Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon
Chapter 37

Chapter 37: The Hiring Process Seems Overly Smooth?
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Pei Qian shook his finger and listed everything for Huang Sibo such that the latter was stunned while hearing it.
That reverse haggling had Huang Sibo completely stumped.
That was twice of what he had expected?
Was there something wrong with Boss Pei?
Or was this how rich people behaved?
Huang Sibo’s jaw dropped open as he paused for a long time before answering, “T-That’ll work.”
Pei Qian then smiled. “Don’t worry. New employees naturally start with a lower salary. As long as you work hard, we’ll offer you a chance for a raise on a monthly basis in the future.”
Huang Sibo thought that he was dreaming.
“Alright, we’ll decide on that then!” Pei Qian stood up. “Remember to turn up the day after tomorrow. Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes you.”

The receptionist sent Huang Sibo off.
Pei Qian was pleased – he had managed to recruit yet another suitable employee!
The moment Huang Sibo took a seat, Pei Qian was certain that this was someone he wanted.
Someone hardworking and yet not too smart.
This was the perfect employee!
As for the 4,000 salary, that was reasonable as well and the system could not point out any flaws.
For example, the chief planner Liu who had applied previously was someone that did not fit Pei Qian’s requirements at all.
After thinking about it, Pei Qian started to write down notes on their resumes about his impression of the interview.
This was what he wrote on chief planner Liu’s resume: “Full of experience but outdated thinking. His traditional mindset lacks creativity and he thinks of making games as any other ordinary job. He lacks the passion for games and is unable to take on the task of creating a new game. Not suitable to be hired.”
This was what he wrote on Huang Sibo’s resume: “A newcomer whose thinking is revolutionary. He has passion for games and is earnest and hardworking too. In order to ensure his expenses are met, he’s hired with a starting salary of 4,000.”
After noting down his comments, Pei Qian was extremely satisfied.
Seemed like the system did not have any issues with it at all!
Based on the way things were right now, success was in his sights!

A week went by extremely quickly.
Before long, it was Friday once more.
Pei Qian laid down on the sofa in the resting lounge. He was feeling a little bloated from drinking too much tea. However, the agrypnotic effect of tea leaves was working well such that he could not even take an afternoon nap.
The AC was turned on to a comfortable temperature as Pei Qian rolled around casually in his suit that ranged in the figures of five digits.
When he started wearing the suit, Pei Qian reminded himself fervently that he was wearing hundreds of dollar bills on his body.
However, right now, Pei Qian did not see it as anything more than an ordinary outfit.
After all, each time he wore them for a period of time, Xin Hailu would make a trip down to his apartment and packed all his worn suits for dry-cleaning. Whether he wore them or not or the duration of wear, they would all be the same after cleaning.
If that was the case, he could just wear them as he pleased!
If they were torn, he would just buy them again.
Pei Qian felt that he had inflated massively.
During that period of time, he had not returned to the dormitory and had gotten used to his apartment. He could not imagine himself spending a single more in that six men birdcage of a dormitory any longer.
His other schoolmates vaguely knew that he was working hard at his own business but they did not show much interest.
It was partly because they were busy with schoolwork since they were year one students. They were still filled with hope towards school life and the bevy of beautiful schoolgirls that were roaming around. As such, they did not have any burning desires towards money.
On the other hand, it was also because Pei Qian did not flaunt to them and they did not think that Pei Qian was someone who would be accomplished.
After all, each year, there would be a couple of students who would leave school all of a student to try and start a business. However, they would end up returning to school in disappointment.
Starting a business was something that was high risk high reward. However, most people would only get to experience the high risk aspect of it.
Even people who had worked for many years and had connections in the industry had a possibility of failing at starting a business entirely, let alone poor students who had none of those resources.
Naturally, Pei Qian would not try and prove himself to these schoolmates of his either.
He was in the midst of enjoying life!
Indeed, most people who start a business end up failing. But what if I’m aiming to fail right from the start?
What if the reason why I started a business was for it to fail?
Wouldn’t that goal be much easier to achieve?
See! A change of mindset can cause a cruel reality to be filled with happiness!

During that week, Pei Qian continuously recruited a couple more ‘exceptional’ employees.
Amongst them were Bao Xu and Huang Sibo.
With a short calculation, the 30 openings had filled up much faster than Pei Qian had imagined it would take.
He had initially planned on recruiting the 30 openings slowly through the course of a month but the process seemed to have been overly smooth.
A reason for it could be that in a place like Jingzhou, gaming companies were way too miserly.
However, that was normal as well – the smaller the place where a gaming company resided, the more miserly it was.
For places such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, gaming companies were all over the place. If employees were dissatisfied with work, they could just leave and work elsewhere.
Because of that, those bosses would not dare to overly squeeze the employees either.
However, things were different in a small place such as Jingzhou.
There were only that few gaming companies and the bosses might even know one another, gathering for drinks every now and then.
Even if one was too unhappy with their current job and wanted to leave, they would have to consider the issue of their next job.
In Beijing and Shanghai, they would definitely be able to find a job elsewhere – it was just a matter of time.
Even if they couldn’t, all they had to do was lower their standards and asking salary and they would definitely find a decent job to make do for a period of time.
However, not in Jingzhou – how many times could one jump ships between the few companies?
Besides, the bosses knew one another. If one of them were offended, the other companies may not want to employ that person as well.
Under such circumstances, most of the bosses squeezed the employees dry – someone like Huang Sibo was a perfect example.
That was the reason why most people had pent up frustrations.
The moment they saw that a new company was recruiting – be it whether or not the company was reliable – they were willing to give it a shot.
But of course, another reason may be due to the fact that Pei Qian’s hiring notice had low requirements.
In the end, within a single week, he was only left with six openings out of the 30 he recruited for.
Not only that, given the current employee structure, he could start work right away.
Regarding when they should start work, Pei Qian was comparatively easygoing.
If he had not managed to recruit enough people and that resulted in him not being able to start work, the system would not have any complaints.
However, if work was still not started after he was mostly done with his recruitment, that would be crossing the line.
Just as he was contemplating about when to start work, he heard knocks coming from the door of his guest room.
Anyone who would knock before entering right now would definitely be either Assistant Xin or Ma Yang.
And indeed, Ma Yang pushed the door open and entered.
“Come, come. Have some tea,” Pei Qian laid down lazily on the sofa and gestured for Ma Yang to have tea.
Holding the silver teacup, Ma Yang took a careful sip. Instantly, he could taste the refreshing fragrance of the tea with a sweet aftertaste. Even though he wasn’t knowledgeable about tea, a single sip was enough to tell that it was expensive.
It was the taste of money.
“Brother Qian! You’re really way too efficient! You’ve managed to settle everything within a couple of days!”
“So, are things going well with the recruitment?” Ma Yang asked out of concern.