Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Sister, Which School Do You Want to Go?
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When Lu Zhaoying was fiddling with the computer, Qin Ran looked at the computer page, which was filled with a bunch of data. The computer wasn’t broken, it had been hacked by someone.
The hacking method was very advanced and only experts could see it.
Someone was hacking their computer to capture data. Obviously, Cheng Juan’s computer firewall was designed by a special person, so it would take a while for the other party to crack it.
Finding Principal Xu would delay too much time, and he might not know what to do either.
Lu Zhaoying was in full swing, holding the computer and going out without even eating the dishes on the table.
Qin Ran thought for a while and held her mouth.
It was Cheng Juan who rolled his sleeves and sat down to eat dinner. His brows were gentle as he asked Qin Ran politely, “Do you want to eat together?”
Qin Ran shook her head. She was troubled and absentminded when she put on her coat and walked out.
Behind her, Cheng Juan glanced at her and frowned slightly. He slowly lifted the fishbone from his hands.
As soon as she left the school hospital, Qin Ran’s cell phone rang.
It was her aunt. Her voice brought a smile and she was obviously very happy. “Ran Ran, your mother and your sister are coming to my house for dinner tonight, so you should come here too.”
“Okay, I’ll be there at night. I might be late, so eat first and don’t wait for me,” Qin Ran said and turned towards the bathroom quickly.
It might be too late for Lu Zhaoying to find Principal Xu. He was so anxious, and the person that Principal Xu would find later might only be a person who studied computering. By the time he realized that the computer had been under attack, the information inside would have already been leaked.
Qin Ran wasn’t a nosy person, but she thought of Cheng Juan’s order…
She returned to the dormitory and no one was inside. She took out her computer, sat at the table, and put her hands on the keyboard to start it.
The computer desktop was still very clean, but today the background image wasn’t a filled desert, but the ocean, with no other icon.
Cheng Juan’s computer was linked to the school medical office’s private network.
Finding the IP address was easy. Half the screen of the computer was full of jumping characters, mixed with a lot of 0s and 1s.
The speed they were jumping at was very fast. Under normal circumstances, even this high-speed computer would slowly stagnate, but her computer seemed unaffected and still moved quickly.
The dormitory was filled with sounds of doors opening and people talking.
It was very noisy.
“Mingyue, wait for me, I’ll get a carton of milk.” Outside the bedroom, Lin Siran trotted to the bedroom quickly in order to not let Pan Mingyue wait.
There was someone in the bedroom door, and she was surprised when she pushed the door open. “Qin Ran, why are you in the bedroom?”
Pan Mingyue was behind Lin Siran and heard the voice, so she looked in the direction of Qin Ran.
Qin Ran was almost done.
She cut to a game screen without changing her expression when they came in.
Lin Siran took out three boxes of milk on the table, gave Qin Ran one, Pan Mingyue another, and came over. “Oh, Ran Ran, you also play this. A lot of people in our class play this. Last year, Qiao Sheng also missed class just to go to the Internet cafe to enter some league. Old Gao even punished him to clean the toilet for a week.”
Old Gao was their class teacher Gao Yang.
Qin Ran said “um” and looked intently at the screen. Her hands moved quickly and sharply.
Lin Siran didn’t really understand the game, but just looking at Qin Ran, she felt that the game was very simple. How was it as difficult as those people in the class had described it?
Pan Mingyue stood on the side. She inserted the straw into the milk and drank with a small sip. “Aren’t you going to get the papers from Teacher Gao’s office?”
She whispered.
Lin Siran immediately thought about it and jumped up. “I almost forgot. Qin Ran, see you!”
She pulled Pan Mingyue out.
And closed the bedroom door.
Qin Ran got rid of the game page.
She switched the page, took care of it, and then kept the computer to get ready to head to Ning Wei’s place.
At the same time, a small corner in the country.
The curtains in the room were pulled, and the inside was very dark. There was only the fluorescence light from a computer, and there was a strange expression on a person’s face.
