Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Mysterious Hacker
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Because of this sentence, the room fell into a weird atmosphere.
Ning Qing lowered her head and picked up her chopsticks to eat quickly. Her face was slightly stiff and she didn’t speak.
Mu Ying was embarrassed. She looked at Qin Yu and then at Qin Ran, not knowing what to say.
Mu Nan didn’t even lift his head.
Qin Yu seemed to finally react and stuck her tongue out. “Mom, did I say something wrong?”
“No…” Hearing Qin Yu’s voice, Ning Qing smiled.
Qin Ran sat on her stool with her legs crossed, as calm as ever, and she looked up slightly and said slowly, “I’m going to Beijing.”
Note that she said that she wanted to go to Beijing, not Peking University.
It was just that the people at the table didn’t notice.
All of them were a little stunned. Even Mu Nan held his chopsticks and looked at Qin Ran thoughtfully.
Qin Yu sniggered and ate a piece of vegetable. While eating, she said with a smile, “Oh, so sister wants to go to Peking University too. Add oil then, I’ll wait for you there.”
Ning Qing finally couldn’t bear it. She threw down her chopsticks and pressed Qin Ran. “Peking University? Do you think it’s so easy for you? Qin Ran, let me tell you, next year, no matter what school you can go to, you have to go!”
She had a thin face, especially since there was such a big difference between the Lin and Ning families. In front of the Lin family, she was even more careful.
That was why she couldn’t rely on Qin Hanqiu and had to take Qin Ran to Yun Cheng for high school. Ning Qing could endure it for one year, but if Qin Ran really wanted to go to Peking University, then didn’t it mean she would have to stay a few more years?
Ning Qing absolutely would not allow this to happen.
Qin Ran took another rib, her movement casual. She glanced at Ning Qing and smiled. “You don’t have to worry about that. I don’t need you to control me.”
“Who else but me…”
“I’ve been by myself for the past ten years.” Qin Ran interrupted her, looked up, and said indifferently and dauntlessly, “Don’t take grandmother’s plate suddenly at this time. Do I need to remind you which matter you helped me out in when I came to Yun Cheng?”
Ning Qing’s face was stiff.
Her face turned blue.
She was suddenly embarrassed.
She couldn’t control it if Qin Ran wanted to go to school.
Qin Ran didn’t take any of the things she had prepared for her.
She had let Qin Ran stay in the Lin family’s house, but she didn’t.
Her daughter had changed so much from the past. The information she had dug out was correct. Qin Ran was really a thorn in one’s heart.
Now that Ning Qing remembered it, Qin Ran retracted her gaze and propped her legs rudely and casually. “It’s good that you can remember it.”
Only her grandmother could control her.
Ning Qing was a little embarrassed, but she was also angry. Qin Yu had never shamed her like that before. “Fine, you are the ancestor. You are so good, but when you can’t pass the exam, don’t come begging me and the Lin family to arrange a college for you. I won’t help you!”
“Thank you.” Qin Ran was very sincere.
Ning Wei coughed. She clamped a piece of fish without bones for Qin Ran. “Ran Ran, that’s enough.”
Qin Ran lowered her head and plucked the fish, forming an “OK” sign with her hands.
In addition to her grandmother, she also respected Ning Wei more than Ning Qing.
After dinner, Qin Yu and Ning Qing both decided to go back. Ning Wei’s house was old and shabby. Qin Yu, who was used to living in the villa, felt it was really disgusting.
“Auntie, second cousin, I will send you down.” Mu Ying stood up immediately.
Qin Yu glanced at her and said indifferently, “Thank you.”
Mu Ying was flattered. “You’re welcome.”
Before leaving, Ning Qing passed by Qin Ran. “I’ll apologize to you about what happened last time. I went overboard. I was just… I just don’t want you to end up like your grandfather. Listen to me and I will spend some money to help you get a normal university.”
Qin Ran said nothing.
Ning Qing turned to catch up with Qin Yu. “Qin Ran, you really disappoint me.”
Qin Ran held a mug with strawberries printed on it, which was the special teacup she used at her aunt’s house.
She remembered that Ning Qing was talking about what had happened at the hospital yesterday and lowered her head to take a sip of water.
She didn’t expect Ning Qing to apologize.
She stood by the window and looked downstairs, a little embarrassed.
After a while, she looked at the layout of the room with her glass of water. It was very small.
A call was made to the air-conditioning installation company to install the air-conditioner tomorrow. Qin Ran returned to school before Ning Wei could nag her.
At First Middle School.
Lu Zhaoying took the computer to Principal Xu’s office.
Principal Xu thought for a moment and found him a person.
“This is Feng Ci. He majors in computer science at Peking University.” President Xu introduced the two. “Now he has started a company in partnership with others and developed his own software.”
“Mr. Lu.” Feng Ci had a stiff face, the hand he stretched out was slender and clean, with a thick layer of callus. His eyes were deep, his lips thin, and his nose bridge high. He was handsome and was quite young, but already had the aura of a successful elite person.
Feng Ci knew that President Xu was trying to draw connections for him.
In Peking University, he had also pondered the situation in Beijing in the past two years. If he was really part of the “Lu” family, then he really owed Principal Xu a big favor.
Feng Ci brought a USB flash drive and repair tools.
First, he turned on Lu Zhaoying’s computer.
“How is it, can it be repaired in a short time?” Lu Zhaoying came over, the earrings in his left ear shining.
Feng Ci frowned slightly. He checked the computer several times but found no major problems.
Feng Ci opened the settings and entered a large series of codes. A bunch of data that normal people couldn’t understand jumped and he stayed on the page.
“Mr. Lu, your computer has indeed been attacked,” Feng Ci said, quoting his historical records. “The other party has left a mark. It was probably a hacker.”
“Black Eagle?” Lu Zhaoying snorted. “Is our data record still there?”
“Yes.” Feng Ci looked at the computer with an unpredictable expression. “Someone has helped you counterattack.”
“What?” Lu Zhaoying found something was strange now.
Speaking of Black Eagle, he had heard of him before while on a certain mission. This man was a famous hacker. As long as he was given money, he could do good and bad things. The police had been watching him for a while now already.
But he hid well without revealing anything.
There were thousands of hackers, but they were very advanced among hackers, and even rarer. The Black Eagles in China could rank at least in the top ten.
So, after hearing that the attacker was Black Eagle, Lu Zhaoying had guessed that a bunch of data they had investigated was probably gone.
Unexpectedly, Feng Ci had told him otherwise. A hacker helped them counterattack? A hacker who could fight with the Black Eagle.
“Do you know who it is?” Lu Zhaoying looked serious.
Feng Ci shook his head. “The other party left no clue.”
Lu Zhaoying looked up with his head full of thoughts and stood up.
Cheng Juan was already outside. He was tall, his head bowed down, and his figure leaned lazily against the door frame. “Have you fixed it?”
Lu Zhaoying said, “Master Juan, you came in the nick of time. The data is fine, I’ll send them over first. But this matter has become more complicated. A God who refuses to be named has helped us. Do you know who it is?”
Looking at Lu Zhaoying’s attitude, Feng Ci looked at Cheng Juan. Lu Zhaoying had called him—
Master Juan?
He paused.
If Lu Zhaoying’s identity was right, this Master Juan was…