Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Elder Xu’s Thoughts
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Since she was afraid of being seen by her sister-in-law, Ning Qing kept her head low like a thief and kept paying attention to the movement in the parking lot.
Qin Ran was looking down at her phone when she heard the voice. She raised her head slightly, her expression remaining indifferent.
Her eyes were dark and not as bright, and the whites were slightly reddish and wild.
She said impatiently, “I have matters to attend to.”
She stuck one hand in her pocket and narrowed her eyes slightly.
Ning Qing pursed her lips and remembered what Qin Yu had said last time. She lowered her voice and said with a cold face, “Did you fight again yesterday?”
In the car, Cheng Juan answered his phone.
Looking up, he saw the girl standing arrogantly beside a woman who was talking to her. The woman’s expression wasn’t very friendly, and she was glancing around furtively like a thief.
Both of them had their sides facing him, which looked slightly familiar.
He had originally wanted to wait for the hotel to bring in the ingredients. But after seeing this situation, Cheng Juan thought for a while and opened the car door. He got out of the car, the noble outer corner of his eye drooped coldly, his peach blossom eyes hazy and sinister.
The man in the hotel ran over sweating with the ingredients.
Seeing that he was waiting outside, he quickened his pace and carefully and respectfully handed over a beautifully arranged basket. “Master Juan, why are you here in person?”
“Well,” Cheng Juan lifted his chin, his eyes still on Qin Ran. His voice was very low and slightly sloppy. “Put it in.”
The expression on Ning Qing’s face was not very good.
“Qin Ran, let’s go.” He raised his voice slightly, just to let Qin Ran and Ning Qing hear.
The fingers hanging against the door dangled slightly, and his black shirt glowed coldly in the sun, contrasting with his white exposed wrist.
Ning Qing froze for a while. Such an outstanding appearance was probably rarely seen in Yun Cheng.
Before she could respond, Qin Ran had already walked over with her cell phone.
The two got into the car, the black car door closed, and started slowly.
Ning Qing took a closer look and realized that it was a very ordinary black car with a Volkswagen brand.
But the car’s body didn’t look like it.
It was probably a new Volkswagen.
Who was this man?
Ning Qing finally reacted from the shock. She thought of Qin Ran fighting last night and gritted her teeth. She felt as though Qin Ran was only fooling around in Yun Cheng.
She hadn’t asked her about the fight last night and why she wasn’t in school today.
Not far away, a sapphire blue sports car came this way.
Ning Qing immediately glanced back. She knew the sports car belonged to her sister-in-law.
Suddenly, she couldn’t bother about Qin Ran anymore and even moved to the side.
So as not to be seen.
“What are you doing here?” Her sister-in-law was well-maintained. In her thirties, her hair was permed and put up with a jade hairpin. She wore a moon-white cheongsam which outlined her good figure. Her eyebrows were delicate and meticulously carved. Her aura was extremely exquisite.
Ning Qing was born prettier than her sister-in-law, but at first glance, her aura was lacking.
“It’s nothing.” Ning Qing was relieved when she saw that she hadn’t noticed Qin Ran.
But her expression wasn’t very good.
If Qin Ran was like Qin Yu, she wouldn’t even wait to show her off. Why would she need to hide her like that?
Her sister-in-law didn’t ask much but hesitantly glanced at the car with the Volkswagen brand not far away.
Her pretty eyebrows frowned slightly. The license plate was a little familiar.
Red light.
“You will come here to take the side dishes in the future,” Cheng Juan said, placing his hands on the steering wheel and casually tapping his fingers. “Was that your relative?”
“Yeah.” Qin Ran put her hand on the window, emotionless.
“It doesn’t look like it.” Cheng Juan thought for a moment. “The BMW she was driving is very valuable, and the Porsche behind her is also very nice.”
Qin Ran didn’t say anything. She sat in the back seat and supported her chin to watch the stereo on the car.
“Your car looks good too.” Qin Ran leaned back. Her long legs were slightly bent and she was playing a game. Her black fringe brushed over her brow bone and she raised her brow as she said.
Green light. Cheng Juan started the car and said lightly, “Good? It’s not as expensive as that Porsche, how could it be compared.”
Qin Ran: “…”
She looked up, staring at the Xingyu stereo on the car, silent.
Xingyu was a music company.
The quality of Xingyu’s audio equipment was extremely fine and terrifyingly expensive. Generally, only those with abundant money would buy it.
There was no coding for this set of speakers on Cheng Juan’s car, so this should be a new product developed in-house.
She hadn’t bought it and didn’t know the specific price, but in this case, the minimum it was sold for was 8 million.
Qin Ran did not cook often.
But when she cooked, she was very clean. She wasn’t as good as the top chefs, but she did have her own unique taste. Lu Zhaoying, who had not been expecting much, smiled while eating.
After eating, Qin Ran was about to keep the plates.
Cheng Juan looked up and glanced over Lu Zhaoying. His mood was good as he had just finished dinner, so he said concisely, “Go wash the dishes.”
Lu Zhaoying, who was drinking tea, was stunned.
Cheng Juan raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes. “Or should I do it?”
Wasn’t this Qin Ran’s role?
In the end, Lu Zhaoying washed the bowls instead.
“Go back to the classroom.” Cheng Juan glanced back from Qin Ran’s hands that looked like an artist’s. He squinted his eyes sleepily.
Qin Ran didn’t want to go back to the classroom. It was too noisy.
But she said nothing. She just nodded, took out her coat and went out.
There was a rest sign at the school doctor’s room outside at noon. The door was closed, and the sun was over her head. No one was waiting outside the door.
Qin Ran put her black peaked cap over her head.
She was slender and her coat slackened loosely around her body. She lowered her head and her hair slid across the side of her brain. Her face under her hat was exquisite as she walked away slowly.
Her momentum was strong.
A teenager in First Middle School’s jacket walked from the opposite direction.
His eyebrows were defined and his temperament was cold. The girls on the road couldn’t help but look over in his direction. Then, they quickly bowed their heads and whispered in a low voice with their cheeks blushed.
It was Xu Yaoguang. He passed by Qin Ran without even looking at her.
They passed by.
Qin Ran went to class 3.9.
Xu Yaoguang came to the principal’s office.
“Come in.” Principal Xu pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose. His eyes fell on Xu Yaoguang’s face, his face slightly gentle. “Sit.”
“Grandpa,” Xu Yaoguang said very respectfully.
Principal Xu was the elder of the Xu family. Xu Yaoguang was not particularly clear about their affairs, but he also knew that his relatives were extremely afraid of Grandpa.
Since childhood, they had worshipped each other very much.
Principal Xu glanced up and down at Xu Yaoguang. This grandson had been excellent since he was a child. The Xu family probably wanted him to inherit their business in the future and he was also outstanding in Beijing.
His family history and appearance were all outstanding.
“What do you think of your classmate, Qin Ran?” Principal Xu held a cup of tea and pondered.
At the mention of her, Xu Yaoguang frowned and didn’t speak.
Principal Xu thought for a while and said, “That child has a poor life. She saved me once, and I like her very much. You are the same age, so if you think it’s okay, how about I ask her Grandma to set a date for you two?”