Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon
Chapter 995 - Entrusted With An Important Responsibility

Chapter 995: Entrusted With An Important Responsibility
Tian Mo entered Boss Pei’s office, feeling helpless.
Pei Qian pointed at the sofa beside him. “Don’t be reserved, have a seat anywhere you like.”
“Do you want some tea?”
Tian Mo was a little flustered. “Thank you, ah, no need…”
Pei Qian smiled, poured two cups of tea, and handed one to him. Then, he sat in an armchair.
“Time is precious. Let’s cut this short and get to the point.”
“To be honest, I have a sales job for you.”
Pei Qian looked at the time. He wanted to get off work before five so he had to be more efficient this time.
Tian Mo could not possibly be suspicious if they were to talk in Tengda Corporation’s CEO office, right?
Tian Mo was flustered. “Huh? Sales?”
“This… I… I actually don’t have much experience in sales. I did try to be a house agent for a month…”
Pei Qian raised his eyebrows. “Oh? What’s the result?”
“In the end…” Tian Mo was a little embarrassed, but he still chose to be honest.” In the end, I did not manage to rent too many houses in a month. I did not get a single cent in commission…”
Pei Qian looked slightly concerned. “Didn’t rent out too many… how many?”
Tian Mo said, “…Two houses.”
“One of them happened to be a newly graduated student who was in a hurry to rent a house. The house was very suitable, so he rented it without me saying anything. The other one was given to me by a sister with a very good character in the shop because she felt that I was too pitiful…”
Pei Qian was filled with respect. “Hm, not bad.”
He was right about him.
Tian Mo: “Huh? That’s not bad?”
Pei Qian smiled slightly. “To be honest, Tengda Corporation’s various departments are different from the outside world. Especially the sales department. What I want is not experienced and glib-tongued sales, but a unique set of standards.”
“I think you’re very suitable!”
“Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much. I can already see the potential I need from you. There will definitely be no problem as long as you can unleash this potential.”
“Ah? Is that so?” Tian Mo still looked skeptical.
In fact, Boss Pei’s words sounded very ridiculous. He would have been 100% sure that he was a liar if it was anyone else. However, this was Tengda’s CEO’s office after all. Thus, no matter how ridiculous it sounded, it made some sense.
“Absolutely.” Pei Qian looked very confident.
Tian Mo hesitated for a moment and said, “Boss Pei, to be honest, I’m not good at sales. You know that I’m not eloquent. It would be good if I don’t dissuade customers. However, since you think so highly of me, I’m willing to give it a try!”
“Um… Is anyone going to guide me?”
Tian Mo was obviously still not confident. He thought that if a master was willing to guide him and could slowly train him, he might improve in the future.
“Yes.” Pei Qian pointed at himself. “I’ll guide you.”
Tian Mo nearly fainted.
Boss Pei would be guiding him personally?
How could he be worth so much?
“Boss Pei, there’s no need for that, right? You can just get the person-in-charge of the sales department under you, or even a team leader below you to guide me. Your time is precious; there’s no need for you to do something like that…”
Pei Qian shook his head. “No, it’s necessary.”
Would this sales department become a department for Tengda to earn more money, or would it become a department for Tengda to earn less?
Actually, he was not sure yet.
That would depend on how well Tian Mo, the person-in-charge of the department, did.
Tian Mo could be said to be a blank piece of paper now. Pei Qian felt that he had to spend some time teaching him so that he could set a good foundation for the sales department.
Tian Mo did not ask any more questions seeing Boss Pei’s determined attitude. His expression was very excited. “Alright, Boss Pei, don’t worry. I will work hard and not let you down!”
Pei Qian stood up and took a contract from his desk drawer. “Sign the contract if there’s no problem.”
“The focus is on the salary.”
Tian Mo nodded. There was quite a lot of content in this contract. He had to read it slowly before he would reach the part on his salary.
However, Tian Mo could roughly guess the situation with the salary. It was definitely a low base salary plus high commission. While Tian Mo did not like this salary structure because he knew that he could only get a low salary with his ability, he knew very well that there was no other way.
Sales was indeed a profession that only looked at the results and not the process. The number of orders you signed represented how much ability you had. It would be easy to raise a group of lazy people if they did not put the bulk of their salary on commission. It would be impossible to be enthusiastic.
Tian Mo might be introverted and bad with words, but he felt that since Boss Pei was personally guiding him, as long as he focused on learning for a period of time, his eloquence would improve, right? At that time, he would not have to worry about not getting a commission.
The contents in front were relatively basic. It should be similar to Tengda’s various labor contracts. It stipulated the various obligations and benefits of the employee base.
Tian Mo was salivating at the benefits.
However, the most surprising part of the contract came very quickly.
“My position is… the person-in-charge of the sales department?”
“The salary is… 8,000 yuan per month plus the various benefits of the company?”
“Uh, no commission?”
Tian Mo was a little confused. He thought that he was seeing things.
The person-in-charge of the sales department could also be said to be the manager of the sales department. There was no problem calling him ‘Boss X’. This was definitely a leader position.
As for the remuneration, it was far beyond his imagination.
Previously, when he was distributing flyers on the streets, he would only get 2,000 yuan after working hard for 30 days. Now, he could get 8,000 yuan with holidays and various company benefits. His daily salary was probably five times higher.
