Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Master Juan: Who Did You Call Crazy?
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“Sister, what are you talking about!” Ning Wei pulled Ning Qing’s sleeves anxiously.
“Ran Ran…” Ning Qing had talked without thinking and she now regretted it.
“Don’t call me that.” Qin Ran was thin and tall. She was slightly taller than Ning Qing, so she lowered her head slightly, her eyes cold. “Am I very close to you?”
Ning Qing found her voice. She pinched her fingers and her joints protruded out. “I also have my mistakes in this matter, but I only did it for you. Don’t follow your grandfather’s footsteps. You’re still in First Middle School, who will care about you other than me?”
“I don’t need your control.” Qin Ran turned away. She narrowed her bloodshot eyes and raised her wild and dauntless eyebrows, then reached out to pat Ning Qing’s shoulder. “Other than my grandmother, nobody can control me. So, whether I live or die, attend whatever school, get admitted to a university or not, it’s none of your business, okay?” She smiled.
She said it word by word in an unhurried fashion.
After speaking, she turned and raised an eyebrow at Ning Wei and Mu Ying. The two immediately followed her.
Ning Wei was also so anxious that she didn’t bid farewell to Ning Qing.
Outside the gate of the hospital, Ning Qing’s face delicate makeup filled was ashen for a while, and even her fingertips were shaking.
Lin Jinxuan stood on the side and glanced in Qin Ran’s direction.
Just like the first time he had seen them, his eyes were dark and cold.
His strength of character was intense.
He had finished his business and had come to pick up Ning Qing as well as apologize to Qin Ran on the way. Qin Yu had urged him to leave quickly at night and he was also busy, so he had forgotten about Qin Ran.
“Aunt Ning, you still have to see Grandma Chen. I have matters to attend to, so I won’t go up.” Lin Jinxuan smiled and paused. “It stands to reason that I shouldn’t care about your family affairs, but ultimately, it’s not good to criticize your daughter like that, isn’t it?”
Without waiting for Ning Qing to answer, he nodded slightly towards her and turned around with his mobile phone.
Lin Jinxuan opened the car door and got in.
When he put his hands on the steering wheel, he shuddered slightly and pointed his long fingertips on the steering wheel.
His eyes narrowed.
He didn’t forget what Qin Ran had just said—the medicine that the state put into the laboratory. What did that mean?
On the surface, it seemed to be a drug that had not yet been issued and the quantity was limited.
Not many people could get it, then.
He had checked Ning Qing’s details twelve years ago when she married his father, and there were no particular details that had caught his attention. Hence, he hadn’t cared much about the marriage.
Thinking about it, he saw Qin Ran waiting with Ning Wei at the bus stop.
Lin Jinxuan stopped and lowered the window.
His brow was born with indifference and loftiness, but his tone was gentle. “Qin Ran, where are you guys going? I can send you all as atonement.”
His car was a black Maybach.
His left hand rested on the steering wheel, and his slightly exposed wrist was wearing a Bulgari watch.
Even his face was expensive.
Mu Ying couldn’t see the brand, but she could distinguish the nobleness of it. She had never been in such a car.
Subconsciously, Mu Ying glanced at Qin Ran.
“There’s no need.” Qin Ran lowered her head and played with her phone.
She sat on the stool at the bus stop with her legs propped up casually.
She didn’t even raise her head.
Lin Jinxuan had experienced Qin Ran’s indifference and lack of regard before.
“Okay. You, three ladies, be careful then, and send me a text message when you reach school,” he said politely.
Qin Ran didn’t speak.
Qin Ran ignored him.
Still playing games.
Very indifferent.
“Pay attention to safety.” Lin Jinxuan looked at the big boss with her legs propped up and laughed silently. He thought for a moment before driving off.
When Lin Jinxuan was gone, Mu Ying was curious for a long time before she said, “Cousin, was that your friend?”
“He’s part of the Lin family.” Qin Ran continued to play her game, her voice calm.
The Lin family?
The super-rich Lin family that Ning Qing had married into?
Mu Ying thought, Is that the master of the Lin family?
On the 12th road, Mu Ying said, “Cousin, First Middle School’s car is here. I’ll send you there with mum first. You’re a girl…”
“Wait for 623, I’ll send you off first,” Qin Ran said casually.
Ning Qing stood at the entrance of the hospital. It was night and there were not many people coming and going.
But she still felt embarrassed.
After being blocked by Qin Ran, and then being preached by her stepson, she felt as though everyone was watching her. She bit her lip and lowered her head into the hospital quickly.
Because she walked fast, she didn’t notice that when she went up to the elevator, nobody was there.
It was only nine o’clock now.
Although there were few people in the hospital at night, this floor was full of patients, family members of patients, doctors and nurses.
After getting off the elevator, Ning Qing found something very wrong.
It shouldn’t be so quiet, there was almost no sound.
Her pores almost exploded.
There seemed to be something ahead, so Ning Qing looked up sharply.
The first thing she saw was a man holding a mobile phone and looking at her with a smile on his face.
The other side’s coldness almost struck her.
Ning Qing’s gaze fell onto a man with a black figure.
He was leaning against the wall, one hand in his pocket and the other playing with a thin scalpel. His fingers were white and clear under the light, and his joints were smooth and beautiful.
The scalpel turned slowly in his hand.
His face was lowered, but she could still see his beautiful features.
Even though it was a strange occasion, Ning Qing was still stunned by him.
No matter how dull she was, she also knew something was wrong.
Ning Qing took a step back. She reached out, took out the mobile phone in her bag, and said cautiously, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”
Before she could do anything else, Lu Zhaoying pulled her phone away.
Lu Zhaoying touched his earrings, turning the mobile phone around at his fingertips. He bent down halfway, took the mobile phone and patted Ning Qing’s face.
He tilted his head and smiled indifferently and relentlessly. “Master Juan, she’s asking us a question.”
A few steps away, the guy playing with the scalpel stopped suddenly.
Ning Qing did not dare to move and it felt like her heart had been caught onto something.
The veins on her clenched fingers were almost exposed.
This was the best hospital in Yun Cheng, so they shouldn’t be here at this time.
Not to mention that this was a VIP ward.
With 24-hour security monitoring.
To be able to clear the area at this time and have the hospital cooperate as well… Ning Qing didn’t know just when she had offended such a big person.
When she had married into the Lin family, she had always been cautious and afraid of making mistakes.
When Ning Qing was panicking.
Cheng Juan looked up, his face still handsome, his eyes clear and narrowed.
She seemed to have never seen such a person in Yun Cheng.
Ning Qing’s fingers trembled violently, and the other party didn’t even need to do anything. Just one glance over at her made it hard to breathe.
As soon as the sentence came to an end, Lu Zhaoying sniggered.
Cheng Juan looked down. After a while, he threw the scalpel to Lu Zhaoying and took out a cigarette from his pocket.
Under the corridor lights, he was slender and his eyes were delicate.
He still looked at Ning Qing and smiled. His voice was light, slow, and with an unknown ruthlessness. “Who did you call crazy just now?”