for Zhao Xuming to report directly.
“How’s the international invitational tournament going? I didn’t pay much attention to it. Tell me briefly,” Pei Qian said confidently.
Zhao Xuming was a little surprised.
Boss Pei was not even paying attention to this?
That’s not right. Didn’t Boss Pei always have sharp eyes and ears, and he knew everything about Tengda Corporation like the back of his hand?
What’s more, this was GOG’s international invitational tournament. It directly determined the competition between GOG and IOI next year. Didn’t Boss Pei pay attention to such a huge matter?
Something was amiss, right?
Oh, he understood now.
There could only be two possibilities. One was that Boss Pei felt that GOG’s international invitational tournament would definitely be a win. Thus, he did not need to pay much attention to it. He should focus on other departments that were more worth paying attention to. Thus, he only had a rough understanding and did not delve deeper.
Another possibility was that Boss Pei knew that I had just taken over and wanted to test me on purpose. He wanted to see how I had grasped the working situation in this area, and especially use this opportunity to listen to my understanding of GOG’s E-Sports business.
Obviously, the latter was more likely. It could also be both.
Zhao Xuming did not dare to be careless.
If Boss Pei said that he did not pay attention, it did not mean that he did not pay attention. If Boss Pei asked him to briefly explain, it was not as simple as saying that.
After some consideration, he said, “Boss Pei, from what I understand, GOG’s second international invitational tournament is obviously the key to consolidating and further expanding the market share.”
“The E-Sports Industry Department is obviously taking this very seriously as well. Therefore, the global invitational tournament this year is no longer a stable position. Instead, they chose to take the initiative to attack: from the first competition to Jingzhou to Europe.”
“This time, we will hold a competition in three European cities: the group competition will be in Paris, the elimination competition will be in England, and the finals will be in Berlin.”
“The international invitational tournament this time is held under the strong request and strong support of local operators. The E-Sports Department has also participated in the planning and early preparations of the competition. It should be able to bring global players a feast!”
“Coincidentally, Finger Games has also set the venue for the IOI global finals to be in Europe. Obviously, both parties think that the European market is a must-have location.”
“I think the E-Sports Department’s decision is very correct! It also laid a solid foundation for GOG to further expand the overseas market.”
“Next, GOG’s primary goal is to speed up its expansion to the overseas market under the premise of consolidating the domestic market. It wants to seize the global MOBA game’s market share as soon as possible and achieve a comprehensive victory!”
Zhao Xuming briefly explained GOG’s second international invitational tournament and added some of his own understanding.
In his opinion, they had obviously reached the stage of a comprehensive strategic counterattack.
GOG and IOI’s two games had been in a drawn-out war for more than a year. On the other hand, IOI had Dayak Corporation behind it and had a high enough start. It had died one after another after being severely injured, but it was now showing its decline.
Given Boss Pei’s ruthlessness, he would definitely not let go of such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That was why he wanted to ‘brave the remaining and chase the poor’ to win the battle.
Of course, Boss Pei might not have participated in the actual rules of the international invitational tournament, but Boss Pei must have set the big policy.
The E-Sports Industry Department and Min Jingchao must have come up with such a plan for the international invitational tournament under Boss Pei’s big plan.
Zhao Xuming looked at Boss Pei apprehensively after saying that.
He did not know if he was right or not, if the view was high enough, and if he had missed anything.
Pei Qian fell silent.
Holding the competition in Europe sounded like a good thing at first glance.
After all, if he held it overseas, he would probably spend more money.
The first Global Invitational was held in Jingzhou. What’s more, it was held at the venue for the GPL regular competition. How much would it cost?
If he were to set it in Europe, he would have to rent some large stadiums. He would definitely spend a lot of money.
However, the key problem was that according to Zhao Xuming, the global invitational tournament was held under the strong request and strong support of the local operator.
GOG’s foreign servers were all working with local operators, and they were all relatively strong local operators.
Since it was Europe’s operator who strongly requested and supported it, it meant that not only would the competition be grand, but the benefits would most likely outweigh the costs!
Of course, European operators hoped that large-scale competitions like the Global Invitational would be held on their own home ground. That would be very meaningful for GOG to further develop the European market.
Then, he would distribute all sorts of publicity materials. He did not know how many new players in Europe would be attracted to the pit.
What worried Pei Qian even more was what Zhao Xuming said after that.
The words ‘complete victory’ made Pei Qian feel uncomfortable.
They must not achieve a complete victory!
How was this a complete victory? It was obviously a lose-lose situation!
Who could stop GOG from making money if IOI was gone?
At that thought, Pei Qian felt a headache coming on. It was as if he was seeing a death timer.
