Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 23

Chapter 23: The Big Shot Has Approved
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Lu Zhaoying took the scalpel and weighed it with his hand.
He laughed.
Ning Qing came back to her senses. Wasn’t this Qin Ran’s friend? She knew that Qin Ran’s friends were mostly shady.
But they were really quite scary.
“I…” She said, seemingly not so afraid anymore.
But she was still tense because of the scalpel dangling in front of her.
“Remember to say sorry to her.” Cheng Juan looked down.
Coincidentally, the elevator rang.
Ning Qing’s eyes glowed.
She turned back sharply.
She watched as the elevator door opened. The dean and director were standing inside.
“Dean Jiang, you are here!” She turned around in a hurry as if she had found her savior.
But what she didn’t expect was that the dean didn’t even look at her. He just looked at Cheng Juan and said politely, “Master Juan, are you busy? Everyone is waiting…”
The blood on Ning Qing’s body coagulated.
Cheng Juan shook his head and his phone rang. He didn’t look at the phone and his eyes were heavy.
He looked at Ning Qing and repeated, “Remember my words.”
His tone was extremely icy.
Ning Qing didn’t dare to say something now and nodded quickly.
“Okay.” Cheng Juan retracted his gaze, and even the smile on his face faded.
He thought of Ning Qing’s high-end custom-made clothes. Although the bag she was holding was not a limited edition, it was also tens of thousands. Not to mention the bracelet inlaid with diamonds on her wrist.
It was probably one million and above.
He then thought of Qin Ran’s clothes again. They were clean, but they also looked old and average.
Cheng Juan really didn’t believe that the woman in front of him was really Qin Ran’s mother.
“If I hear you say those three words to her again, do you understand the consequences?” Cheng Juan lit a cigarette and smiled at her.
Usually, he was very easygoing, but once he was serious, his beautiful peach blossom eyes were sharp and vicious.
The entire corridor was shrouded in the low pressure of Master Juan, and even the dean didn’t dare to interrupt.
Ning Qing didn’t know who Cheng Juan was, but she also knew that Cheng Juan wasn’t easy to mess with. At this time, she couldn’t even speak, so she just nodded.
Lu Zhaoying retracted the knife, moved sideways and raised his chin towards her. “Get out.”
Ning Qing didn’t even dare to look back. She panted and trotted directly to Chen Shulan’s ward.
Her footsteps were unsteady as if she was fleeing.
Lu Zhaoying snorted. “Look at how scared she is of you.”
Cheng Juan glanced at him and raised his eyebrows. He was calm and composed as he asked, “Did I scare her?”
Lu Zhaoying: “…”
“Master Juan, the meeting room…” The dean looked at Cheng Juan. He didn’t ask what was going on and only asked him.
His eyes were expectant.
Master Juan wasn’t interested, however, and said casually, “Let Lu Zhaoying explain the specific arrangements to you. I will go back first.”
Today was Cheng Juan’s operation day that happened once a month. The other party was a rich man. After hearing that Cheng Juan wasn’t in Beijing, he had quickly arranged the hospital in Yun Cheng.
Cheng Juan had come to discuss the operation arrangements and plans but didn’t expect to meet Qin Ran again.
Lu Zhaoying was pondering about Ning Qing, and when he heard that, he pointed to his nose in disbelief. “You want me to talk?”
Cheng Juan flanked his side and bit a cigarette. His face was full of mist as he smirked. “What about it?”
“… I see.” Lu Zhaoying was a little hesitant.
Cheng Juan didn’t talk anymore. He reached out, pressed the elevator button, and went directly to the underground garage.
He still drove the black Volkswagen today.
Passing by the bus platform, the girl sitting on the temporary seat of the platform was playing a game. Her legs were propped up and she looked like a hooligan. She was probably waiting for the bus.
He stopped the car and asked, “Where are you going?”
His voice was dull and somewhat indolent.
Hearing the sound, Mu Ying first looked up.
The window lowered and she looked over. His good-looking face appeared, rendering Mu Ying speechless as she stood there stupidly.
Qin Ran also heard his voice.
She finally looked up from her phone. Since the bus wasn’t here yet, she thought about it and asked for Ning Wei’s address first before repeating it to Cheng Juan.
“Get in.” He laid his finger on the steering wheel.
“This is…” Ning Wei was a little hesitant and didn’t know what to say.
“Get in the car first.” Qin Ran didn’t know how long it would take for the bus to come. After opening the door, Ning Wei entered.
Mu Ying watched as Qin Ran entered the front passenger seat and even handed them two mints without asking. She knew this was Qin Ran’s friend.
She sat a little slumped against the window of the car.
She knew this car was a Volkswagen.
Ning Wei lived in an old alley. There were no lights and it was very dark. The car couldn’t even go in.
Qin Ran came down to accompany them.
Cheng Juan’s car was parked in the alley.
