Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Is That Qin Ran’s Boyfriend?
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“The campus belle has changed?” Mu Ying only knew the news of the summer vacation and hesitated. “Who did it change to?”
Li Yuhan reluctantly retracted her gaze and smiled. “It was changed to a new third-grader who just transferred here. Her surname is Qin too, called Qin Ran. There’s a picture on the post of a good looking bandit, but now it’s gone, so you can only see her by going to the third-grader’s building. Oh yeah, she’s in the same class as Campus King Xu. I heard that their class is always filled with people after each class.”
Mu Ying didn’t know what to say for a moment.
She should have thought about it already. Her mum had also said before that based on looks, none of the descendants in the Ning family could match up to Qin Ran.
She pursed her lips and pondered to herself while nodding.
The two of them walked slowly.
Xu Yaoguang and Qin Yu were about to pass them soon.
Li Yuhan held Mu Ying’s hand a little harder and said excitedly, “I am actually so close to the three of them?!”
Mu Ying also thought out.
Looking at Qin Yu talking to Xu Yaoguang, she opened her mouth and almost wanted to call her cousin, but didn’t expect Qin Yu to pass by her directly.
“Mu Ying, Mu Ying, what’s the matter with you?” Watching Qin Yu and the three of them walk out of sight, Li Yuhan patted Mu Ying, who was in tears.
Mu Ying tucked her hair behind her ears self-consciously, still looking at the direction of Qin Yu. “It’s nothing.”
The two opened the door and saw two cars not far away, a BMW and a Maybach.
It was for Qin Yu and Qiao Sheng. Xu Yaoguang lived on campus.
“I invite you to drink milk tea.” Li Yuhan dragged her to the milk tea shop across the street. “The milk tea shop next door is delicious, but unfortunately, there are too many people queuing for it. Let’s go to the shop with fewer people.”
Qin Ran was always in no hurry to leave once the class had ended. It was always too crowded and noisy.
She stayed in the class for a while.
It happened that the biology teacher was hurriedly taking the papers. He didn’t enter the class and saw Qin Ran, who was just walking past. He taught several classes and there were many people in each class, so he couldn’t remember everybody’s names.
But he knew this student. She was a freshman and had poor learning but was good-looking. “Qin Ran, bring the papers to Zhong Da and let him bring it here tonight. The answer sheet is on top, let him copy it down on the blackboard.”
Qin Ran took out a lollipop from the box. She slowly peeled it before putting it into her mouth. The sweet taste spread and the bitter taste in her mouth dissipated.
She put the paper on Zhong Da’s table.
And found her own paper again.
24 points.
She just put the paper in the hole on the table, and as soon as she turned out of the classroom door, she saw the boy who had been leaning against the wall of the corridor.
His thin lips were tight and his face was cold and arrogant.
It was Mu Nan.
“For you!” Seeing Qin Ran, he stood upright and handed her a bunch of notebooks.
Qin Ran sniffed and took it. Her voice hummed a little. “What?”
“Notebook,” Mu Nan said coldly.
Seeing that Qin Ran was careless, he added, “I looked for Brother Song for this notebook. Didn’t you say you wanted to go to Peking University?”
Qin Ran’s hand holding the notebook paused.
She had said she wanted to go to Peking University. Ning Qing had taught her not to be impractical, and Qin Yu had been disdainful. Even aunt didn’t seem to really believe her. Everyone probably thought that she was only joking.
She didn’t expect Mu Nan to be so motivated.
Qin Ran flipped through the notebook. It was a new ink color and was clearly noted down, having been reorganized by Mu Nan.
She looked at Mu Nan’s black eyes and squinted slightly. “Thank you.”
“Don’t thank me, I wanted to organize Mu Ying’s notebook,” Mu Nan said with no expression. “I just copied for you conveniently. Bye.”
“Wait.” Qin Ran smiled. She went into the classroom and placed the notebooks on her table before coming out.
Mu Nan was still waiting for her at the entrance of the stairs.
Today Qin Ran was walking slowly.
Although her fever had already subsided, her face still had a slight abnormal flush.
Mu Nan glanced at her several times, frowning.
