Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Young Master Xu’s Suspicion, Familiar Violin
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Qin Ran was playing a game, and the sudden stop made her fingers slip, causing the character in her game to almost die.
She looked up expressionlessly.
Lu Zhaoying didn’t think there was anything wrong with Cheng Juan’s reaction.
“Boss, why do you think they suddenly took the order? I’m a little unaccustomed, aren’t they…” Lu Zhaoying wanted to say something, but he glanced at Qin Ran out of the corner of his eyes and suddenly stopped and looked around. “Oh, look at how pretty the moon is today, hahahaha…”
Qin Ran continued to look down at her mobile phone calmly.
She didn’t say anything, her expressions didn’t change, and it was as if he hadn’t heard anything. Lu Zhaoying was relieved and glanced at Cheng Juan.
Cheng Juan slightly tilted his head and the street lights outside the car blurred his outline so that his expression couldn’t be seen. However, the hand that was holding onto the steering wheel wasn’t calm.
It took several minutes for Cheng Juan to start the car again.
On the way back to school, Lu Zhaoying didn’t say anything. He just sat on the co-pilot restlessly, looking around, touching his cell phone for a while, then pulling the seat belt again. It was obvious that he was impatient.
After arriving at school, Lu Zhaoying didn’t say that he would send Qin Ran back.
When Qin Ran returned, it was close to ten o’clock, and self-study was in a while later.
The dormitory door opened.
Qin Ran went back and took a bath first.
When she had brushed her hair and went out, Lin Siran had come back with a few books.
There was also a girl behind her. The girl had short hair, black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose, and her skin was very white. The eyes behind the lenses were large, black and shiny, and her head was lowered. She was very quiet, obedient, and beautiful. At first glance, she looked like a good student.
Qin Ran glanced at her, then lowered her head and continued to wipe her hair.
She was wearing large short-sleeved pajamas, and the red ropes on her wrists were even more noticeable, making her complexion whiter and more delicate.
“Qin Ran, you’re back.” Lin Siran drew two papers on the table and handed them to the girl. “Pan Mingyue.”
Pan Mingyue seemed to be thinking of something.
Hearing the sound, she immediately turned around and took the paper. “Thank you.”
Lin Siran smiled and said that it was nothing. She took her water bottle to the laundry room and went out with Pan Mingyue.
“That girl is my deskmate. She looks good, doesn’t she?”
Pan Mingyue kept listening quietly. When she was about to go to her dormitory, she paused and took out a lollipop from her pocket. “Lin Siran, can you bring this to your deskmate?”
Lin Siran held her bottle in her other hand.
She took the lollipop and tilted her head. “My deskmate is such a cool person, would she eat this?”
Pan Mingyue pursed her lips and seemed to laugh. She said, “Yes.”
At night.
Lin Siran woke up to go to the toilet drowsily and saw a few rays of light through the gap of Qin Ran’s bed curtain.
On the bed.
Qin Ran put down the book on the bedside, took off her backpack from the hook, and poured out the contents inside.
She took out the black cell phone and opened it.
The page still showed the red dots in the school medical office.
“Don’t think about it, I’ve searched and didn’t see any obvious traces,” she said casually.
Throwing the phone aside, she pulled the computer over while sitting cross-legged and lazily turned it on.
Her fingers typed lines of code on the keyboard.
The red dot was stubbornly lit on the side of the phone. After a few minutes, the red dot disappeared and the page reluctantly became the normal home page of the phone.
The next day.
In the morning, there were four lessons. English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Physics. Everyone was drowsy and had a headache.
After the fourth class, Xu Yaoguang took the Physics paper from the office. He happened to see the English paper that Wu Yan had done two nights ago.
Wu Yan was from Qin Ran’s dormitory, and she was the English class representative.
“Mr. Gao, I’ve already told you that this student is a troublemaker. Look at her test paper, you can’t find anyone else who scored a zero for their papers. Do you know that your average English score is three points lower than the grade average?” Li Airong chuckled. Her scornfulness was difficult to conceal. She had already said long ago that it would be too difficult to expect to influence Qin Ran.
The average English score in class 3.9 was three points lower than the average grade, and two points less than the average English score in the worst class.
She thanked herself for her persistence in the presence of President Xu.
