Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon
Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Guangzhou!
Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios“Xiao Lu, there’s still some issues with this function. Do make the necessary changes. You’ll have to ask Brother Bao when it comes to questions regarding hand sensitivity, he’s the expert,” Huang Sibo gave his opinion on the design draft patiently.
Xiao Lu was one of the members of the design team and he was in charge of creating the ability design of the ghouls.
His experience was even less than Huang Sibo’s and he was an intern at another gaming company initially. However, he was never assigned to any important role and he merely filled in forms while completing the occasional odd task. As such, even though his work experience could not be considered as empty, it was negligible at best.
In most companies, people would often be regarded based on their position and experience (capabilities). Even though they had worked for the same amount of time, due to differing experience, Huang Sibo was the senior in this position.
“Sure thing, Brother Huang! I’ll address it right away!”
Xiao Lu turned on the game editor and modified the functions based on Huang Sibo’s opinions.
Ocean Stronghold had already entered the creation phase and the various templates and functions that they had purchased previously were added into the game editor as the designers worked on creating the game.
Since the game editor itself was not difficult to use and all of them had prior experience, the progress was much faster than when a layman like Pei Qian did it himself.
“Pay attention to your work and don’t let your thoughts drift about the Guangzhou trip. Focus on your job first,” Huang Sibo reminded when he saw that Xiao Lu was a little lost.
Somewhat embarrassed, Xiao Lu rubbed the back of his head. “Man, Brother Huang. I’ve never been to Guangzhou before and we’re even heading to the famous Sun Strike Studios! It’s only natural I’m excited about it. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely ensure that quality is still met for our work.”
Huang Sibo nodded his head and returned to his desk to continue on work.
In truth, he had not been to Guangzhou before as well.
It wasn’t just him – most of the people in the company had not been there as well.
The air tickets from Jingzhou to Guangzhou cost a couple of thousand yuan. For most of these people, they were downright broke before entering Tengda, how could they have afforded it…
When they heard about the learning exchange, Huang Sibo and Bao Xu were indifferent, contrary to the rest who were cheering.
To begin with, Bao Xu was a homebody who had no interest towards heading out – he’d rather grind games all the time in office.
As for Huang Sibo, his thoughts were on ensuring that the progress for the game was not affected.
After he made a rough estimate of the workload, Huang Sibo found out that the trip would not affect the progress too much and Ocean Stronghold would still be completed on time. It was only then that he managed to calm down.
For the current Huang Sibo, the only thing that mattered to him was the progress of the game!
Boss Pei was such a wise man who tasked him with a heavy burden while rewarding him handsomely for it. At the same time, he was even taking everyone to Guangzhou for a learning exchange? There was no way they could repay him for his kindness!
If Huang Sibo did not ensure that the game was created perfectly, he would be letting down on Boss Pei’s grooming!
Besides, Huang Sibo wanted to check out Sun Strike Studios as well.
That was a famous studio domestically and before he had entered the industry, Huang Sibo had once placed that studio as his target to reach in the industry!
After he had started working, Huang Sibo had heard of rumors relating to Sun Strike Studios as well.
There were people who claimed that Sun Strike Studios once gave five months worth of salary as bonus.
Others claimed that Sun Strike Studios’ monthly bonus for the design team was even higher than their own base salary.
Some even claimed that Sun Strike Studios once gave off a sports car at the end of the year as a grand bonus.
Huang Sibo had not verified the rumors before but it was clear that Sun Strike Studios was a dream for most people in the gaming industry.
To be able to visit a place as such would definitely be beneficial for his career!

A month had passed by quickly.
November 27th, Friday.
Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.’s employees had arrived at their hotel from the airport and were sent to their own rooms to place their luggage.
Handong Province was in winter right now and it was chilling cold. However, the temperature was higher in Guangzhou and as the afternoon sun basked on everyone, they felt a warm feeling surge through them.
Huang Sibo could not help but feel a little lost.
The atmosphere felt completely like that of a holiday!
Some of the admin girls were checking the schedule on their phones, planning on which tourist location and mall they should visit the next day.
A few of the lads from the design team were looking for a nearby supermarket so that they could get some beer into their hotel room for drinks and card games at night.
There were a total of 27 people who were on the trip. Bao Xu did not join in because he was totally disinterested and would rather stay in the office.
As for Boss Pei…
He did not join the mob and had returned to his room early on. It was most likely because he was resting over fatigue from the flight.
The entire trip was scheduled by Assistant Xin and Pei Qian did not interfere.
Huang Sibo and Xiao Lu were sharing a room. After placing the luggage down, Huang Sibo took out his laptop and began checking on the design draft while modifying the story of the story.
As of now, the framework of Ocean Stronghold was already completed. However, Bao Xu felt that there was still room for improvement be it in terms of hand sensitivity or general details.
Huang Sibo was equally worried because he wanted to work hard in perfecting the game.
The game would be truly excellent if it came to a point where a veteran player such as Bao Xu could find no issues with it!
“Brother Huang, I’ll head out and join the rest first. Rest first if you’re tired,” Xiao Lu notified Huang Sibo first before heading out to play with the others merrily.

In Pei Qian’s room…
“Brother Qian, I’m so tired of acting… we’ve got to act so distant to one another because of work…” Ma Yang said tiredly.
As of now, the only person in the company who knew of Ma Yang and Pei Qian’s relationship was Assistant Xin.
Because of that, Ma Yang had to act like a complete stranger to Pei Qian in front of everyone else. Having to refer Pei Qian as Boss Pei all the time had him feeling tired.
They were clearly bros who shared the same bunk bed, and yet there was this gulf between them right now…
“You’ve got to sacrifice for the sake of the company,” Pei Qian patted Ma Yang on the shoulders. “You’re my eyes in the company right now! You’ve got to notify me of any issues immediately!”
If Pei Qian had disclosed their relationship, the rest might end up being wary of Ma Yang.
By then, it would be difficult for him to understand what was happening in the company.
Pei Qian had to ensure that he knew the situation at the back of his hand. Otherwise, it would be disastrous if they could not manage to lose money!
Ma Yang’s already large face was pulled even longer. “You make it sound as though I’m a spy. Though, nothing much has been happening recently. Everyone’s just working seriously based on the design draft.”
Pei Qian nodded his head – that’s great!
He had gone through the design draft briefly previously. Even though he could not understand what was going on exactly, he knew that his three requirements were met.
As long as there were no huge changes to the design draft, the game would most likely be a flop and he wouldn’t have much to worry about.
“Oh, also, everyone seems to be interested in that Sun Strike Studios. Are they really so incredible?” Ma Yang asked.
“How would I know?” Pei Qian did not have much understanding of the industry to begin with nor did he know what sort of a studio that was.
He had only wanted to come to Guangzhou to spend money and Sun Strike Studios just happened to be one of the few studios that Assistant Xin had made contact with.
The other employees thought that Pei Qian had planned for this intentionally but that couldn’t be further from the truth – he did not even know who the creator of Sun Strike Studios was…
“The first place we’re visiting tomorrow is Sun Strike Studios. Make sure you ask more questions so that it wouldn’t be awkward. We’ve got to be more friendly since they’re so kind to welcome us,” Pei Qian reminded.
As the boss, it was not convenient for Pei Qian to ask questions or act too casually or he would lower his image.
Therefore, Ma Yang had to take on that task.
Ma Yang nodded his head. “Don’t worry, Brother Qian! Leave it to me!”