“If you do well in the future, your salary will increase.”Pei Qian explained.
8,000 yuan per month was the highest level allowed by the system.
Tian Mo’s actual ability might not be worth 8,000 yuan, but with Tengda Corporation’s rapid development, the system’s restrictions on the base salary became looser. Pei Qian had more and more room to play.
Tian Mo was even more confused because this was completely out of his expectations.
He had thought that he would be a small fry at the bottom of the sales department. In the end, he was the person-in-charge of the sales department?
He had originally thought that it would be a basic salary plus commission. A base salary of 1,000 yuan was already not bad. However, the base salary was actually 8,000 yuan. What’s more, there was no commission at all?
Tian Mo was at a loss.
“Is there a problem? If not, sign it. It’s getting late.”
Pei Qian looked at the time. It was almost time to knock off.
Tian Mo: “Of course, there’s no problem with the contract. I’m just afraid of my own abilities…”
“There’s no problem with your ability. If you’re satisfied with the treatment, sign it. Don’t worry about anything else.” Pei Qian smiled.
Tian Mo hesitated, but Boss Pei’s trusting gaze calmed him down.
Come to think of it, he was really lucky to have encountered such a good thing. He would not be able to survive if Boss Pei got angry because of him.
Tian Mo quickly signed his name on the contract at that thought, afraid that Boss Pei would change his mind.
“Alright, I’ll bring you to your workplace. Then, you can report directly to me tomorrow. I’ll brief you on your work.” Pei Qian stood up.
Pei Qian led Tian Mo to the marketing department.
There was a lot of empty space left in the marketing department since he rented a lot of unnecessary space. Many work desks were still empty.
He could also arrange for the sales department to be here with the marketing department.
Of course, they could not sit together directly. They had to be slightly separated to prevent any inexplicable chemical reactions.
Pei Qian casually picked a seat. “Alright, you can sit here.”
This position was by the window. The scenery was not bad. What’s more, it was the furthest away from the Advertising and marketing department. There were at least a dozen empty workstations around. Such a huge space was enough to cause trouble in a short period of time.
What’s more, Pei Qian did not plan to get the sales department to hire new employees soon. He had to train Tian Mo first to determine the basic tone of the sales department so that it would not deviate.
Tian Mo was stunned. “Huh? Here?”
When he first arrived, he was quite happy to see so many people working hard in the advertising and marketing department. He fantasized about being one of them.
Yet, Boss Pei had led him directly to an ‘isolated island’. How could that be?
The scenery was indeed not bad, but the work desk was obviously isolated from the people there. Those who did not know would think that they had contracted some infectious disease.
Pei Qian looked at his watch. “Alright, it’s about time. You should familiarize yourself with the environment here. Come to my office at 10 AM tomorrow. I’ll briefly explain the work arrangements to you and then officially start working here.”
Pei Qian turned around and left once everything was arranged.
Tian Mo sat down at his desk, feeling a little helpless. He did not know what to do.
He switched on his computer. The entire screen was filled with games. The computer only had a few basic computer software so he had to download the rest himself.
Tian Mo scratched his head and did not dare to play the game. Instead, he opened a new document.
He thought about it. He had been entrusted with a heavy responsibility by Boss Pei. Today was his first day at work. He could not possibly do nothing even though Boss Pei did not assign him any tasks, right? Wouldn’t that leave a lazy dog impression on Boss Pei?
However, Tian Mo had no clue at all looking at the blank document.
Suddenly, he thought of the sister who had helped him in the shop when he was working as a real estate agent. He called her immediately.
A few minutes later, Tian Mo received a few documents.
This included daily work schedules, work content, regulations, and so on for sales. It was not confidential information. Of course, there was no technical content.
However, it was still very useful to the current Tian Mo.
He was prepared to create a document to sort out the contents and summarize the useful contents into the new document. That way, he would not be speechless when he met Boss Pei tomorrow.
However, he felt someone pat his shoulder before he could even type two words into the new document.
Tian Mo turned around and saw a young man who seemed to be a few years older than him.
“Hello, new colleague?” The person who patted his shoulder asked.
Tian Mo nodded. “You are?”
The person who patted his shoulder smiled. “Oh, my name is Yu Yao. I work in the advertising and marketing department next door.”
Tian Mo quickly said, “Oh, I’m Tian Mo. It’s my first day at work today. Hello, hello.”
Yu Yao smiled. “I told you that you’re new and don’t know the rules. It’s time to knock off. Why are you still here? Do you have permission to work overtime?”
“Huh? Permission to work overtime?” Tian Mo felt like he was listening to the Book Of Heaven. He knew what these two words meant, but it was completely incomprehensible when they were linked together.
“Hurry home if you don’t have any overtime limit. Come back tomorrow if you have any work.”
“Why are you still sitting there? Hurry up, the door is about to be locked.”
Tian Mo was at a loss. “No, I just… Alright, I’ll come back tomorrow.”
Tian Mo was still confused when he left Shenhua View.
Today was really strange. It had completely overturned his life experiences over the past ten years.
Tian Mo might have been interrupted when he opened the document but he gave it some thought. He still had some time to sort out the document since he was to meet Boss Pei at 10 AM tomorrow.
“Alright, I’ll go back and have a good rest today. Adjust my state and work hard tomorrow!”