Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 11

Chapter 11: School Bully
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Qin Ran was silent for a few seconds before she changed her sitting posture. “Impossible.”
Gu Xichi hid the medicine box and bit his cigarette. He seemed to chuckle a little, his voice gentle and sweet. “You’re pretty confident.”
The bathroom door banged and someone came in.
Qin Ran gave a faint “yeah”, then lowered her voice. “What the hell did you see?”
But Gu Xichi would not lie to her.
“Your name was on the list. They’re investigating you.” Gu Xichi smiled at the little boy who handed him a candy. Then, he squinted his eyes and walked in the other direction. “Did you leak your own information accidentally when you helped me check for stuff last time?”
“That’s even more impossible. No one can find it.” Qin Ran stood up, her eyebrows raised slightly, and she casually tucked her fringe behind her ear. “I’m hanging up if you have nothing else to say.”
Several girls were whispering outside.
Qin Ran opened the door of the compartment and went out.
The girls were not here for the toilet and they just stood beside the sink. Qin Ran saw Qin Yu in the middle immediately.
Qin Yu pursed her lips and acted as if she didn’t know Qin Ran. She stood among the girls without even raising her head.
The whispering voice disappeared instantly because someone suddenly came out of the compartment.
The whole building was suddenly quiet.
Qin Ran pushed her phone back into her pocket and walked two steps forward. The hair on the side of her head slipped. “I want to wash my hands, thank you.”
The group of girls backed away.
They couldn’t help but look at her.
When Qin Ran washed her hands and left, the girls reacted.
Qin Yu pursed her lips.
The girls looked at each other. Qin Ran’s face was too recognizable and a baby-faced girl recognized her quickly. “She is Qin Ran? She looks…”
Another girl saw Qin Yu’s expression and immediately poked her waist.
The babyfaced girl almost bit her tongue and immediately changed her tune. “She looks average. The boys are acting like they haven’t seen a girl before. Qin Yu, don’t care about what they’re saying on the forum. She fights and skips classes, and even messes around with the other high school students. She’s obviously not a decent girl.”
The first lesson in the afternoon was Gao Yang’s math class.
Before class, Qiao Sheng took out his mobile phone and found the post on the forum. He kicked the chair in front of him and handed his mobile phone to Xu Yaoguang. “Young Master Xu, the campus belle is changed. It’s Qin Yu’s sister, look at it?”
Xu Yaoguang was doing a math problem and he didn’t even glance at him. “It’s time for the lesson to start.”
“Damn you!” Qiao Sheng took back his phone and saved the photo by himself.
The teenager sitting beside him laughed. “Young Master Xu only has Qin Yu in his heart. Qiao Sheng, you can forget about it.”
Qiao Sheng held a pen in one hand and his cell phone in his other hand. He looked at a campus forum of First Middle School and, after a while, he suddenly said, “Did she really fight with the group of high school students?”
“How did you know?” Several boys around him were very concerned about Qin Ran’s affairs, and they immediately turned over.
Qiao Sheng pointed at a post above and frowned. “She has provoked Wei Zihang’s group. After school, they want to go find her.”
At the mention of Wei Zihang, everyone in the back row all snorted.
They glanced at Xu Yaoguang and were afraid to speak.
Previously, only Lin Jinxuan could match up with Wei Zihang, but he had already graduated two years ago.
There was only Xu Yaoguang now.
However, Young Master Xu was cold and spoke little even to Qin Yu. It seemed like he had a bad impression of the new campus belle and probably wouldn’t help her out. Thus, she would only have a hard time in school from now on.
Qin Ran supported her chin and sat down with her back leaning against the wall. She closed her eyes and lowered her head halfway so that her fringe fell over and crossed her brow bone.
At the end of the afternoon class, Lin Siran handed over her notes to Qin Ran and whispered, “Do you want to look at it?”
Qin Ran sat up and took it slowly.
She kept the paper and smiled lightly at her deskmate. “Thanks. Do you know where I can buy books?”
“No problem.” Lin Siran blushed. Sure enough, even though her new deskmate looked fierce, she was still easy-going. “I’ll take you there.”
Qin Ran wanted to buy extra-curricular books, so Lin Siran took her out of school.
She tutored her about the school on the way.
“There’s someone you must not mess with in our school.” Lin Siran had been from Junior Middle School, so she knew everything about First Middle School. “Class 3.1’s Qin Yu. Before you, she was our campus belle.”
Qin Ran had one hand in her pocket and her other hand held her phone. She raised her eyebrows when she heard this.
“Qin Yu is from the Lin family. She is very powerful and is in the top five of our school. Not only is she pretty, but she can also even play the violin. Every afternoon when she has lessons, many people will go over to watch her. Most importantly, Young Master Xu is protecting her.” Li Siyu lowered her voice. “Some girls who didn’t like Qin Yu have been taken care of by Young Master Xu last time.”
The two talked as they walked outside the school.
The third year of high school was released late, and many people had hurried home from school for dinner. Hence, the road was very clean.
Not far away.
“Qin Yu, I heard your brother is back.” Qiao Sheng held a cigarette and lit it while smiling.
He used to call her Campus Belle Qin. Qin Yu’s expression remained the same. “Yeah.”
Xu Yaoguang stood by her side, and although he wasn’t warm nor cold, his attitude was much gentler.
Qiao Sheng laughed. “I want to have half of your brother. So my dad won’t deduct my pocket money.”
He took a puff, and before he even looked up, he heard the roar of a locomotive in his ear.
It was very loud. Qiao Sheng rubbed his ears and stepped aside while cursing.
The locomotive stopped not far ahead, and it was clear that they were surrounding two girls.
At the front was a fiery red locomotive.
Obstructed by the locomotive, one of the girls’ thin, arrogant figure looked extremely familiar.
Qin Yu took a step back and lowered her eyes. “Wei Zihang is in front. Shall we go a different way?”
Xu Yaoguang frowned. There were two girls in front of him, facing away from him. He couldn’t see their faces, but one of their thin backs looked pretty arrogant.
Before he spoke, Qiao Sheng said, “Qin Yu, go back first. If there’s a fight here, it won’t be good if you get injured.”
Qiao Sheng had specifically detoured here.
Qin Yu glanced at Xu Yaoguang. He wasn’t bothered by the chaos in front of him, and his eyebrows were relaxed and calm as usual, so she was relieved. “My driver is over there, I’ll go back first.” She paused and said, “Go back soon too.”
Qin Yu got into the car, but the driver didn’t drive immediately. He said hesitantly, “Miss, in front, that’s…”
“It’s okay. I’m hungry, let’s go back soon.” Qin Yu tilted her head and smiled.
The driver immediately started the engine and drove away.
Over there, Lin Siran’s face turned pale as she looked at the locomotive surrounding them. She clutched Qin Ran’s hand.
“That’s…” She looked at the teenager sitting on the red locomotive with his eyes narrowed as if he were looking at his prey. Her voice was tight and her palms were sweaty. “It’s the high school bully.”
Lin Siran fidgeted nervously when suddenly, a low hoarse voice laughed behind her.