Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Too Much Money
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Ning Qing took a few steps and saw that Qin Yu seemed to be rooted on the spot.
She clutched her bag, paused, and said slowly, “Yu’er, what are you doing?”
Qin Yu tightened the paper in her hand. “It’s nothing.”
She pushed open the door into the piano room and sat on her stool. She picked up her score and played a few notes by herself, her eyes brightening.
Even her heart felt tight.
She looked uncertainly at the paper on the table. This was a sheet of music that she hadn’t succeeded in playing for years. The writing on the sheet was wildly scribbled and rubbed on, and it looked like it had been discarded casually by someone.
But who did this paper belong to?
Qin Yu set the violin aside and leaned slightly on the back of the chair, her eyes hanging low.
She had seen Qin Ran’s writing before. The writing wasn’t neat and it was also a little big. It couldn’t be Qin Ran’s. Furthermore, Qin Ran had said that she didn’t play the violin anymore.
Qin Yu didn’t know what to think. She dazed off.
That night, she was distracted while playing the violin.
In the end, when she left, Qin Yu stood in front of the piece of paper for a while. She folded the paper, took it back to the room, and locked it in her own drawer.
After Qin Yu went upstairs with Ning Qing, Lin Wan and Lin Qi were still talking.
“I heard that this acted up again. She’s bringing another child into the marriage?” Lin Wan took a sip of tea and said with a light tone.
Lin Qi smiled gently and elegantly. He held the gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose and said, “That will be Qin Ran. The little girl looks good.”
Lin Wan frowned. She had just returned to Yun Cheng and only knew a little about Qin Ran’s affairs.
Lin Qi only said she was good looking.
“Don’t hide it from me, I heard that her character isn’t very good?” Lin Wan put the teacup on the table. Her eyes were slightly stern and she sneered. “She fought and was expelled from school, so she took a year off. Now, she wants you to help her clean up her mess. My sister-in-law really hasn’t grown in these years. She’s so small-minded with her children.”
Lin Qi was born noble and Lin Wan had also married into a prestigious family. Even though it was her second marriage, Lin Wan still looked down on Ning Qing.
“Then you have misunderstood me. I really want to help.” Lin Qi shook his head and smiled mildly. “But the little girl has her own good fortune. She had a letter of recommendation, so she entered First Middle School. She doesn’t live at home either, and packed up her bags and left on the second day.”
Lin Wan pursed her lips.
Ning Qing’s mood just loosened up at the corner of the stairs when Lin Wan spoke again.
She said in a meaningful voice, “Her tactic is…”
“Sister,” Lin Qi said.
Lin Wan shook her head. “I’m reminding you that dogs that bite don’t bark. Can’t you tell your attitude to Jinxuan has already softened?”
The business world was despicable. Lin Qi hadn’t thought about it before, but at this time, he had to admit it.
Lin Wan asked Aunt Zhang to refill her glass of water. She took a sip and said gracefully, “I only acknowledge Yu’er as my niece in this family.”
“I know you like Yu’er.” Lin Qi smoked a cigarette and lit it himself.
The Lin family really liked Qin Yu.
The love of this family had always been mixed with benefits. Although Qin Yu was a stepdaughter, she had given pride to her parents.
Speaking of Qin Yu, Lin Wan’s complexion was slightly more relaxed. “After a while, I will take Yu’er on a trip to the capital. My husband likes the violin, and he has talked about it to Qin Yu several times. Oh, and also, Teacher Wei Lin wants to find an apprentice. I’ll bring Yu’er there to visit next time.”
Lin Qi was stunned before he finally smiled. “Yu’er is blessed to have won Old Master’s favor.”
Around the corner, Ning Qing stopped for a long while before coming downstairs.
When she went downstairs, Lin Wan had a dignified sip of her tea without saying a word.
Ning Qing went directly to the hospital to deliver the things.
Chen Shulan lived in a separate ward with a nurse.
“Aunt and Uncle all wanted to come and visit you. Ning Wei is also here in Yun Cheng.” Chen Shulan’s thoughts wandered along the way and her mood wasn’t very good. She pursed her lips. “I booked a hotel. You can come by the day after tomorrow.”
A few days ago when Chen Shulan was sick, none of those relatives even asked about her.
After knowing that she was in Yun Cheng right now, they were all calling her one by one.
Ning Qing was too impatient to deal with these relatives, but she was also afraid that they would go to the Lin family’s villa to find her. If they did that, she would lose face in front of Lin Wan again.
Qin Ran’s payday.
Making two meals a day was very simple, and she didn’t even need to wash the bowls. On her payday, the two meals added to less than an hour and she received two hundred a day.
In the evening, she went out to eat after cooking.
At this moment, she was eating noodles in a stall outside the school.
Her eyebrows were delicate as she ate slowly and absentmindedly.
Several teenagers shoved and pushed to squeeze into this stall to eat.
Not far away, in a Volkswagen car, Lu Zhaoying said slightly, “Wait, she’s only eating this?”
A bowl of plain noodles with a few green vegetables floating in it.
It was bland and tasteless. He saw that the teenagers beside all ordered beef noodles.
Lu Zhaoying put his hands on the steering wheel. “Didn’t I just give her money today? Is she on a diet?”
Cheng Juan looked through the window at Qin Ran.
His legs were slightly draped and he was wearing casual pants.
“Get down.”
Lu Zhaoying: “…Huh?”
“I’m hungry, buy me beef,” Cheng Juan said casually.
Lu Zhaoying: “…” Did he feed the dogs the meal that Qin Ran just made?
He rubbed his nose and got out of the car to buy a pile of beef for him.
He also greeted Qin Ran very coincidentally.
Before leaving, he also carefully gave half a plate for her.
The black Volkswagen slowly drove away. Inside the car, Lu Zhaoying watched as Qin Ran pinched a piece of beef and ate while leaning against the backrest.
Her fingertips were slender and long.
“She’s not on a diet.” Lu Zhaoying was stunned again.
Cheng Juan didn’t speak. He just tilted his head slightly and his eyes cleared. “Let’s go, Butler Cheng must be anxious for us.”
They arrived at the villa.
Lu Zhaoying stopped the car and put a cigarette in his mouth. Then, the cell phone in his pocket rang. He picked it up and saw that it was a text message.
“Ah,” Lu Zhaoying said in surprise as he watched Cheng Juan get out of bed slowly. “Our order last night has been returned.”
First Middle School.
Qin Ran supported her chin and was playing a game when several messages popped up.
She swiped it away blankly.
After a game, she exited.
She stood up against the table, bent over and took the headphones inside the table. She buttoned her cap and went to the bathroom.
She went inside the last cubicle.
She put on the headphones, turned on the voice changer, lowered her voice, and said in a cold and dry voice, “Which idiot ordered five times the original price? Does he have too much money?”