Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon
Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Indiscriminate Procurement!
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Manager Zhang had not imagined that response in his wildest dreams. In the past, companies he interacted with would always complain about how expensive it was since other office buildings would cost 2-3 yuan generally. The rate that Shenhua View demanded was almost double of that.
But yet, Boss Pei found it to be cheap?!
Was he trying to use reverse psychology?
Or did money not matter to him at all?
Pei Qian frowned as his mind whirled furiously.
He had initially expected this place to be around 5 yuan or so.
Based on an estimate of 5 yuan per square metre per day, a 3,000 square metres office space would cost a monthly rental of 450,000.
Where else would he find such a good deal to be able to lose 450,000 monthly without doing anything else?
Yet, the price was lower than his estimate by an entire 1 yuan.
That was akin to him losing 90,000 less a month!
That was indeed rather troubling.
However, it was still within an acceptable range for him.
The reason why Pei Qian was so panicked was because Ghost General was earning him money daily!
After all, Ghost General was still in its rise. The more recommendation spots the official platform gave, the more popular the game got. With the massive number of gamers gushing in daily, it was only natural for his earnings to skyrocket as well.
It wasn’t an easy task for him to want to lose that much money.
Pei Qian had to work harder!

“I’ll rent this entire floor. Prepare the contract,” Pei Qian was clear-cut.
Manager Zhang froze momentarily before bursting into a wide smile. “Sure thing! Follow me.”
A customer that was this straightforward was indeed rare to find!
Pei Qian and Xin Hailu arrived at Manager Zhang’s office and signed the contract while transferring payment over – everything was done swiftly.
With the deposit and a first month’s rental paid, he had spent 700,000 in an instant.
Pei Qian did not frown in the slightest bit. On the contrary, he was secretly delighted.
He felt the most at peace when his money was spent!
How else would he convert everything to his Personal Wealth if he did not spend all the system’s money?
As for the terms of the contract… Pei Qian did not have to worry – he had Assistant Xin for that.
Versed in finance and law matters, Pei Qian was totally at ease with her keeping danger at bay.
“Welcome to Shenhua View then! If you encounter any issues in the future, feel free to contact me. I’ll definitely settle it for you as quickly as possible,” Manager Zhang said with a smile.
Pei Qian replied with some casual pleasantries before retrieving the rental contract from Manager Zhang and handing it over to Assistant Xin for storing.
Thereafter, Pei Qian and Xin Hailu left Manager Zhang’s office and returned to the 17th floor.

Pacing around the empty office space, Pei Qian planned on how he should set up the company layout.
That was an important segment of losing money!
“A good working environment can not only help to raise efficiency of our employees, it can improve our company’s image too!”
“Assistant Xin, make a note and prepare a procurement slip for me.”
“The working desks and chairs must be expensive! Err, not just purely expensive. It has to be classy, elegant and top-tier! It has to be different from other companies!”
“The computers must have the best parts and even the keyboards and mouses must be top-tier! All of them must have two monitors. We are living in a telecommunications age and we’re a gaming company. Computers are our productivity!”
“We must have plants as well. Looking at plants after being tired out from work helps with relaxing. Since plants are not so easy to take care of, we have to hire a professional gardener to take care of them.”
“I think that space over there is suitable for a mini gym. There are a lot of industry related illnesses and working out often can help to alleviate those while helping employees to work better.”
“The guest room, sofas and coffee tables must not be scrimped on. It’s best if we can get a set of high-end tea set as well. Buy around eight types of different good tea leaves. If we happen to have a business meeting, we can’t serve our guests plain water.”
Pei Qian declared confidently.
Since he would be using System Funds for everything, he could do as he wished.
In any case, anything that the company could use would have to be of the best quality!
Even anything the company couldn’t use would be of the best quality as well!
Pei Qian checked on whether there was any response by the system while commenting.
Since there were no changes or warning, it meant that Pei Qian’s actions were not a violation!
Xin Hailu held onto a small notebook and took notes quickly.
“Sure thing, Boss Pei. Everything will be prepared swiftly the way you want them to be.”
“Could I check with you what’s the rough estimate of your budget?” Xin Hailu asked.
Pei Qian pondered for a moment. “Around 500,000 to 800,000. Try to steer in the direction of 800,000.”
Xin Hailu nodded her head. “Understood.”
Pei Qian did not dare to go overboard as well. Even though he wanted to inflate expenditure, he must not go overly beyond what the company required.
Take the computers that the company required for example.
On a normal basis, plain computers would work.
However, Pei Qian requested high-end computers so that he could lose money.
The system would ignore most usual high-end computers but if Pei Qian wanted to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions to purchase a supercomputer, the system would judge that as a violation.
Therefore, Pei Qian could not spend money without any limits. Fixing the expenditure at around 800,000 was already close to testing the system’s bottom line.

