Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon
Chapter 30

Chapter 30: So Cheap?
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“This Xin Hailu… She was initially the assistant for the vice-president at a famous enterprise. Why did she leave it? Her reason for leaving doesn’t seem to be stated on the resume.”
Manager Lawrence smiled. “I suppose you don’t really watch the news, Boss Pei? After getting tipsy, the vice-president acted inappropriately towards her and was met with resistance. The end result was the firing of the vice-president and Assistant Xin resigned on her own accord.”
“That incident caused a huge impact on the reputation of the enterprise and in fact, there were still heated discussions about it up till recently.”
Pei Qian was a little stunned. “So this person is truly a hero amongst women?”
Manager Lawrence nodded. “I suppose you could say that. Perhaps the experience of being in a large company has tired her out so she doesn’t mind joining a small… no, newly established company. By logic and an operational standpoint, this is the best candidate.”
Manager Lawrence’s mention of ‘operational standpoint’ was a clear indication that she might not be equally ideal for other considerations…
Pei Qian was decided immediately. “Alright, she’s the one then!”
“However, I have a request.”
Manager Lawrence nodded once more. “Please go on. As long as the request does not cross the line, I’m sure it can be negotiated.”
“She can only offer me suggestions when I ask her for it. Under other circumstances, no matter what happens, she must remain silent and not question overly,” Pei Qian said.
Manager Lawrence smiled. “That’s of course. Even if you did not mention it, that’s one of the professional requirements of being an assistant.”

Three days later, Monday.
A Cayenne came to a stop at the lobby of the most luxurious office building in Jingzhou City – Shenhua View.
“Boss Pei, we’ve arrived.”
Xin Hailu opened the car door for Pei Qian and led him to the office building ahead.
Thanks to the headhunting firm, Xin Hailu was officially the third employee of Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd. – the president’s assistant.
Xin Hailu was the standard successful woman of the corporate world. With immaculate features and class, even her figure which was hidden beneath her blouse and business skirt was impeccable.
In every single aspect, this was the perfect candidate that Pei Qian wanted.
Educated with class and fluent in three foreign languages, she was beautiful and elegant with a poised manner of speaking. She knew her way around people and handled things with patience while attending to business with restrain without asking anymore than she had to.
They had only spent a couple of days together and already, Pei Qian had a feeling…
Reliable! Efficient!
Pei Qian did not hesitate at all as he poached her over with a 30% over her initial salary, fixing it at slightly over 30,000 per month.
This was 2009 and most of the graduates from Handong University were fighting to obtain a salary of 3,000 monthly.
There were two reasons why her salary was so high.
Firstly, Pei Qian’s Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd. was newly established. Compared to Xin Hailu’s past experiences, there wasn’t much growth prospect available. That was why he could only poach her with a higher salary.
Because she was extremely capable to begin with, her initial salary was already extremely high. With the additional 30%, that was the reason why her salary seemed exaggerated.
Secondly, Pei Qian’s goal was to burn money fanatically and it was only natural that he would hire someone expensive. For a talent such as Xin Hailu with such capabilities, it wasn’t considered a violation within the system to give her a slightly marked up salary.
After all, Pei Qian even gave someone like Ma Yang a monthly salary of 3,000…
The Cayenne was rented under the company’s name.
Pei Qian had initially wanted to purchase a car under the company’s name but he was denied by the system.
It was possible for him to purchase a car. However, the sum required would depend on the company’s current funds and he couldn’t purchase anything overly expensive.
Pei Qian pondered over how it would be meaningless to purchase a cheap car.
Eventually, he settled on renting the Cayenne to boost his image.
Even though the cost of renting the car didn’t amount to much, every bit counted when it came to spending money.
Pei Qian was not going to let any opportunity slip.
His intention of arriving at Shenhua View was to rent an office space.
That was the most luxurious office building in the entire Jingzhou City where Pei Qian estimated the cost to be at 5 yuan per square metre.
5 yuan per square metre per day.
It was 2009 in the parallel world and the provincial capital of Handong Province, Jingzhou City, was a second tier city.
If it was Beijing in 2019, that amount would be at least tripled.
As for Jingzhou City and other similar office buildings, the average price ranged around 2-3 yuan.
However, Shenhua View was a high-end place with intricate designs and that was why it was more expensive.
For other companies, that would have been a flaw.
However, it was an absolute benefit for Pei Qian!
The reason why he loved it was because of how expensive it was!
Xin Hailu entered the lobby and walked towards the staff. Now that he had an assistant, Pei Qian did not have to do everything personally.
The staff of the office building were all clad in suits.
Pei Qian on the other hand was wearing a casual coat and pants.
However, Pei Qian did not feel awkward in the slightest bit at a place as such, merely a little chilly since the weather was turning cold.
Rather than attributing it to Pei Qian’s innate confidence, it was because he had Assistant Xin with him.
No matter how short, fat or ugly a man was, as long as he had a young, beautiful and classy woman around him, it was always a sign that he was wealthy.
Besides, Pei Qian was neither short, fat nor ugly. He was a little handsome.
Nowadays, people who were too ugly would not get a chance at transmigrating.
That would make it difficult for readers to enjoy the story.

