Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Hua Meng
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Qin Ran lowered her head and gnawed on a piece of rib seriously. She was absent-minded and didn’t even look up.
Ning Qing was about to flare up when Lin Qi glanced over.
She suppressed her anger and repeated her words with a cold face.
Qin Ran’s sitting posture was really unruly. She raised her legs, held her chopsticks in one hand, and propped her arm on the table.
She looked like a gangster, proud and mad.
As if she only heard the voice now, Qin Ran looked up.
At the mention of Qin Ran having learned violin before, Lin Jinxuan also looked up at her.
He heard Qin Ran say, “Violin?”
She held her chin in her hands and suddenly smiled. Her voice was dull and cold. “Oh, I don’t know how to play.”
“You don’t? How could it be? You started learning it when you were young.” Ning Qing pinched the chopsticks in her hands and gritted her teeth. “I give you a sum of money to learn the violin every year. Teacher Xu even said you had good talent…”
“Oh.” Qin Ran fiddled with the rib slowly. “Ever since I hit Teacher Xu’s son’s head, we’ve never met.”
There was a strange silence on the dining table.
Qin Ran laughed a cold, bad laugh.
Her slightly raised delicate eyebrows had the arrogance of youths. On closer inspection, there seemed to be a bit of ruthlessness.
In Ning Qing’s words, she was a “bandit”. Both a bandit and wild, seemingly gorgeous and alluring, but untouchable.
What immortal and triggering expression was this?
And her tone as well?
Ning Qing glanced at her, her eyes flushed slightly. “Qin Ran?!”
Yi Zhong had art classes. Ning Qing remembered that Qin Ran had learned the violin when she was young. Since her studies were bad, she could just change her path and walk on the path of the arts.
She didn’t expect Qin Ran to take the initiative to give her such a big “surprise”.
Lin Qi had seen Qin Ran’s information in the afternoon. He knew she was a troublemaker, but didn’t expect her to be so full of thorns.
Aunt Zhang brought a cup of tea for Ning Qing. Ning Qing sighed, drank it, and stopped mentioning the matter, but her tight back showed that she wasn’t in a good mood.
Lin Qi was busy with his business and naturally didn’t have the spare time to spend around Chen Shulan and Qin Ran.
Or maybe he thought it wasn’t necessary.
After dinner, they all dispersed.
When Qin Yu saw Lin Jinxuan go out to pick up a phone call, she obediently told Ning Qing she was going upstairs to play the violin.
Ning Qing looked at her younger daughter and her older daughter. Both of them were obviously her children, but how could the difference between them be so big?
“Go stay with your grandmother temporarily on the third floor. I’ll let Aunt Zhang clean up another room for you later.” Ning Qing frowned and tilted her head slightly. She suppressed the anger in her heart and lowered her voice. “Other than the bathroom, the second floor has your sister’s piano room. Don’t bother her over nothing.”
As soon as Qin Yu left, the tenderness on her face faded.
Qin Ran leaned on the staircase and nodded, her expression indifferent.
Since Qin Ran’s attitude was fairly obedient, Ning Qing’s sullen expression finally eased. After all, she was her own daughter and she still had feelings for her.
Ning Qing said a few things to Chen Shulan before turning around to see that Qin Ran had her mobile phone out again. She frowned and was about to nag at her.
But it just so happened that the piano room on the second floor wasn’t closed fully, and the melodious and gentle violin sound floated out.
Ning Qing was relieved and said to Aunt Zhang, “It seems that Yu’er will enter tenth grade soon. Ran Ran! Learn from your sister more, there should be a beginning and an end to everything.”
Her words turned towards Qin Ran again.
Qin Ran glanced at the second floor with raised eyelids. Her pair of apricot eyes were a little bad, but they were extremely beautiful and still resembled a bandit.
She turned and went upstairs, her legs long and straight.
She ignored Ning Qing.
Yes, she was very impressive.
Ning Qing pointed at her back with a flushed face. She thought about just how Qin Ran had slammed a brick again and again on her head…
Chen Shulan frowned, but was reluctant to fault Qin Ran, so she could only calm Ning Qing down.
Upstairs, the nanny had already taken Chen Shulan’s things to the next room.
Qin Ran took a bath and, before her hair was completely dry, she tied the straps of her bathrobe while reaching out for the new-looking computer from her backpack.
Next to the computer was a heavy mobile phone which looked different from the mobile phone she usually played games with.
She didn’t look at the phone, just pressed her towel on her head and placed the computer on the table. As soon as she opened the computer, the desktop screen appeared in seconds.
The computer desktop was very clean. Except for the desert background, there was only a white mouse arrow and no other icon could be seen.
It was a very warm yet oppressive desert color.
Qin Ran reached out and pressed a few keys, then got up and poured a glass of water. She sat on the chair with the glass of water and a face appeared on the computer screen.
The other party was wearing a white shirt, holding a cell phone in one hand and a medicine box in the other.
With a white shirt on, long eyelashes and fair skin, his face could be described as beautiful.
“Someone is investigating you.” Qin Ran leaned on the back of the chair and took a sip of water. “Someone from Beijing. I’ve sent you the information about the other party.”
At the age of six, Qin Ran already knew that she was different from the others after finishing her elementary school course.
She couldn’t play with her peers and would even occasionally go crazy.
Her neighbors all thought she was crazy and avoided her.
Ning Qing and Qin Hanqiu only focused on quarreling every day and didn’t pay much attention to her situation. They only knew that she loved to fight, had a mental problem, and didn’t want to go to school.
When they divorced, they were both unwilling to take her along.
Qin Ran taught herself high school content at the age of eight.
At the age of nine, she assembled the first computer in her life and used her own code to conquer a hacker website.
In the video, the man squinted his pair of demon eyes. His nose was very high and he looked extremely handsome. Even in a foreign country, people wouldn’t be able to resist turning back to look at him again.
Gu Xichi, a doctor who traveled all over the country, had excellent medical skills and a strange temper. He traveled around the world to treat the poor.
This time, there was a terrorist attack in the Middle East, so he immediately carried his medical kit there to save the world.
Qin Ran only knew that he was a doctor, Gu Xichi.
Gu Xichi also only knew that she was a hacker, Qin Ran.
The two had a fatal relationship but never asked about each other.
“I’m okay.” Gu Xichi bit the cigarette in his mouth, took out another phone and checked the e-mail Qin Ran had sent him. He said vaguely, “Little friend, don’t care about this matter. I’ll find someone to solve it.”
Gu Xichi finished reading the information and calmly put his phone back in his pocket.
“The other party has a reason?” Qin Ran put her cup on the table.
Gu Xichi nodded casually.
Qin Ran grabbed the towel she had thrown to one side and laid her legs on the table on the other side. Her movements were light and yet slow, and extremely wild.
She continued brushing her hair and said in a slow voice, “Whatever.”
“Don’t be disappointed. When you’re all grown up and as good as the hacker Q who has been circulating on the Internet recently, I will show you the outside world.” Gu Xichi casually reassured her.