Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon
Chapter 994 - Visitor Mr.Tian Heiquan

Chapter 994: Visitor Mr.Tian Heiquan
This young man sized up Pei Qian with a skeptical look.
He instinctively felt that this matter was not reliable. However, he did not feel like Pei Qian was lying looking at his dressing and the confidence in his every move.
Real estate agents and financial elites wore suits and ties, but the suits worn by real estate agents were completely different from those worn by financial elites.
Perhaps he was moved by Pei Qian’s aura, or perhaps he was dissatisfied with the current situation and could not wait to seize every possible opportunity. The man hesitated for a moment before saying, “Are you serious? How much can you give me?”
Pei Qian pondered for a moment. “How much is your salary now?”
The young man said, “I’m now earning 80 yuan per day.”
Giving out flyers was a physical job that did not require much skill, so the salary was definitely not high. Generally, there were people who gave out flyers based on the number of flyers, people who paid according to the hour, and people who paid based on the number of days.
A salary of 80 yuan per day meant that he would only be able to get 2,400 yuan per month even if he were to distribute flyers for 30 days. Even though that was a low figure, it was still within a reasonable range in a second-tier city like Jingzhou. Many people were still willing to do it.
Pei Qian said, “I’m not sure how I’m going to pay you, but the base salary should be at least three times more than what you’re earning in a month.”
He did not want to speak too confidently and was a little conservative.
The young man raised his eyebrows slightly with an expression that said, “Are you kidding me?” Obviously, he did not believe it.
The key was that he knew his own situation very well. It would be fine if he had a skill and went to certain specialized positions. He could even lie to himself that his salary was higher. However, he knew very well that he did not have any ability. What could he do to earn so much money?
Was he going to accidentally enter the lair of some criminal organization?
Pei Qian could not help but feel amused when he saw the young man’s expectant and wary gaze.
Obviously, this brother had been beaten up by society too many times, but he had never felt the warmth of society. That was why he had this look of anticipation and disbelief.
Pei Qian pondered for a moment. Perhaps it was because the situation was not right.
Most people would find it unreliable if they were to meet a stranger on the streets who was trying to strike up a conversation with them and told them that he would pay them three times the salary.
Thus, Pei Qian took out a small notebook that he always carried with him, tore a piece of paper, and wrote down Shenhua View’s 17th floor address and his phone number.
“Come and see me here during working hours after you’re done here. Tell me your name so that I can let you in.”
The young man took the note and said, “My name is Tian Mo, my Mo is the same character as silence.”
Pei Qian nodded slightly. This suited his temperament.
He was as simple as a farmer, and he was quiet and introverted.
Yes, it was a match made in heaven for such a person to be in charge of the sales department!
“Remember to come before five in the afternoon. I’ll knock off if you’re too late.”
Pei Qian gave a few more instructions before turning to leave.
Tian Mo looked at Pei Qian’s back view, and then at the note in his hand. He looked confused and hesitant.
As the saying went, there was no free lunch in the world.
The conditions were too good, making him very worried if he had encountered some kind of scam. Even though he was simple by nature, he had already endured the beatings of society and deeply knew what it meant to be wary of others.
He had originally wanted to throw the note away so that he would not fantasize about such a good thing. However, after much hesitation, he carefully kept the note and put it in his pocket.
“This looks like an office building nearby. It shouldn’t be a problem to take a look…”
Tian Mo finally made up his mind.

4 PM.
Tian Mo followed the address given by Pei Qian to Shenhua View.
Tian Mo suddenly felt very motivated after the conversation with Pei Qian. He was distributing flyers at a much faster speed.
He had been very diligent in distributing the flyers. He had also greeted the leader in charge of distributing flyers. That was why he had gotten off work early at four in the afternoon and rushed to Shenhua View.
The empty hall was dazzling.
Tian Mo noticed that there was a very exquisite metal display sign not far from the door. On it were the names of the outstanding companies in this building, and the floor they were on.
Tian Mo subconsciously walked to the display board and realized that the first line on it was Tengda Corporation.
“Tengda Corporation is actually here?”
Tian Mo was shocked.
As a citizen of Jingzhou, it was impossible for him not to know about Tengda Corporation. However, he had no interaction with Tengda Corporation.
The reason was very simple. Tengda Corporation’s current recruitment was unified recruitment. It was getting harder for them to even become express delivery men at Upwind Logistics. The competition was too intense. Tian Mo felt that it would be a wasted effort with his education and ability. Thus, he did not even try.
He took a closer look at Tengda Corporation’s name and suddenly realized that something was amiss.
“Tengda Corporation alone occupies a few floors. The 17th floor is the administrative department, the 18th floor is the gaming department, the 19th floor is Zhongdian Chinese Network and TPDb. Apart from that, there is also the advertising marketing department…”
“Wait a minute, the address that person gave me previously seemed to be on the 17th floor?”