After a moment of silence, Pei Qian knew that there was no good solution at this point. After all, these plans had been prepared months in advance. It was impossible to change them. There was no appropriate reason.
“Yes, I understand.”
“Tell me about your problem, then. What live-stream plan?”
Pei Qian decided not to worry about the details of the international invitational tournament. He would do whatever he wanted.
Finger Games was not stupid. They would probably do their best to organize the IOI global finals. It should not be too different.
Zhao Xuming was a little confused. Was Boss Pei satisfied with what he said just now or not?
Did I give the perfect answer in Boss Pei’s heart?
I don’t think so. Otherwise, Boss Pei would have at least nodded and praised me, right?
However, there should not be any major problems. Otherwise, Boss Pei would have corrected him.
In other words, there was no big problem, but it was not outstanding.
Alright, that was almost my goal.
Zhao Xuming did not think too much about this. In any case, he just had to say that he had passed. The key to mediocrity was not to stand out but not to take the blame.
“Eric and I just took over GOG’s work. Eric is more familiar with Europe’s business, so we let him busy himself with the international invitational tournament.”
“I’ve taken on more work according to your previous requirements. It’s mainly related to domestic operations and marketing.”
“Several live-streaming platforms are fighting for exclusive broadcasting rights in the country for GOG’s international invitational tournament this time. Waiwai and Wolf Fang live-streams are paying the most. They are already showing signs of exceeding a hundred million yuan.”
“Therefore, there are actually three solutions for domestic broadcasting rights: The first is to choose one from Waiwai Live-Stream and Wolf Fang Live-Stream to sell exclusive broadcasting rights. The exclusive broadcast rights should be able to exceed 100 million yuan;”
“The second is to sell the broadcasting rights for a few more companies, each of which would earn 30 to 40 million yuan. The final sum might not be much different;”
“The third is to consider the situation at Bunny Tail Live-Stream. If you want to convert more users to Bunny Tail Live-Stream, you can also not sell these exclusive broadcasting rights and let your own platform broadcast it alone. I just don’t know if it can stomach so much popularity.”
“What’s more, Bunny Tail’s live-stream is different from other live-stream platforms. It’s not something that can be watched just by clicking on it. You have to watch it for a certain period of time in the learning area. If it’s broadcasted alone, you might be scolded. That’s a problem.”
Zhao Xuming definitely did not dare to make a decision on this. After all, it was related to Bunny Tail Live-Stream.
What if Boss Pei wanted to take the opportunity to promote Bunny Tail Live-Stream but he sold the exclusive broadcasting rights to other live-stream platforms? Wouldn’t that disrupt Boss Pei’s overall plan?
Zhao Xuming would not dare to make a decision even if he had a hundred guts.
If not for the fact that Boss Pei had not replied his email and time was tight, he would not have taken the initiative to ask for advice.
He could only say that Zhao Xuming had indeed been forced to do something that went against his character.
Once again, Pei Qian fell silent.
These three options were a little soul-stirring…
The exclusive broadcasting rights for GOG’s global finals was already so expensive?
Pei Qian’s impression was still on the price of the broadcasting rights for the GPL’s Spring Competition. Back then, the live-stream platform had given the broadcasting rights about 12 million yuan each. However, that was a broadcast, not an exclusive broadcast.
GOG’s international invitational tournament was far more popular than the GPL’s Spring Competition in terms of scale and attention. What’s more, Waiwai Live-Stream and Wolf Fang Live-Stream were the lucky survivors of many live-stream platforms. They were not short of money after several rounds of financing.
In order to increase their influence, these two live-stream platforms had to win large-scale competitions like GOG’s international invitational tournament.
It would be best if they could get the exclusive broadcast rights. If they could not, they had to at least buy the broadcast rights.
What’s more, they were not very sensitive to prices. Even if it was slightly more expensive, they would probably buy it.
After all, if you didn’t buy it and someone else bought it, wouldn’t that make your platform look like it had no money and was about to fail?
This was just like many rich businessmen. Perhaps the economic situation this year was indeed not good, but they still had to show off. Otherwise, it would send a bad message to the outside world.
Pei Qian did a rough calculation. If these two platforms were to bid, it would not be a small figure no matter whether it was selling exclusive broadcasting rights or broadcasting rights!
Zhao Xuming proposed the third plan. He did not want to sell it at all and let Bunny Tail live-stream alone.
It sounded like a good plan because he would definitely be scolded.
What’s more, he had to spend a lot of money to increase the bandwidth of the platform in order to deal with such a huge traffic flow.
However, the problem was that Bunny Tail Live-Stream was doing quite well now. Pei Qian was quite satisfied with it.
What if the global finals forcefully brought Bunny Tail live-stream to success? Wouldn’t that be a double loss?
That was very confusing.