Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon
Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Talents Are Truly Gathered!
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“Not too bad. Do you want to check out their resumes?” Pei Qian tossed the stack of resumes on the coffee table casually over to Ma Yang.
“Me…? Can I take a look at them?” Ma Yang was beguiled.
“Of course. Feel free,” Pei Qian replied.
The reason why Pei Qian had Ma Yang go through the resumes was because he hoped to groom the latter into taking over part of his job in the future.
On the one hand, Ma Yang was Pei Qian’s most trusted aide.
On the other hand, with Ma Yang taking over some of Pei Qian’s work, the company would be able to fail even faster!
Ma Yang looked through the 20 odd resumes entirely.
With a puzzled expression, he looked through them once more.
His confusion was only normal.
In fact, it would be abnormal if he wasn’t confused.
Everyone that Pei Qian had recruited were dunces! There was a limit to how much they could beautify their resumes!
Take Huang Sibo for example.
He had entered the industry for half a year and was part of the executing the plans in his previous company. Simply put, he was just basically assigned to watch over the progress and arrange data or mail documents. In fact, he wouldn’t even get the chance to write a planning draft of his own.
Instead, he would just execute the planning draft after an experienced designer produced it by operating it through the editor. If he came across any issues, he couldn’t fix it on his own and would have to consult the original designer who created the draft.
Ma Yang flipped through all the information and found out that none of the employees had taken on the role of chief designer before – all of them were just in charge of the menial tasks.
How could anyone not be puzzled over that?
“Brother Qian, is it difficult to hire a chief designer? Or should we increase the payload? Perhaps we should hire a headhunting firm to help us poach someone?” Ma Yang was lost.
He could tell that all the hired employees could serve as assistants at best. However, he could not see how any of them could take on the role of leading a game’s design.
That was why he had assumed that there was an issue in hiring a chief designer and questioned if it was because the offered salary was too low.
Pei Qian shook his head furiously. “No. We had chief designers who applied but I brushed them off.”
Ma Yang was stumped. “Why?!”
“Because they don’t fit our needs at all!”
Pei Qian stood up and walked about slowly so that he would seem exceptionally awesome.
“Firstly, all of those chief designers have a serious issue, that is… outdated thinking!”
“Their brains have been restricted by methods of the past and they’re incapable of coming up with anything new!”
“The gaming industry is one where we need inspired people to progress. If the chief designer is someone who has no creativity, could our game be any good?”
“Furthermore, all of those chief designers asked for a high salary! Compared to what they can offer, it’s a complete mismatch!”
“Right now, a chief designer’s salary is around 8,000. That’s close to three times of a normal employee’s salary and is nothing but a burden to our finances.”
“Of course, it’s mainly because what they offer is too little.”
“The last and most important point is that… their passion towards games is almost completely dusted!”
“Young people should be at the peak of their passion and raring to fight for their dreams. However, all of these chief designers are in their thirties and the only thing they’re concerned about is a stable job. Many of them can’t even grind out a max level account in Fantasy World!”
“Tell me, is that a severe lack of passion for games or what?!”
Ma Yang was bewildered.
“Indeed, it does seem as though there’s something severely wrong with these people.
“But… without them, who’s going to lead our game design…?”
Ma Yang still felt that something was not quite right.
Pei Qian then patted his own chest. “Me!”
“Ugh…” Ma Yang hesitated. “Brother Qian, I naturally believe in your capabilities. However, you’re the boss! I think you really need a competent chief designer to help you out. Otherwise, wouldn’t we face difficulties when we’re launching the game…?”
Pei Qian shook his head.
‘Get a chief designer to help me out?’
‘Wouldn’t he be able to spot all the errors in my game design instantly then?’
‘That won’t do!’
Pei Qian’s expression was stern. “I’ve already got someone to help me out. That Huang Sibo is not bad.”
“Huang Sibo?”
Ma Yang recalled vaguely that he had seen that name somewhere.
However, he truly had no clue where.
After all, he had gone through 20 over dunces. It was indeed not easy to remember a particular dunce.
Flipping through, he came across Huang Sibo’s information before long.
“He had just entered the industry half a year ago and was in charge of merely executing the plans. Will he do?”
Pei Qian’s face was stoic. “He’s indeed a talent that had been overlooked. Don’t focus on his position, focus on what he has done.”
“His initial chief designer had squeezed him dry completely. Most of the data of the games had gone through his hands and were implemented in the cloud editor.”
“He also did almost 80% of the datasets in game.”
‘How is that merely executing plans? He’s clearly the executive assistant of the chief designer!”
“He’s the one who works with the chief designer’s draft in the cloud editor and often works overtime. Each day, he works more than 10 hours.”
“Think about it. While most people work for eight hours, he can do overtime up to 16 hours.”
“His half a year’s worth of experience is equivalent to a year of any other normal person!”
“However, the most valuable thing is his passion for games still!”
“That passion is what pushes him to forge on! It’s the fuel for his motivation to improve and his creativity!”
“You can trust my ideas. It’ll definitely be fine for him to realize my ideas into reality.”
Ma Yang was enlightened. “Oh… he’s truly a talent! Should we give him a salary according to the standards of a chief designer then? Isn’t it too low for him to draw a monthly salary of 4,000 if that’s the case?”
Pei Qian could barely hold it in. “Yes, that’s what I think too. However, there’s no rush. We can adjust his salary once he proves himself with his performance.”
It wasn’t that he didn’t want to offer a higher salary – the system did not allow it.
Ma Yang nodded. “Yes, that’s right. You’re the boss so you’ve got to watch our expenses and save money for the company.”
Nearly bursting out in laughter, Pei Qian hurriedly continued.
“Besides, all of these people possess a special skill set. They are all talents that have been overlooked by their respective companies!”
“In fact, there are many more talents that have yet to step foot into the gaming industry. Look at that Bao Xu for example.”
“He’s a true blue gaming god!”
“Look at Fantasy World. Everyone else are masters of all classes, but not him! He’s a master of all classes of all races! He even has six maxed out accounts!’
“As long as it’s a gameplay system the game possesses, he’s proficient in it! Even something such as bringing parties for a first kill expedition is child’s play for him!”
“Not just that, he’s skilled in an array of varieties. He’s even a top tier expert in a game like Krazy Kart Racing!”
“That’s why I’m arranging for Bao Xu to be a game tester so that he can test other games as well as our own.”
“By then, no matter the type of game we want to create, he would definitely be able to provide us with suggestions and steer us in the right direction while his analysis of our competitors would be a boon as well!”
“Most importantly, I think that we can unearth his management capabilities too. Think about it, leading a 40 men party for a first kill expedition is actually no easy task!”
“If he can manage 40 of them, he can definitely handle our 30 employees!”
“Letting him take charge of our project’s progress is definitely the best decision!”