Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Because I Am Really Famous
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“Sorry, it’s for personal reasons, so I don’t know either.” The voice over the phone was still very polite.
Lin Jinxuan hung up regretfully.
He looked down and his eyelashes were downcast, hiding his expression.
He wasn’t in the mood to continue his dinner downstairs anymore, so he sat in a chair in the study and looked at his phone, slightly annoyed.
But within five minutes, a message arrived saying that a refund had been made.
“Are you in trouble?” Not long after, Lin Qi pushed open the door and asked casually.
Lin Jinxuan had always been a genius. When he was a freshman, he started a company with others. Though Lin Qi wasn’t clear about the specific content, he knew that Lin Jinxuan had his own opinions.
He rarely saw him so anxious that he wouldn’t even eat.
Lin Jinxuan nodded with a frown.
He took out a cigarette but didn’t light it, and just played with it in his hands. His gentle face was terribly dull and irritableness showed between his eyebrows.
“Just a little.” After a short while, he sighed.
He didn’t say more.
After finally contacting those people, he had even spent a lot of money, only to get rejected in the end.
At First Middle School.
Qin Ran didn’t go for self-study.
She looked up at the door of the school’s medical office, where the light was still turned on.
The school doctors worked at night from 6 to 9 o’clock.
When she reached, Lu Zhaoying was dealing with a little girl.
No matter what, after coping with little girls for a whole day, Lu Zhaoying was already a little impatient, but he still politely responded.
After finally getting the girl with ulterior motives to leave, he looked up and saw the big boss who had fought in the noon standing just a few meters away from him.
Qin Ran was born pretty. Her legs were straight and slender, her eyelashes long and dense, drooping slightly.
“Classmate, what’s wrong?” Lu Zhaoying suddenly felt refreshed.
He put his hands on the table and asked with a smile.
Qin Ran narrowed her eyes slightly and glanced at the not too large office before saying casually, “Are you recruiting a part-timer?”
Lu Zhaoying froze.
He looked at Qin Ran.
Qin Ran thought for a while and whispered, “Sorry for disturbing you. I’m short of money.”
Yes, she was short of money now.
Lu Zhaoying’s eyes fell on Qin Ran. She was loosely dressed in a school uniform jacket. Inside was a white shirt. The white shirt was probably a few years old and even had furring on it.
Compared with the little girl who just came in and took off her school uniform to reveal her beautiful new dress, Young Master Lu, who never had tender, protective feelings for the other sex, suddenly felt a difference.
Lu Zhaoying turned his head and glanced at Cheng Juan.
Today, all the female students who had come to the school’s medical office had come for him.
But he didn’t even show his face.
Lu Zhaoying himself wanted to keep her. The school medical office was short of staff, but tomorrow, Cheng Juan’s butler would arrive at Yun Cheng.
Before Lu Zhaoying could finish his sentence, an amused voice sounded from inside. “Can you cook?”
The master of the voice looked up, his beautiful peach blossom eyes half squinting.
Qin Ran looked at him, her slightly red eyes hazy and mesmerizing. She nodded. “Yes.”
“Noon and evening. We pay by the day. Can you start tomorrow?”
After Qin Ran left, Lu Zhaoying reached out and rubbed his chin.
He had always been incapable of hiding his thoughts, and his heart of gossip had been ignited, but he didn’t dare provoke Cheng Juan, so he said euphemistically, “Have you forgotten that your butler is coming tomorrow?”
“Let him stay in the villa.” Cheng Juan lazily leaned on the back of the sofa, holding his cigarette.
Because he had just woken up, his voice was still deliberately lowered.
Lu Zhaoying wanted to continue asking, but the phone rang.
It was the captain of the Interpol Brigade in Beijing. He covered his mobile phone’s microphone and looked up at Cheng Juan. “It’s Captain Hao, there’s…”
Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Cheng Juan.
“Let him go find a professor at the Imperial University.” Cheng Juan couldn’t find his lighter and just put down his cigarette.
Lu Zhaoying was silent.
When mingling with Cheng Juan, he always felt as if his IQ was too low.
Later, Butler Cheng had told him Cheng Juan’s Wechsler intelligence test results. Lu Zhaoying was unperturbed from then on.
He couldn’t understand the genius’ thoughts and communication methods.
Lu Zhaoying tidied the documents on his table and suddenly thought of something. “Master Juan, do you think Elder Xu really found a successor? No way, he doesn’t even think highly of his son and grandson.”
The capital was full of talents, but Elder Xu had spent half his life finding a successor only to fail.
Yun Cheng was a small city and was generally ordinary from any angle. Could he have found one here?
Cheng Juan squinted and smiled. “He doesn’t need to make such a joke.”
Qin Ran returned to class 3.9.
In the evening self-study, the Chemistry teacher issued papers with the English and Physics teacher.
Self-study time was from 6 to 10 o’clock.
The three papers were done, and it was almost 10 o’clock. Even after class, nobody moved.
Lin Siran had wanted to say something to Qin Ran. But this was the time to do the papers and she was a good student, so she didn’t dare speak to her and didn’t find an opportunity.
Qin Ran put the paper aside and picked up a book she had just bought at night.
She looked through it slowly, and when Lin Siran glanced over occasionally, she could see that she was writing with her pen.
After waiting for self-study to end and after the representatives of each subject had collected the papers, Lin Siran finally found an opportunity.
Lin Siran put the papers aside and looked at Qin Ran and stuttered. “You… how come…”
Qin Ran still held the book in her hand, with her back against the wall. She smirked, and the fluorescent light hit her face, showing a sort of mischievousness in her delicate face. “What?”
“Just, just now, why did that school bully…” Lin Siran’s head was muddy.
She probably wanted to ask why Wei Zihang seemed to listen to her.
Qin Ran closed her book, raised his eyebrows, and said very seriously, “Because I used to be really famous.”
Lin Siran shuddered and didn’t respond.
The back row.
Xu Yaoguang put down his pen, and there was still a question in the Physics paper he didn’t answer.
“You can’t do this question either?” Qiao Sheng turned his head. His papers were mostly unanswered, whereas Xu Yaoguang only had one question unanswered.
“Yes, I’ll ask Qin Yu next time.” Xu Yaoguang looked cold. “I’ll collect the papers first.”
He was the representative of the Physics class.
Xu Yaoguang held the paper in his hand and slowly collected from the row of Qin Ran and Lin Siran.
The three papers on Qin Ran’s desk were all empty, and only her name was written. Her handwriting wasn’t really good-looking.
Xu Yaoguang looked down and remembered Qin Yu’s beautiful calligraphy.
“Ah, Qin Ran, the Physics teacher is a big devil. His papers must be done. Just copy mine!” Lin Siran immediately pushed her papers to Qin Ran.
Xu Yaoguang’s eyes were down and his head was lowered. He was cold and annoyed, so he said something that teachers usually say, “You might as well not do it if you’re going to copy.”