Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Love Letters, Influential Figure
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Qin Ran picked up her pen and copied Li Siran’s paper.
She changed a few numbers occasionally.
She was quite familiar with it, and it was obvious she was used to copying homework.
Her writing wasn’t very smooth, and she was writing fast, so her handwriting was even uglier.
First Middle School was full of nerds, and each student was very disciplined. Except for some rare cases, there was basically no such thing as copying homework.
She was sitting in an unruly posture, squinting with her hands still on her chin, and the classroom was quite hot. She took off her school uniform jacket and wore only a shirt.
Qin Ran ignored Xu Yaoguang and passed the paper after calmly copying it.
Xu Yaoguang didn’t say much, he just took out the paper in Qin Ran’s hands and left.
He didn’t even look at Qin Ran again.
He had already tried to talk sense into her, but since she was still stubborn about it, he had nothing else to say.
She had to repeat one year and still didn’t know what was good for her. What a waste of the Lin family’s goodwill.
Xu Yaoguang collected from the next row, his eyes frosty as usual.
After Qiao Sheng finished his last English paper, he sat on the seat and waited for Xu Yaoguang. When Xu Yaoguang came back, there was a kind of indifferent light in his eyes. He froze but didn’t speak, and just looked at Qin Ran.
Before leaving, he even waved to Qin Ran.
If it wasn’t for the rush of time tonight and Qin Ran coming late, Qiao Sheng would definitely have gone up to say a few words to the new student.
This new student, with long legs and a thin waist, white skin and exceptional beauty. Qin Yu couldn’t compare with her.
Her eyebrows were terribly delicate, but the bottom of her eyes was slightly red as if she couldn’t be provoked.
The most important thing that Qiao Sheng wanted to talk to Qin Ran about was how she had subdued Zi High School’s bully.
Xu Yaoguang sent the paper to the office and went downstairs with Qin Yu.
Qin Yu was the representative for Chemistry.
Xu Yaoguang asked Qin Yu about the Chemistry paper’s last question. His other subjects were all very good and were far better than everyone else’s, but his Chemistry was a little lacking.
Qin Yu had participated in the provincial competition in the second year of high school for Chemistry, so the two often discussed together.
Xu Yaoguang admired her.
“I also thought about this formula. I’ll go back and try again.” The cold look on Xu Yaoguang’s face was a little lighter, and his eyes were also gentler.
Qin Yu nodded, and inadvertently asked about the evening again, “My sister, she… is she all right?”
Xu Yaoguang thought of the paper that the other party just copied. He frowned and shook his head, not saying anymore.
Seeing Xu Yaoguang’s attitude, Qin Yu smiled but did not speak.
Qin Ran and Lin Siran were in the dormitory with another girl. The other girl was the representative of the English class. She had short hair, a fresh look, and a pair of snobbish eyes.
Qin Ran had just transferred here, and the school already had rumors about her fighting. The English representative had also witnessed her copying Lin Siran’s English answer.
Furthermore, the students at First Middle School either had their parents accompanying them to school or had their drivers pick them up. Those who stayed in the hostel were mostly not well-to-do.
The clothes Qin Ran wore were very average, and they looked like they had been worn for several years.
The English class representative fiddled with several bottles of high-end skincare products on her desk, the bottles colliding with each other loudly.
Qin Ran put on her pajamas after taking a bath.
The pajamas had a large neckline, and she didn’t even care about her appearance. She loosely exposed her large white shoulder which was faintly visible, and there was a fiery red color on her shoulder.
It looked like a tattoo.
She was already white, so the red tattoo seemed even redder and more obvious.
The English class representative gave her one more look.
Qin Ran didn’t care. She climbed back on her bed, lowered the curtain and opened the iron box filled with sleeping pills on the bedside. She poured out a pill, thought about it, and poured another pill out. This time, she swallowed without water.
She didn’t sleep immediately.
Instead, she turned on the dark-colored lamp and took out an original text to read it slowly.