Awhile later, the manager came before Pei Qian all smiles.
“Hi, Boss Pei. I’m Manager Zhang, please let me know if you require anything.”
Manager Zhang did not know of Pei Qian’s background but the fact that his assistant was Xin Hailu made it clear that this was no simple man.
Pei Qian’s clothes were extremely mundane and he looked really young. No matter the angle, he just looked like a poor salaryman.
However, for him to have a background such as Xin Hailu? That impression swiftly turned into him being a rich second-generation heir that did not bother much about trivialities and was exceptional in his way of handling things.
Perhaps, that was the style that rich second-generation heirs loved to dress in?
Naturally, Manager Zhang did not dare to be negligent.
“I intend to rent a floor here as an office space,” Pei Qian breached the topic right away.
“Well said! Boss Pei, if you intend to rent an entire floor without co-sharing with any other companies, our 17th floor is still empty. It has a lovely view with scenery. Shall I take you there to have a look?” Manager Zhang asked in a testing manner.
Pei Qian nodded his head. “Sure, go on.”
Under Manager Zhang’s lead, the three of them arrived at the 17th floor of Shenhua View.
It was spick and span without a speck of dust.
That was another way of saying that it had completely nothing at all.
“Hmms, the view is decent.”
Pei Qian walked over to the windows where the view of the city was boundless and he could even look into the neighboring park and districts.
He could get to enjoy this scenery while losing money. Working at a place as such would most likely be relaxing.
Pei Qian swept a glance at the entire area.
The whole floor was enough for around eight basketball courts – a conservative estimate would place it at 3,000 square metres.
“If you’re a newly established company, the government has related subsidies and we’ll also allow you to pay for a month’s rental while only holding a month’s deposit with settlement due monthly. This is an offer that you’ll hardly find at any other office buildings,” Manager Zhang explained proudly.
Most office buildings would require a deposit sum of 1-2 months while the rental would be collected every season or biannually. For an office building to only require a month’s deposit while collecting rental at a monthly rate, that was indeed worth bragging about and was a rather competitive advantage.
But of course, there were downsides to the advantages as well.
Such as the price.
Besides, such rebates were related to policies that were targeted at newly established companies – Pei Qian fit the bill completely.
“What’s the price?” Pei Qian asked casually.
Manager Zhang was all smiles. “4 yuan. I know, this is a price that may seem slightly more expensive in Jingzhou City. However, you can see for yourself the benefits we have. You get what you pay for. Renting an office space here would definitely improve the first impression your company gives off…”
“4 yuan? So cheap?” Pei Qian could not help but frown.
“C-Cheap?” Manager Zhang was stunned.