“Cousin, was that your friend just now?” Mu Ying couldn’t help asking.
“I guess so. I’m working for him.” Qin Ran put her hand in her pocket.
Nothing more was said. Mu Ying opened her mouth and finally turned to the topic. “Cousin, I’ll go to First Middle School with Mu Nan in a few days.”
Qin Ran nodded. Mu Ying was three years younger than her. She and Mu Nan were fraternal twins, and both had very good results.
They were attending First Middle School this year.
The quality of middle schools in Ninghai Village was really not good. Otherwise, Ning Wei wouldn’t have taken them to Yun Cheng.
First Middle School’s first-grade building had just been completed, so this year’s freshmen would start school later than before. They would start on September 15th, and there were still several days till then.
“How is it in First Middle School?” Mu Ying looked at Qin Ran and asked with some anticipation. “Second cousin is also in the school, right? I heard mum say that she’s top five and plans to go to Peking University.”
Although Mu Ying had excellent grades in Ninghai Village, she had never thought about entering Peking University. It was more probable for Mu Nan.
“All schools are the same,” Qin Ran waved her hand and said vaguely. “You will know when you go. Aunt, I’m heading back.”
“Look out for your safety.” Ning Wei didn’t let Qin Ran enter the house either. They had only arrived today and their things were still messy.
If Qin Ran entered, she would surely stay behind to help them clean up.
When Qin Ran left, Mu Ying looked back at the direction the car was leaving and couldn’t help but say, “Mom, how does big cousin know so many friends? It seems that they are all rich.”
To her, having a car meant you were rich.
Dad was in a vegetative state and there were a lot of daily care fees. Only her mother was working to make ends meet.
Forget about a car, it was difficult for them to buy even clothes.
Mu Ying and Qin Ran hadn’t seen each other for more than a year, but she remembered that from an early age, only Qin Ran and her grandmother would buy her and her brother candies. They didn’t look down on them like the rest of the family did.
“Your cousin’s friends are all handsome,” Ning Wei thought about it and said.
Mu Ying didn’t talk anymore. Thinking about finally coming to Yun Cheng and going to First Middle School, she was excited. “Mom, our clothes are too small now. Can we buy new clothes?”
Ning Wei paused, then smiled. “Okay, I’ll take you shopping tomorrow.”
Mu Nan heard them arriving and opened the door to let them in.
The Ning family weren’t born ugly. Hence, Ning Wei’s children were also as such. Mu Nan had a handsome face and was better looking than Mu Ying.
Just that his face was cold.
Upon hearing this, he said coldly, “No, you can buy it for Mu Ying. My clothes aren’t small.”
Ning Wei looked at his exposed ankle and frowned. “Mu Nan…”
“That’s it. I’m going to study.” Mu Nan turned back to his room and closed the door.
Ning Wei looked around. All the things in the house had been packed by Mu Nan.
“Mom, why didn’t you accept aunt’s money today?” Mu Ying went to see her room with Ning Wei.
Ning Wei shook her head. “Your aunt is rich, but people should help the starving and not the poor. She’s not obliged to help share our burdens. Besides, when your dad had a car accident, he would have passed on if it weren’t for your aunt. How could I ask her for money? Ying Ying, remember, aunt has money, but it belongs to the Lin family. It’s not easy being a stepmother, so you must refuse anything she gives you, okay?”
Mu Ying pursed her lips. “Okay.”
Ning Wei sighed.
She tidied the remaining things.
Mu Ying helped her organize the things and was anxious to start school immediately. “I heard that First Middle School’s campus belle is second cousin. She plays the violin so well. Everyone outside of school knows that First Middle School has a campus king too. I think his surname is Xu, and he knows second cousin too…”
One of her classmates’ older sister was in First Middle School. During the summer vacation, she had heard her classmates talking and had even seen pictures of the school, so she knew how beautiful it was.
Qin Ran walked back.
She realized that Cheng Juan had been following them not far away.
When she came back, he turned away and snuffed his cigarette.
Qin Ran opened the door of the back seat. Cheng Juan glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes. He looked away and turned the key.
He didn’t drive back to school first but instead went to the hospital to pick up Lu Zhaoying.
Lu Zhaoying first laid on the back of the front passenger seat and watched Qin Ran playing a game for a while, then he scratched his head. “Sis… Qin Ran, why are you short of money?”
Qin Ran didn’t want to answer him, so she looked up at him and raised her eyebrows indifferently.
Lu Zhaoying was terrified for a second. “You don’t have to answer me, you really don’t.”
While turning his head, he took out his mobile phone and prepared to play the game played by Qin Ran. He just opened the game when he saw a message he just received at the top of his mobile phone screen.
His eyes widened and his volume rose. “This bitch! Master Juan… that man… that big shot, he has taken our order!”
A harsh rubbing noise sounded.
The car stopped suddenly.