A day later.
“This is the procurement list that I’ve arranged after our previous discussion. Please take a look.”
Xin Hailu handed a document over to Pei Qian.
It was the procurement list which included office tables, chairs, computers, plants, gym equipment, sofa, coffee tables and tea leaves et cetera.
Everything that Pei Qian had managed to squeeze out were on it.
Even while browsing through it casually, Pei Qian could not help but feel a slight bewilderment.
It was truly bloody expensive!
The price of the plants alone was enough to tell of that.
A Buddhist Pine Bonsai cost 988.
However, it wasn’t the type of expensiveness where one would feel as though they were scammed. Pei Qian could tell from the photo that it was indeed perfectly crafted. It was something that should have been groomed and trimmed intricately by a master. In fact, one might even find the price of 988 to be worthwhile!
10 Provision Trees costing 188 each.
As to why they required 10, it was because leaving one by the windows would seem too lonely so they had to arrange more of it.
10 of it would symbolize ‘Perfect 10’.
There were also high-end sofas costing 60,000 each.
As for tea sets, a handcrafted silver one cost 22,000 while another one made from natural ink slab cost 13,000 – both would be used on a rotational basis.
There were a few varieties of tea leaves all of which were expensive.
Looking at the number of zeros had Pei Qian’s eyelids twitching.
He pretended to look through everything seriously before flipping to the back.
A total of 780,000!
Most of the expenditure was spent on the working desks.
Every single person was assigned with a high-end desk, high-end gaming chair, high-end computer, high-end dual gaming monitors and mechanical keyboards… each set amounted to roughly 20,000.
30 employee desks totaled 600,000.
Along with all the other casual expenses, the total amounted to 780,000.
In fact, Pei Qian had a disillusion while going through the individual prices of the items.
‘It’s only 780,000? So cheap?’
30 work desks – that was the figure that Pei Qian came up with after consideration.
Even though Pei Qian wanted to lose money, he had to engage in normal business activities under the rules of the system. That meant that he couldn’t just hire people to laze around and play games instead of doing anything.
That was a clear violation that would render a warning by the system.
Under the current circumstance where they had the cloud editor, 30 people was just enough to create a large scale game that would definitely be of inferior quality.
With the 30 work desks came another issue of the office space being too large.
However, that was easily settled.
Pei Qian planned for a pool table, entertainment room, media room, pantry, snack area and resting lounge et cetera.
The actual office only consisted of a small portion.
Not only that, every single work desk was separated with enough distance for every employee to have their own private time.
Even the desks purchased were of the largest kind.
Employees could display anything they wanted on it. Even if they were to spend their fortune on ornaments, they would be able to fit it all in.
With such a layout, the 30 work desks were almost enough to fill the space entirely.
Pei Qian looked at Xin Hailu with admiration – this woman was great!
This was professionalism!
Maintaining a professional smile, Xin Hailu reported, “All of these products are purchased from proper channels and with the lowest possible bulk purchase price. The company won’t waste a single cent needlessly.”
Pei Qian nodded his head.
He believed in Xin Hailu’s capabilities in doing it.
For the items to be purchased through the proper channels using the lowest bulk price, the system would have no reason to warn Pei Qian about.
Pei Qian was extremely pleased with this assistant.
She completely understood his intentions and was extremely efficient. Not only did she have big boobs, she had brains as well – there was no flaw about her!
That was the pleasure of working with smart people!
“Very good, I’m extremely pleased. We’ll go ahead with the procurement according to this,” Pei Qian was not stingy at all with his praises. “From next week onwards, I’ll be in the small conference room interviewing new hires. Please prepare the required information by then.”
Xin Hailu smiled and nodded. “Of course, that’s part of my job scope.”
Pei Qian felt like everything was going well.
Hiring new employees was of utmost importance – that would determine whether or not his mission was a success!
Looking at Pei Qian’s invigorated expression, Xin Hailu reminded him with a gentle smile, “I think you’ve forgotten about something really important.”
“Should we get you a change of image?”