Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon
Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Three Day Leave in Celebration of Starting Work
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Ma Yang was already thoroughly impressed when he heard of the six maxed out accounts.
He had tried Fantasy World before but even till now, he was just a rookie.
That Bao Xu was truly a talent!
An elite gamer!
However, he took a look at the salary once more.
“We’re only paying this godlike being 3,000 a month? He’s paid even lower than me! Isn’t that too little? What if he were to get poached?” Ma Yang could not help but feel worried.
Pei Qian coughed. “No, I’ve already convinced him fully with my charms.”
He was thinking about how he would be able to spend yet another lump sum of money with the next batch of salary increments for the entire staff.
Yes, that would be perfect.
Even though employee salaries did not seem much at 3-5,000 per person, it was still a huge monthly sum when they were all added together.
That was also the reason why so many companies were so stingy such that they had to haggle over a couple of hundred yuan differences in salary and each salary increment was only 1-200 yuan.
After hearing Pei Qian’s explanation, Ma Yang suddenly felt a burst of confidence towards him!
Not only did he manage to handle something as difficult as opening a company and hiring employees, he had done a perfect job of it!
Pei Qian had managed to uncover a bunch of undiscovered talents and had even managed to hire them with a reasonable salary!
That was akin to scoring 100 marks on a test paper!
“Well, when should we start work then?” Ma Yang could not wait anymore.
Pei Qian took a look at the date.
“Why waste time thinking of a best date? Tomorrow will do!”

For the past few days since he was employed, Huang Sibo felt as though he was in a dream.
The day that Pei Qian told him he had passed the interview, he could not believe it at all, fearing that he may have met with a scam company.
However, when he thought about how he had bumped into his superior at the lobby, Huang Sibo knew that he was definitely going to be bullied by Old Liu upon returning.
That was why he decisively handed in his resignation.
There was not much resistance to his resignation – after all, Huang Sibo was at the bottom of the hierarchy doing odd jobs. Someone like him was easily replaceable by all the fresh graduates annually and Old Liu was not worried that he couldn’t get a replacement to bully.
In fact, Old Liu was not even bothered to ask Huang Sibo where he was headed for after resigning.
Even though he knew that Huang Sibo had gone to interview at Tengda, Old Liu had not considered the possibility that he would be recruited.
After all, would there be a chance for a worthless bum like Huang Sibo if he himself had not passed the interview?
That thought had never once crossed Old Liu’s mind.
With his resignation approval, Huang Sibo joined Tengda successfully.
However, he started questioning his life right on the first day of work.
From the time he had arrived at 9am till 5pm when he had knocked off…
What had he done for the entire day?
After exchanging some pleasantries, Pei Qian assigned some short term tasks for Huang Sibo.
To play games!
The type of games he could play? No restrictions!
However he wanted to play them? No restrictions!
Huang Sibo had never come across a company as such.
In his previous company, playing games was something that was strictly prohibited!
No games during office hours!
The reason was simple – a gaming company was not a place to play games, but a place to create them.
It was a given that playing games would result in a drop in productivity. That was the reason why many game companies would forbid their employees from playing games. In fact, some companies would even go to the extent of forbidding them from playing their own company’s games.
Yet, wasn’t that ridiculous?
If they did not play their own game, how would they know what needed to be changed?
However, those incidents that may seem as though they came from magical realism were in fact rather common everywhere.
That was the reason why Huang Sibo was initially fearful when he joined Tengda.
After all, has anyone seen a gaming company where the employees knock off at 5pm?
Seated next to him was a bro called Bao Xu.
Even though Huang Sibo could not tell of Bao Xu’s exact age, through the receding hairline, he assumed that this was a senior.
But of course, even though he was at the work desk beside Bao Xu, their actual distance was about 3-4 metres away.
There was no way about it – the company was simply too big.
Huang Sibo’s initial fear turned into shame after he saw Bao Xu’s motivated drive for work.
That was a truly responsible employee!
The boss had given him a task to play games and he was truly going at it with his life!
