Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Not Everyone Can Get Zero
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Principal Xu looked at Xu Yaoguang. He was wearing First Middle School’s uniform, but his face was bright and mature, and his legs were also long.
His eyes were cold and clear, with pride between his eyebrows. His strength of character was obvious.
This was the result of a long period of thought by President Xu. In the Xu family, only Xu Yaoguang was outstanding.
He wanted to find out Xu Yaoguang’s thoughts first.
Xu Yaoguang did not expect that President Xu would talk to him about this. His raised eyebrows were startled. “Grandpa, did you say she saved you?”
He had a lot of things about Qin Ran from Qiao Sheng and had also seen her fight with his own eyes. She also seemed very familiar with the High School group.
He had also seen Qin Ran copying homework.
Hence, he did not expect that Grandpa would pay such attention to the newly transferred student. He knew that Grandpa’s vision was always high, so he couldn’t understand this.
Even if she had saved Grandpa, Grandpa didn’t necessarily have to let her enter the Xu family.
Did she ask for it herself? Xu Yaoguang lowered his eyes without saying a word.
“I encountered some trouble when I went to Ninghai Village to help the poor.” As for the specific situation, President Xu didn’t say much.
“She rescued Grandpa, so our Xu family is indeed indebted to her. We can also compensate her in other ways. The Qin family also has other outstanding people.” Xu Yaoguang deliberated, but his brows were still tightly knitted.
Principal Xu glanced at Xu Yaoguang and motioned for him to continue.
“Qin Yu in class 3.1 is her sister. She is very good at Chemistry. She has always been in the first five top positions.” Xu Yaoguang saw that Principal Xu didn’t really understand and continued explaining, “She was the new student who performed during the first year. She plays the violin exceptionally well and even looks good.”
With that said, Qin Yu’s face appeared in Principal Xu’s mind.
He coughed and thought about it further. Now that he had some impressions, he slowly put down the cup in his hand and said, “So it’s her.”
His voice was faint.
With Xu Yaoguang’s words, Principal Xu knew that he was evading it.
It was a pity that he didn’t sleep well these days.
However, he didn’t want to force it. Principal Xu held his glasses and said, “It’s okay. I didn’t think it through properly. Go back to your class and think about it.”
Xu Yaoguang went out and closed the door.
He didn’t see Principal Xu hold his teacup in regret and entanglement after he left.
Once he was out of the principal’s room, Xu Yaoguang’s heart, which had been so hung up, finally relaxed.
If Grandpa insisted on it, he would have no other choice.
Back in the classroom, the paper they had written last night was being distributed. Since he wasn’t there, Qiao Sheng was helping him distribute the Physics paper.
Xu Yaoguang subconsciously looked in the direction of Qin Ran.
She was holding Lin Siran’s math book and copying her maths questions.
Copying homework again.
Xu Yaoguang was expressionless. He sat back in his chair with his eyes down and his head lowered. He didn’t look at Qin Ran again.
He just took out his paper, picked up a pen and started to apply the formula he had talked to Qin Yu about last time.
Lin Siran’s paper was also distributed to her.
The answer card was issued. Instead of reading her papers, she took out Qin Ran’s papers and was immediately stunned. “Qin Ran, how did you avoid all my correct answers?”
Everyone who copied homework often knew that it couldn’t be the exact same.
Especially when writing papers, they would have to change several answers.
Last night, Lin Siran knew that Qin Ran had changed some answers, but she didn’t expect that she had successfully avoided all the correct answers.
With so many multiple-choice questions, there was not one that was correct.
Was her luck this bad?
Qin Ran didn’t care about her papers. She crossed her legs rudely, put her cap on the window sill, and held her deskmate’s maths book in her hand. She flipped through it casually, her eyelashes looking down.
Upon hearing Lin Siran’s voice, she tilted her head and took her paper.
With her chin in one hand, she dragged out her voice. “Could it be that… I’m a genius?”
“What—” Qiao Sheng laughed out loud from behind.
He laid on the table, poked Xu Yaoguang’s back with a pen, and laughed. “Young Master Xu, do you know, I saw that Qin Ran got zero when I was distributing the papers. She still thinks she did well.”
“It’s not easy to get zero when she has written the whole paper.” Xu Yaoguang was stunned. He couldn’t get zero even if he tried.
But after thinking that the person was Qin Ran, Xu Yaoguang just shook his head and thought he was crazy.
He took out the papers to be used in the next class and no longer thought about Qin Ran.
The first class in the afternoon was English.
Li Airong walked around and saw Qin Ran leaning against the wall, her legs propped up rudely while she read her extra-curricular books. She frowned fiercely.
But after thinking of this person’s relationship to the Principal, she held herself back and didn’t say anything.
At night.
In the Lin family’s house.
When Qin Yu went back, she saw Lin Qi and Lin Wan sitting on the sofa in the main hall.
Lin Wan was a gentle name, but she was full of aura and her eyebrows were sharp. With one stare, she could make people feel at a loss.
Qin Yu called out very obediently, “Little aunt.”
“Oh, Qin Yu, you’re so pretty now.” To Qin Yu, Lin Wan’s attitude was much kinder than to Ning Qing.
Qin Yu obediently bowed her head. Little aunt had married to Beijing and only returned several times a year.
“I’ll go upstairs to sort out what my mother wants to use and take it to the hospital.” Ning Qing sat uncomfortably and simply found a reason to go upstairs.
In addition to reading a book in the evening, Qin Yu also practiced the violin for half an hour.
She first accompanied Lin Wan and Lin Qi downstairs for a while before going up to the second floor.
When she reached the second floor, Ning Qing had sorted her things out and was walking down with a bag.
She didn’t bother Qin Yu and went downstairs after a few words.
Turning around, a piece of paper floated down the edge of the bag.
The paper was a bit crumpled, and Qin Yu picked it up and opened it, glancing at it. She wanted to stop Ning Qing when she read the contents but suddenly froze.
It seemed to be some sort of note, and the handwriting was graffiti-like.
The writing on it was a bit scribbled and the lines were messy.
Seeing the first line of content, Qin Yu’s heart was agitated. It suddenly jumped and she clenched her hearts tightly.
This was a violin notation.