Tian Mo was still a little unsure. He took out the small piece of paper from his pocket to confirm.
It was indeed the 17th floor!
Tian Mo immediately wanted to retreat.
He felt that something was amiss!
Could he have been cheated? How could someone from Tengda Corporation send a little note on the streets?
Was someone pulling a prank on him and embarrassing him at Tengda Corporation?
Tian Mo fell into a dilemma once again.
However, in the end, the idea of “since you’re already here” prevailed. He plucked up his courage and went to the front desk in the lobby, but he did not know how to speak.
The receptionist was very understanding. “Hello, what’s your name? Do you have an appointment?”
Tian Mo hesitated. “I don’t know if I have an appointment… My name is Tian Mo.”
“Tian Mo…” The lady at the front desk scanned the computer screen, and her expression suddenly became serious.” Ah, Mr. Tian, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Please come in, go directly to the 17th floor. ”
Tian Mo was stunned. He was not used to the lady at the front desk suddenly taking his name so seriously.
He looked around suspiciously before taking the elevator to the 17th floor.
The moment he stepped out of the elevator, Tian Mo saw the words’ Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.’.
Obviously, there was no escape.
Tian Mo went to the front desk again, only to find the twin sisters at the front desk working hard.
“Hello, please fill out a registration form first. Wait patiently on the sofa over there. There are two or three people in front. It’ll be your turn soon.”
One of the receptionists was very polite and handed Tian Mo a registration form.
Tian Mo reached out, took a pen from the side, and began to fill in the form.
The registration form was filled with basic information such as name, phone number, purpose of visit, and so on.
Now, Tengda Corporation had already developed into a large company that spanned across many fields. It also had a huge influence in Jingzhou. There were many companies or individuals who came looking for business cooperation every day.
It was impossible for these people to be allowed in so that they could meet Boss Pei directly. Thus, the front desk acted as a filter.
These visitors would be received seriously by the administrative department. They would be discussed in detail and dissuaded.
There seemed to be quite a number of visitors today. Some of them were looking for business partnerships, while others were trying their luck to find a good job. There were already two or three people sitting on the sofa waiting.
Tian Mo did not know how to fill in the ‘visiting purpose’ column on the registration form.
After some consideration, he decided to fill it in honestly. “Someone asked me to come here to look for him. He said that he would provide me with a job.”
The purpose of this visit was quite ridiculous, but Tian Mo could not think of a more suitable way to write it. After some hesitation, he handed the registration form back.
The lady at the front desk reached out to take it. She looked at the name on the registration form and said, “Then… Mr. Tian Heiquan, please wait for a moment. Someone will receive you soon.”
Tian Mo was just about to sit on the sofa after handing in the registration form when he heard this. He turned around and corrected him in embarrassment. “It’s Tian Mo…”
He had no choice. He had written too badly, and the ‘Mo’ word was written slightly agape[1.’Mo’ is pieced together with the word ‘Hei’ and ‘Quan’, which literally means ‘Black Dog”].
The lady at the front desk was a little embarrassed. “Ah, I’m very sorry!”
“Wait, Mr. Tian Mo?”
She suddenly realized something. “You’re Mr. Tian Mo? Aiya, you should have said so earlier. You don’t have to fill out the form. Just follow me.”
The lady stood up and led Tian Mo inside, attracting the envious and indignant gazes of the two or three brothers who were queuing on the sofa.
Tian Mo subconsciously looked around the office as he walked in.
He had long heard that Tengda’s office environment was ridiculously good. Today, he realized that it was indeed the case!
Previously, Tian Mo had suspected that these rumors were exaggerated. Now, he knew that they were not exaggerated at all. They were all true.
However, at the same time, he was even more puzzled. Which leader in Tengda Corporation had so much power? That young man did not look that old. Could he be a relative of one of the leaders in Tengda Corporation?
The lady at the front desk who was leading the way stopped as Tian Mo continued thinking. “Please wait a moment.”
Tian Mo saw the words “CEO’s office” written on the door sign of this independent office.
Before Tian Mo could react, the receptionist knocked on the door and said, “Boss Pei, the person you were waiting for has arrived.”
“Let him in,” the person inside replied.
The lady at the front desk turned to Tian Mo and said, “Go in quickly. Boss Pei has been waiting for a long time.”
Tian Mo was stunned.
Boss Pei?
If he remembered correctly, Tengda Corporation only had one Boss Pei. That was…
Boss Pei sent me a note on the street asking me to come to Tengda for an interview?
Tian Mo felt a little dizzy. Everything around him seemed unreal, as if he had not woken up.