When Lin Siran woke up, she found that the light on Qin Ran’s bed was still slightly on.
In the early morning on the next day, Qin Ran and Lin Siran went to their classroom while it was still quite early.
The entire campus was almost foggy.
Qin Ran sat sideways on a stool, her legs crossed casually. She lazily went to take her extracurricular books from under the table.
Several light blue envelopes fell to the floor.
There was also a light pink heart on the envelope.
Qin Ran picked it up and put it back again.
Lin Siran glared at her. “Qin Ran, this is a love letter—there’s several of them!”
A few of the students around looked at this.
Many people in the class had received love letters, especially Qiao Sheng and Xu Yaoguang, but it was really rare to receive so many letters on just the second day of school.
Qin Ran gave a faint hum before opening her extra-curricular book. She leaned against the wall with her long eyelashes drooping down and started flipping through the book absentmindedly.
This original book was so new that it looked like it had never been read before.
Lin Siran glanced at it and saw that it was in a foreign language she had never seen before.
Taking out her own textbook, Lin Siran turned slightly. “Are you not excited about receiving so many love letters?”
Qin Ran turned another page, and with her movements, the wide sleeves of the school uniform slipped down.
“It’s not like I’ve never received them before.”
Lin Siran: “…”
They had lunch.
The English class representative went to a class downstairs to wait for Qin Yu.
Qin Yu was a top student and also had a good family. She was picked up and dropped off by a luxury car every day, and even had a good relationship with Lin Jinxuan, the talented young man on the honor list. Furthermore, Xu Yaoguang was also covering for her.
She was the main topic of every boy’s and girl’s discussions.
At first glance, it was obvious she wasn’t an ordinary person.
Besides the English class representative, most girls in the school wanted to be close to Qin Yu.
“She’s still pretending to read the original text.” The English class representative was talking about how Qin Ran had removed Qin Yu’s status as the Campus Belle and was very dissatisfied. “Do you know, she copied all three papers last night? She doesn’t even understand English, how could she still pretend to read the original text. Our Campus King Xu was so angry with her. I really don’t know what’s wrong with the boys in our school. Besides her face, what else does she have…”
Qin Yu had long known that Qin Ran wasn’t good at studying. She pursed her lips and ate two more bites.
Today Cheng Juan’s kitchen wasn’t ready.
Qin Ran only came by in the evening.
Qin Ran was going to cook lunch and dinner for Cheng Juan.
There was a fine kitchen in the corner of the school doctor’s office. All the ingredients were in it, but there were no vegetables.
Cheng Juan was wearing a black shirt with a keychain in his hand. His brows were clearly defined and handsome, and the group of girls dangling in front of the school medical office was giving him a headache.
He opened the car door, his figure slender and thin. “There is a patient with Lu Zhaoying. I’ll bring you to the ingredients first.”
Cheng Juan drove to a private hotel not far from First Middle School.
Qin Ran glanced at it, knowing roughly that this place operated on a private membership card system.
Cheng Juan parked his car and lazily put his hands on the steering wheel before answering the phone.
Qin Ran opened the door and got out of the car.
Ning Qing just parked her car.
Today, her sister-in-law from the Lin family came, and Lin Qi had reserved a meal in this private hall half a month in advance.
She had come over after doing her spa. The driver parked the car and she got out of the car.
As soon as she saw the girl who was wearing a plaid coat, her face froze.
The Lin family wasn’t the top big family in Yun Cheng, but it was also famous, and everyone in the Lin family shouldn’t be underestimated.
Ning Qing didn’t want to let the relatives of the Lin family see her relatives who were poor and lacked etiquette. She didn’t want the Lin family to mock her.
Especially her own daughter, who only fought and even had to repeat a year…
It was already extremely difficult to talk about her to ordinary families, let alone in front of the Lin family.
That was why Qin Ran was allowed to leave the Lin family residence to live in the school’s hostel.
“Why are you here?” She glanced left and right and, after checking that her sister-in-law wasn’t around, quickly walked towards Qin Ran. Her expression was not good.