Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 13

Chapter 13: I Am Not a Good Person
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Qin Ran looked at this message for a long while, then she threw her books for Wei Zihang to hold before texting back—
[Is the person placing the order sick?]
Her price was ten times higher than the market price.
Without waiting for the other side to reply, she relied on her quick speed and quickly texted four more words—
[I’m not taking it.]
Wei Zihang took her books and paid for them. He flipped through the books selected by Qin Ran and realized that they weren’t study materials but original copies of foreign books. They were books that were of no interest to anyone.
He knew that Qin Ran liked to read books. Chen Shulan’s entire study was full of her books and she especially liked reading the original text.
Wei Zihang had seen the original “Hundred Years of Solitude” and “Kite Chaser” on her bedside.
He put the books on the cash register. His shredded hair drooped slightly, and only his dark eyes were sharp.
Wei Zihang paid and Qin Ran didn’t fight over it with him.
After returning her message, she put her phone back in her pocket and walked outside first.
Wei Zihang took the bag and walked towards her. He held the cigarette that was almost gone and was about to throw it in a trash can.
“We’ll have dinner first?” Wei Zihang waved his hand in front of her and tilted his head with a smile.
Qin Ran shook her head. She had to go back to the dormitory and study by herself.
“Give me one stick.” She glanced at him.
“…” Wei Zihang knew what she was saying. He flinched back and sulked. “No, Grandma Chen will kill me.”
Qin Ran kicked him and stared at him with her good-looking bandit eyes.
Reluctantly, Wei Zihang took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, took one out and handed it to Qin Ran. Then, he passed the lighter over.
His lighter was the friction-type. Qin Ran’s fingers were thin and long. They looked like jade and glowed a healthy pink.
With a slight “click” sound, blue flames burst out.
The faint smoke rose, and the smell of mint it emitted wasn’t obvious. Qin Ran wore a jeans white T-shirt with a junior high school uniform hung loosely around it.
She appeared obedient but still had to do some disobedient things.
Her soft and fluffy hair draped over her shoulders. The wind blew past and gently ruffled her hair.
She lowered her eyes and leaned casually against the wall. Smoke rose from her fingertips and she appeared lazy and casual. There was also a sort of calmness that hadn’t been in her these few days.
Her smoking position was extremely handsome.
Wei Zihang squatted at the intersection to help her keep a lookout. He couldn’t help but glance back, frowning.
Qin Ran’s smoke was given by him. A few years ago, Qin Ran had knocked on his door, drenched in blood. He didn’t know just what she had experienced.
He didn’t ask her much about her affairs. He didn’t know how to comfort other people. He had learned how to smoke when he was a kid, and smoking was a psychological need for them.
That night, he had smoked cigarettes with Qin Ran for the whole night before she was fine.
It was just that Qin Ran was different from him. She didn’t smoke much, but when she was extremely vexed, she would hide in his house and smoke.
When she got found out, he had been beaten by his grandmother. She just had to look at the two old grandparents with her innocent eyes and they believed that he had tricked her into smoking.
“Smoking is not good.” Wei Zihang surveyed the street depressedly. He retracted when he saw that no one was on the street and tried to persuade her bitterly.
Now he wished he could go back to a few years ago and strangle himself before he could give her a cigarette.
After smoking half of it, Qin Ran snuffed it and threw it into the trash can.
She took two steps back and straightened her hair. When she heard Wei Zihang’s voice, she glanced at him lazily and chuckled lowly. “Get lost.”
“I’ve reflected on myself many times. How could I have taken you on this crooked road?” Wei Zihang pulled his collar.
“What’s wrong with that?” Qin Ran told Wei Zihang to pass the books to her. Her voice was faint, but her eyebrows gathered and she had a cynical smile. “I was never a good person.”
“You are a good person.” Wei Zihang was extremely serious.
Qin Ran walked forward with the bag and waved in Wei Zihang’s direction. “That’s because you don’t understand me.”
She returned to her dormitory. There was no one inside, so she had a short time for late self-study. The seniors basically all returned to class after their meals.
Qin Ran placed the book on her desk.
She opened an iron box on her bed, took a white sleeping pill from it, and swallowed it.
After taking the medicine, she didn’t go to her class immediately. Instead, she took out her black backpack, unzipped it, and took out the very heavy black cell phone.
The phone screen was still black.
She pressed the screen and turned on the power button.
In less than a second, the phone lit up, but it was not the main page. A map page with a red dot on it appeared, which landed in the school medical office.
At the same time.
In the Lin family house.
Lin Jinxuan didn’t go out today. The family sat at the table to eat.
Lin Qi asked about Qin Ran, and when he heard that she was staying in school, Lin Qi was surprised. But he didn’t say anything and instead asked about Principal Xu.
“Do you know President Xu?”
Ning Qing didn’t know of President Xu, but Lin Jinxuan, who had returned from the imperial capital, had news.
Ning Qing placed a spoonful of vegetables on Qin Yu’s plate. “I heard from my mother that President Xu went to Ninghai Village to help the poor three years ago.”
Everyone at the dining table spoke about Qin Ran for several minutes.
Qin Yu’s spoon clang against the bowl.
Several people looked at her, and Lin Qi was concerned. “What are you thinking about?”
“After school at night, I thought I saw my elder sister.” Qin Yu hesitated. “She was with people from Zi High School.”
“Zi High School?” Ning Qing’s voice rose slightly and her knuckles turned white. “Isn’t she in First Middle School?”
Qin Yu’s eyes were downcast and she squeezed the spoon in her hand. “I heard that she was fighting with them at noon, and those people came over at night. I’m a little worried about her…”
“No need to worry!” Ning Qing said coldly. Her eyes seemed to hide a sword as she looked at Qin Yu. Then, she suppressed her anger and lowered her voice. “Study well and don’t care about your sister even if she comes to find you.”
She was furious.
Ning Qing couldn’t possibly finish her meal now.
Lin Qi was still eating without asking much.
Qin Ran was only his stepdaughter, and he had already been benevolent enough to be able to help her arrange for her accommodation and school.
If the other party was like Qin Yu, he may be a little more worried, but there was nothing about Qin Ran that deserved his attention.
He was too busy with his business, so how could he have the time?
“Tidy up the third floor and make a study for Yu’er.” Lin Jinxuan didn’t care about their discussions. He was genuinely curious about Qin Ran, but it was no match for his affection towards Qin Yu.
A genius like Lin Jinxuan whose life went smoothly rarely put anyone to heart.
Ning Qing’s expression also eased.
She wouldn’t be giving birth to more children, so the Lin family would still be Lin Jinxuan’s. It was important to her to obtain Lin Jinxuan’s regard.
Lin Jinxuan was indifferent to her, but he was fond of Qin Yu.
She could only rely on Qin Yu for her position in the Lin family.
It would be easy as long as they were in a good relationship.
Qin Yu smiled sweetly. “Thank you, brother.”
“I’ll answer a phone call.” Lin Jinxuan nodded slightly. He pulled his chair and got up, then walked upstairs with his mobile phone.
There was a very mild and apologetic middle-aged tone on the other end of the phone. “Mr. Lin, we can’t take your order. I have already returned your deposit to your card.”
Lin Jinxuan was startled, but his startled voice was still polite. “May I know why?”