Gao Yang pushed down his glasses, still smiling, without sadness or joy. “Children of this age are indeed rebellious, so we have to teach them the correct values.”
“Just keep pretending.” Li Airong handed the paper to Wu Yan.
Xu Yaoguang knocked on the door. “I’m here for the Physics paper.”
Seeing him, Li Airong took back the sternness on her face. “It’s classmate Xu. Your English is still the highest score in the school this time, 136 points.”
What they did was a series of ten papers produced by the ten schools themselves, which was very difficult. It was also said that students who had just entered the third year of high school shouldn’t be lax. First Middle School’s average score was 69.
The first place scored 136, the second place 129, and the third place scored only 117 points.
Xu Yaoguang said hello and took out the new paper.
Wu Yan walked slowly.
Xu Yaoguang paused as she passed by.
Li Airong especially pulled out Qin Ran’s paper and put it on the top. The “0” she drew was a little rough and very conspicuous.
He saw it at a glance.
English multiple choice questions occupied 115 points, which was a very high score.
She had done the answer card.
Even if she stepped on it with her feet, shouldn’t there be at least one correct in a dozen questions?
Xu Yaoguang himself had several questions that he couldn’t figure out either.
“Could you show me her answer card?” Xu Yaoguang asked. His voice was cool, and he was polite and indifferent. “Qin Ran’s.”
Wu Yan didn’t expect Xu Yaoguang to talk to her. She blushed and said awkwardly, “Oh… OK.”
She immediately handed Qin Ran’s answer card to Xu Yaoguang.
Xu Yaoguang put the physics paper on his desk, then picked up his English paper and started to look at Qin Ran’s answer card.
Qiao Sheng was still waiting for Xu Yaoguang to go to dinner. He was sitting at his desk, stretching his legs into the aisle and playing basketball in his hands.
He stretched his head and smiled suddenly. “No way, did she score zero again? Hurry up, Young Master Xu, give me her paper so I can mock her later.”
Qin Ran was usually cold and dry, and since she had just been selected as the campus belle, her reputation had spread quickly.
In each class, there were many boys dangling at the window of Class 3.9.
But she was a flower above all others and didn’t care about anyone. In the class, she only talked to Lin Siran and Qiao Sheng.COMMENT
Some outsiders wanted to provoke Qin Ran but forgot about it at the thought of Qiao Sheng.
Who didn’t know that in First Middle School, Qiao Sheng was a rich second-generation, and the newly-built teaching building just completed by the school had been donated by his family?
Xu Yaoguang handed the paper to him, his brows furrowed.
The paper was fully written, yet it was still zero points. Xu Yaoguang thought for a moment and thought it wasn’t right.
“Come on, Qin Yu is waiting for us.” Qiao Sheng pressed the paper under the book and patted the basketball again, urging him.
They had agreed to listen to Qin Yu practice the violin, which was said to be a new song.
When referring to Qin Yu, Xu Yaoguang paused. He didn’t think about Qin Ran anymore and his pace accelerated.
When Qin Ran went to the school medical office, Lu Zhaoying had finished sending the last patient.
Then, he turned his head and scratched his hair. “Master Juan, why do you think the order was accepted?”
Cheng Juan wasn’t sleeping today, which was a rare sight. He leaned on the sofa with a laptop on his legs.
Leaning slightly on the back of the sofa, his face was lazy and his long eyelashes were down, like a row of brushes. On the computer in front of him was a pile of tedious data, and he seemed to be thinking deeply.
“No, I heard that this person hasn’t taken orders for more than a year…” Lu Zhaoying stood up suddenly and wanted to continue talking, “The order… but what are we having for lunch today?”
He was very stiff and changed the subject very bluntly.
Cheng Juan closed the laptop computer calmly.
Qin Ran glanced sideways, squinting her apricot eyes slightly. She chuckled indifferently when she saw Lu Zhaoying’s eyes widening. “Fish.”
Lu Zhaoying immediately took the car key. “Oh yeah, Old Wang just asked me to get the ingredients for the evening!”
After eating lunch, half of the lunchtime was already over.
Qin Ran washed her hands and took her jacket and left.
The sun was shining.
She had to put on her peaked cap as she passed the Art Building.
The sound of the violin came out of the open window on the second floor, and it sounded familiar.
Qin Ran paused. Her eyes were cold as she reached down and pressed her cap, looking towards the second floor.