The man sitting in front of the computer was Luo Saihu. He was chubby, slightly fat, and wore glasses. He had a deep outline, like a mixed race, and his hands moved at a fast speed.COMMENT
The computer suddenly turned black and the room fell into darkness.
“What the hell?” The man behind had a scar on his face, and when he opened his mouth, he looked like a writhing, cruel cricket. He was tall, broad, and his evil tendencies seemed extremely heavy. There was darkness in his eyes that could make people tremble.
“My attack has been stopped by someone.” Luo Saihu rubbed his beard and was bewildered.
Scarface frowned. Few people could stop his attack. “The higher-ups of Huameng are meddling in this?”
“Huameng has its own symbol. This matter is not Huameng’s.” Luo Saihu shook his head.
Scarface was impatient. “Who is it then, if it’s not them?”
Luo Saihu continued shaking his head.
When Qin Ran arrived at Ning Wei’s house, Ning Qing and Qin Yu had arrived long ago. The dishes were on the table and they were eating.
Mu Nan saw that she was here, put down his bowl and chopsticks and moved a chair for her in silence.
Ning Qing waited impatiently and gave her a glance. “You clearly ended class with your sister, why are you so late?”
Qin Ran hung her backpack on the back of the chair, greeted Ning Wei and sat down. Her words were dull and concise. “I was busy.”
“You…” Ning Qing tightened her hand on the chopsticks.
Qin Yu quickly placed some vegetables on Ning Qing’s plate. “Mom, don’t you like this the most, and sister didn’t mean it, right?”
She turned her head and looked at Qin Ran, smiling sweetly.
“Good girl.” Ning Qing smiled. She reached for Qin Yu’s bowl and filled it with a bowl of soup. “Your aunt’s soup is delicious, try it.”
Ning Qing had always spoken sweetly to Qin Yu and didn’t dare to say anything heavy to her.
Qin Yu was outstanding, and Lin Jinxuan, Lin Wan, and Lin Qi all valued her. Thanks to Qin Yu, Ning Qing’s position in the Lin family was consolidated.
Ning Qing lived too clearly. She knew exactly what she wanted and what was good for her.
Moreover, not to mention the Lin family, with Qin Yu’s current development, it wouldn’t be bad in the future.
“It’s delicious.” Qin Yu smiled.
Ning Qing scooped soup for her again. “Yes, your aunt is very good at cooking. If you want to drink it, I’ll get her to stew it.”
She talked to Qin Yu and ignored Qin Ran.
Qin Yu smiled. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Qin Ran calmly.
The expression on Qin Ran’s face didn’t change, and she didn’t speak. She chewed on a pork rib slowly. When they were young, their neighbor had brought her lots of books. She had stopped Qin Yu from taking her books and made her cry.
When an adult came, it became such that she had stolen Qin Yu’s stuff. The adults persuaded her incessantly to let her younger sister be since she was younger. After a few more times, Ning Qing and Qin Hanqiu both became impatient with her.
Neighbors had always said that she was smarter than Qin Yu and was a genius, but was Qin Yu stupid? No.
Later, when she got older, she understood that the crying child always won.
Ning Wei picked up a rib again for Qin Ran. Mu Ying, who was sitting next to Ning Wei, finally found a chance to speak. “Second cousin, I’m going to First Middle School soon. I heard mum say that you’re in the top class, then your results must be very good. What school are you going to go?”
“She wants to be admitted to Peking University.” Before Qin Yu could speak, Ning Qing said gently. “She wants to go to the same university as her brother.”
Peking University was the best university in the country. Almost every high school senior yearned to enter the school, and only a few students from Yun Cheng were accepted per year.
Mu Ying’s eyes were envious. “Second cousin is amazing.”
Qin Yu had no appetite. Ning Wei’s house was small and messy, and her things were dirty. Except for drinking a few mouthfuls of soup, she didn’t even move her chopsticks.
Upon hearing this, she looked at Qin Ran awkwardly and said with a smile on her face, “Don’t keep talking about me. My sister is also a senior. By the way, sister, which school do you want to go to?”