Previously, Huang Sibo had caught a glimpse of Bao Xu’s Fantasy World account by accident.
The account was filled with characters that were max leveled and every single one of them were fully equipped with end-game gear!
Not only that, it did not seem as though that was Bao Xu’s only account.
Instantly, Huang Sibo felt a sense of inferiority.
He felt that he was not showing the correct attitude towards work.
His boss had given him a task to play games and yet he was incapable of giving it his all.
How could that do?
The senior beside him had just given him an excellent example of what he should be like.
Therefore, he had to start playing games with all his might.
Besides, the top tier computer had two monitors coupled with mechanical keyboards and gaming mice… that way, the gaming experience was truly intense.
Whatever the game, he could adjust the graphic quality to the max.
Only a single word could describe that feeling – awesome!
When it got to 5pm, Huang Sibo had not realized that it was time to knock off because the skies were still bright outside.
It was only after Pei Qian called out loudly for everyone to leave that they had managed to get home.
In the past, Huang Sibo would always have to work overtime till midnight. Now that he was knocking off at 5pm, he could not get used to the sun’s intense shine on his body.
It felt as though something was missing!
Later on, he found out that there was only a single person in the entire company that had the special privilege of staying in the office after 5pm.
That was none other than Bao Xu!
Because of that, Huang Sibo was filled with even more admiration towards Bao Xu and was determined to be like him.
Indeed, only a truly exceptional employee would be able to gain Boss Pei’s recognition and obtain overtime privileges!
Huang Sibo was determined to learn from Bao Xu so that he would gain Boss Pei’s recognition as well!
The first two days that he had arrived, Huang Sibo felt a little lost.
However, it did not take long before he found the motivation to fight on and forge ahead.
Those two days were all it took for him to adapt to the life there and fill his future with hope.
For some reason, he had always felt that he was a loser in life in the past and could not get any drive at all.
However, as he looked at the plants at the window aisle and the scenery outside, he felt as though he could continue fighting for another 500 years!

“Everyone, please stop everything you’re doing. I have something to announce.”
Pei Qian came to the working area and declared jubilantly.
Everyone looked at him together.
Clearing his throat, he continued, “After some preparation, I’m sure most of you are already in working mode. That’s great.”
“Next up, we’re going to enter the development phase officially which would be extremely intense. I hope that everyone will be able to work hard together to create a great game!”
“Starting tomorrow, we’ll start work officially!”
The moment Pei Qian ended his sentence, Xin Hailu had already started leading with claps.
Stunned for a moment, the others followed suit and clapped thereafter.
Huang Sibo was the most enthusiastic in clapping.
He had waited for such a long time! Finally, it was arriving!
They were about to reach the most intense development phase!
‘Come on, 9961! Whip me!’
Huang Sibo was extremely negative towards 996 and that was especially the case back in his previous company.
He felt that it was a merciless oppression of the employees and was an extremely vile thing to have.
But at this place, with such an exceptional working environment and wonderful salary alongside a boss that recognized his talents and hardworking colleagues…
He suddenly felt that 996 was something that was absolutely acceptable!
996? Bring it on!
I can endure it!
With a stoic expression, Pei Qian made a fist in the air and instantly, the applause came to an end.
Everyone looked at him expectantly, waiting for his next command.
“Alright, in order to celebrate us starting work tomorrow, that’s it for today. Everyone, you can knock off!”
Pei Qian led the charge to leave!
He had only taken two steps when he turned back as though he had forgotten about something.
“Today’s Friday and we’re knocking off early. The next two days are weekends. Come Monday… eh? Monday’s Singles Day! We’ve got to have a holiday for that too!”
“Do whatever you want for this three days leave. Those who have a partner, spend time with them. Those who don’t, go find one. Just go do anything you want!”
“Don’t let me catch any of you guys turning up at work! Whoever dares to do overtime will have their salary deducted! Knock off, go on! Knock off!”
Huang Sibo: “???”
He took a look at his watch.
It was 3pm in the afternoon.