Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon
Chapter 47

Chapter 47: The Legendary Overtime Pay!
Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas StudiosOcean Stronghold’s details were finalized swiftly.
Within a single week, most of the design drafts for the functions were completed duly. Huang Sibo was in charge of overseeing the project and each time he saw a portion which had a differing concept from his and Bao Xu’s, they would have to change it.
At the same time, the group of designers had also started on creating the game’s prototype using the game editor.
Due to their use of universal templates, their initial progress was rather decent. However, they would still require concise finetuning to achieve Huang Sibo and Bao Xu’s intended effects.
The arts team was also assigned to handle the communications with the artists on the resource website for liaison regarding the art resource requirements.
The universal zombie and mercenaries templates as well as the image of the little girl was also being prepared speedily.
Using the image of the little girl as a basis, the members of the arts team on Tengda’s side would have to go back and forth for confirmation between the artists and Huang Sibo and Bao Xu.
There were only three people in charge of the little girl’s image. One of them was the concept artist who was in charge of the original arts as well, another was in charge of her character model and the last was in charge of her movements. Each of them had their own job scopes.
With that entire workflow, the little girl became the most invested character in the game.
For some of the story segments, even her movements and expressions were custom-made – it was clear that they spared no expenses.
But of course, all of it was still within the budget.
The reason for that was because in the overseas AAA games, there were multiple lead characters and every single one of them were created with the same standards. However, Ocean Stronghold only had that single little girl – that was why the budget was still well maintained.
When they occasionally came across better art resources, Huang Sibo would go look for Pei Qian right away.
He would always receive a single big thumbs up: Buy them!
Initially, Huang Sibo would still feel uneasy wondering if it would truly be fine to add on to the purchase budget repeatedly.
If this was any other company, he would have been lambasted by the boss!
From 700,000 to 1,200,000 to 1,500,000…
If this was any other company, Huang Sibo would definitely be tagged with the image of someone that was weak in planning and controlling the budget.
However, in Tengda, Boss Pei not only did not blame him, but was pleased on the contrary!
Huang Sibo could not help but lament that this was the difference in a stage to perform!
‘How can I be so stupid? Boss Pei’s actually trusting me so unconditionally…’
‘He’s doing so with all his love without any need for repayment!’
‘If I don’t produce this game well, I’ll be letting him down!’

In the blink of an eye, the end of the month arrived.
It was November 29th, Friday.
For Huang Sibo, that was like any other normal day.
By then, his work was almost completed; work on the design aspect was done with the details handled appropriately and the various resources of the game was in the midst of being created too.
As the chief planner, Huang Sibo’s job scope naturally did not involve things such as handling the game editor personally – he had underlings for that.
His mission was to watch over everyone else of the design team and to ensure that progress was made.
Compared to creating the design draft, this was a much easier job and because of that, Huang Sibo had not stayed overtime for quite awhile.
With sufficient manpower and budget, the progress was within schedule and there was naturally no need for overtime.
Huang Sibo had never realized that work could be so relaxing and pleasing.
His phone rang.
When he picked it up, he saw a bank transfer message!
“Huh? Isn’t it 29th today?”
Huang Sibo was stunned.
Most companies would only pay the current month’s salary in the next month.
Receiving their pay on the 5th of every month was already considered to be really graceful of the company.
Extremely messed up companies would drag the salary payout till the mid or even end of the month. That was equivalent to holding back an employee’s salary so that they could deduct from it in case there were any issues if they were to leave – in any case, that left a bad taste in their mouth.
Therefore, all companies that paid out salaries before the 5th of every month were considered extremely graceful.
However, this was the first time that Huang Sibo had come across a company that paid within the month itself!
“Your account XXXX has been credited with 5,375.8 yuan on November 29th, 11:09am. [XX Bank]”
Huang Sibo was shocked.
Was there an issue with the salary?
He remembered clearly that his employment date was around November 5th and he had definitely worked for less than a month.
The base salary was set at 4,000 yuan per month. Including tax, insurance and rental allowance, his salary should be quite a bit lower than 4,000!
Why was it more than 5,000?!
Even though he was stumped, Huang Sibo knew that it was not suitable to ask Boss Pei regarding something as minor as such and thus, he went to Assistant Xin instead.
He found her and expressed his doubts.
Xin Hailu smiled gently. “That’s right, it’s the correct figure. There’s overtime pay included.”
“Overtime pay?” Huang Sibo was even more puzzled.
Xin Hailu nodded her head. “Yes, it’s not just you. Everyone in the company got overtime pay. You should have done around 50 hours of overtime for the company, right? Based on the 1.5x of the normal hourly rate and deducting for insurance, rental allowance and tax, this should be the sum.”
Huang Sibo’s mouth gaped open as he could not find the words to speak.
The overtime pay that only existed in the legends!
And it was 1.5x of their hourly rate!
Something such as overtime pay was non-existent for most gaming companies.
Notwithstanding right now, even if it was 10 years into the future, overtime pay was a rare sight to be seen in most industries.
Not only that, most companies would calculate overtime pay based on their local lowest possible hourly rate, the same way they measured for insurance and rental allowance – there was a trick to it!
But not at Tengda! Each employee was given overtime pay based on their own pay!
To put it simply, it meant that they were receiving even more overtime pay!
Take Huang Sibo for example. His base salary was at 4,000 per month. Based on a 20 day month and an eight hour working day, his hourly rate would be at 25 yuan and his overtime pay would be at 37.5 yuan per hour.
Thereafter, based on Huang Sibo’s number of overtime hours, the total sum would then deduct for insurance, rental allowance and tax, resulting in the figure he received.
It was open and bright!
Huang Sibo had never come across a company with this much heart. No, he had never even heard of any companies as such!
When he returned to his desk, Huang Sibo took a long time to calm down.
‘So, Boss Pei knew about everything!’
‘He knew that we were doing overtime! Despite the fact that I went against his orders, he did not blame us and instead just added the overtime pay to our salary’
Huang Sibo felt his heart warm up and his eyes brim with tears.
He was touched!
This was truly the best boss in the world!

As for Pei Qian, he did not know of the immense gratitude his employees felt towards him for the overtime pay.
He was having a headache of his own.
Why couldn’t he empty out the System Funds completely?!
The reason why he chose to hand out salaries at the end of the month was because the system did its settlement at the start of the month.
Pei Qian had to ensure that he paid out the salaries before each settlement or he would have accumulated a sum of money for no reason and that would not help his cause of wanting to lose money for the System Funds!