Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Hidden Number
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Qin Ran was sitting on the toilet lid with her fingers around the black headphone cord.
The cubicle door was closed.
There was the sound of messy footsteps outside the door. Suddenly, a girl in a school uniform opened the door.
She was shocked.
She didn’t expect a person to be sitting on the toilet lid. Her gaze was unrestrained, her expression icily arrogant, and she had her lips curled up heedlessly. Under the dim light from the small window in the cubicle, her face looked extremely delicate.
When she saw the door open, she raised an eyebrow at her, ostentatious and sharp.
“I’m… I’m sorry!” The girl’s face was a little red. She closed the door and opened another cubicle.
The expression on Qin Ran’s face didn’t change.
She had set a price ten times higher than the market price because she didn’t want to accept any order. Never mind that someone had tried to order from her before, but now, some idiot even offered five times her price.
She cursed and continued talking in a rush. Even if there were other students in the bathroom, she didn’t know what holding back was.
The impatience in her voice could be heard through the voice changer.
The person on the other side didn’t dare to say a word.
She hung up the phone directly.
Qin Ran put the phone back in her pocket, the headphones still hanging on her ears. The black headphone cord dangled from the side of her face, making her face appear whiter.
She washed her hands slowly and went out.
For self-study in the evening, she went with Lin Siran.
Qiao Sheng was just a few steps away, and he even occasionally called Qin Ran and Lin Siran.
Xu Yaoguang walked beside him holding two books, looking down the corridor with an indifferent expression.
“Xu Yaoguang is too cold. He ignores everyone except Qiao Sheng and Qin Yu.” Lin Siran gossiped with Qin Ran.
Qin Ran took off her earphones slowly without speaking.
Now that self-study was dismissed, there were a lot of people walking outside. Qin Ran had managed to avoid the peak period, so everyone was rushing to leave and there weren’t many people in the corridor now.
Qin Yu held a book and waited at the entrance of the stairs.
Qin Ran and Lin Siran passed by her. She lowered her voice and said in a volume only the two of them could hear, “Go to En Yu Grand Hotel tomorrow night at 6 o’clock. Mother’s relatives are coming.”
She didn’t make any extra movements but had a feeling of supremacy in her voice.
Qin Ran put one hand in her pocket and narrowed her eyes slightly.
She didn’t slow down.
Qin Yu saw that her expression hadn’t changed much and was even a little cold, so she continued to say, “Aunt will go tomorrow too.”
At this moment, Qin Ran reacted. She stuck her hand in her pocket and turned to look at her slightly. She said “okay” lightly.
The two talked for less than three seconds and passed by each other.
Even Lin Siran didn’t hear the conversation between the two.
“Let’s go.” Lin Siran heard Qin Yu say to Xu Yaoguang with a smile.
Xu Yaoguang also rarely opened his mouth.
“Qin Yu is really a winner in life,” Lin Siran said emotionally. She whispered to Qin Ran, “Her family members are all geniuses. Her parents and brother adore her, and every year, her birthday is a big deal. In school, Xu Yaoguang is also protecting her. That’s why I told you not to mess with her.”
Qin Ran raised her eyebrows at her but said nothing.
Behind them.
Qin Yu was speaking to Xu Yaoguang. Most girls in the school were jealous that she could talk to Xu Yaoguang. While Xu Yaoguang was talking to her, she subconsciously glanced at Qin Ran.
Qin Ran did not turn back.
Xu Yaoguang held his book in another hand and asked casually, “Have you got any new songs recently?”
Qin Yu tilted her head and was a little shocked.
Then, she pursed her lips and subconsciously remembered the post-it note. She turned away. “Why?”
“Nothing, I’m just asking.” Xu Yaoguang paused.
“There is a new one, how did you know?” Qin Yu smiled.
Xu Yaoguang stopped for two seconds and his eyes relaxed. “The next time you practice the violin, I’ll go there to watch.”
In the evening the next day.
Qin Ran came out of the school medical room and went to a small road by the school gate to wait for the car.
At noon, Ning Qing had called and said that Lin Jinxuan would pick them up on the way.
In the evening, the weather wasn’t very hot.
Qin Ran looked at the quivering tree on the opposite side. She picked up her phone and looked at the time. It was ten minutes to six.
A black car approached the school gate on the left.
It was a bit slow.
The car passed by her.
At the end of the road, it returned.
The window of the driver’s seat was lowered and a very handsome face appeared. He touched his ear studs and said, “You… Qin Ran, what are you doing here?”
Lu Zhaoying was the type that talked a lot and was flirtatious. He was friendly to everyone and thought that he was close to Qin Ran.
Qin Ran was very impatiently holding her mobile phone. She pressed her finger against her lips and raised her eyebrows. The air pressure around her was low and her face was unpleasant.
She was especially cold today.
She glanced in the direction of the school road and said nothing.
If it had been someone else, Master Lu would have lost his temper.
But this was Qin Ran, who was crazy and proud usually. She was ridiculously good looking too, so Lu Zhaoying didn’t lose his temper.
Lu Zhaoying still wanted to say something.
But the window at the backseat opened.
Cheng Juan leaned halfway on the car door and glanced over, looking like an exquisite painting. He said with a chuckle, “Where are you going?”
“Eun Yu.”
“Oh.” Cheng Juan nodded. “It’s on the way, we’ll drop you off.”
Lu Zhaoying almost bit his tongue. On.. the way?
Qin Ran lowered her head. She gathered up her school uniform jacket and got into the car.
He moved aside, his long eyelashes drooped.
Cheng Juan’s car was clean and didn’t have perfume. He didn’t like perfume.
But at that time, he smelled a light, sweet smell.
Cheng Juan leaned quietly against the door.
En Yu wasn’t far from the school and would take about 20 minutes by car.
Lu Zhaoying’s cell phone rang. He couldn’t find the Bluetooth headset, so he threw the phone behind. “Master Juan, take it.”
Cheng Juan leaned against the door and looked at the call slowly. His figure was long and slender, and his long legs had nowhere to rest. He sat in the back seat and looked a little huddled up as his beautiful fingers pressed the phone.
Qin Ran didn’t want to eavesdrop on the phone call.
It was just that his words were a little familiar.
She heard him say in an unhurried and overbearing voice, “Since five times isn’t enough, make it fifty times.”
Qin Ran frowned.
He hung up.
The car stopped and arrived.
Qin Ran thanked them and got off.
Lu Zhaoying was about to start the car again when in the closed space, the phone rang again.
“Not fifty times, make it one hundred times.”
Lu Zhaoying: “… Master Juan, that’s not my cell phone.”
Cheng Juan tilted his head. On the seat beside him was a white mobile phone that didn’t belong to them. It had a caller ID on it, which was a hidden number.