As soon as they left the school, a black Volkswagen happened to come in slowly.
Mu Nan stepped aside and pulled Qin Ran’s arm, but didn’t expect that the Volkswagen car would take a turn and stop at the side of the road.
“Hey—” The window lowered, and the person in the driver’s seat showed his face. His earrings were extremely shiny. “Qin Ran, why are you out?”
The man in the back seat squinted his eyes casually, and when he heard this, he opened his eyes suddenly.
Lu Zhaoying looked at the rear-view mirror and touched his chin with a smile on his face.
Cheng Juan put down his pillow, opened the door and walked out of the car.
He gently glanced over Mu Nan, then lowered his head, looked at Qin Ran, and said very casually, “You’re going out with your friend?”
“No, I wanted to give him something. You two can wait for me.” Qin Ran asked Mu Nan to wait and then walked to the bubble tea shop opposite.
Cheng Juan nodded expressionlessly.
He leaned back, lowered his head slightly, glanced at Mu Nan, and raised his eyebrows lightly. Young Master Cheng was always proud and didn’t speak.
They both looked good.
Cheng Juan, in particular. Yun Cheng was a slow-paced city and at night, the entire sunset was a little gentle, but because of his strong invasion, he added strong and vivid colors to it.
Mu Ying and Li Yuhan, who just came out of the bubble tea shop, were stunned.
Last time they had met it was at night, so Cheng Juan’s appearance had been blurred by the lights. This time, however, the light was enough to shock Mu Ying.
The most outstanding visual they had seen in reality was probably the campus king Xu Yaoguang, and then famous entertainment stars.
There were naturally a lot of good looking people in the entertainment industry, but they all had a layer of filter across the screen.
“Oh… my god.” Li Yuhan finally reacted. Without even opening the milk tea cover, she pulled on Mu Ying’s arm. “That’s the new school doctor in the school medical office. I kept seeing posts saying that he was handsome, and it really is him. I finally get to see him alive!”
She was agitated for a long time before she calmed down. “Who is the guy next to him, he looks handsome too. He’s wearing our school uniform as well. Oh my god, I’ve never seen him before, could he be a freshman? Why are the freshmen so handsome this time?”
“I know them. That’s my brother Mu Nan, we are fraternal twins.” Mu Ying took Li Yuhan’s hand, her heart beating fast. “I’ll take you there.”
“Mu Nan.” She took Li Yuhan and ran over. “Is this your friend?”
Mu Nan was always cold. He glanced at Mu Ying, nodded slightly, and didn’t speak.
He glanced again at the famous bubble tea shop.
Qin Ran was very quick. She only went in for a minute and then came out.
He and Cheng Juan both had very purposeful eyes. Mu Ying and Li Yuhan subconsciously looked over to the place.
At a glance, they saw a girl wearing a large school uniform coming out. The girl was carrying a shopping bag in her hand, her eyebrows delicate.
Mu Nan immediately crossed the street and helped her get the bag.
He was cold and arrogant, exactly the same as described in the post, unapproachable.
“Campus belle?” Li Yuhan felt like she had gotten some good luck today.
On the first day of school, she had managed to see all the important characters in school.
Lu Zhaoying had been sitting in the driver’s seat watching a movie.
To be honest, it was the first time he saw Qin Ran being so tolerant to a boy. Forget that he was leaning so close to her, but he could even pull her by her hand.
If it were him, Lu Zhaoying thought that she would break his arm.
He watched as Young Master Cheng leaned against the car window and looked as Mu Nan helped her carry her bag naturally, expressionless.
Lu Zhaoying couldn’t help but laugh. He lowered the window of the driver’s seat, looked out, looked at Qin Ran, and said with a smile, “Qin Ran, who are you to make us wait?”
He glanced at Cheng Juan and sniggered, then turned to Mu Ying and smirked. “Do you all know each other? That classmate is Qin Ran’s boyfriend?”
“No… no, that’s my brother. Qin Ran is our cousin. She’s three years older than us and only transferred to First Middle School this year.” It was a rare opportunity to speak to him, so Mu Ying stuttered.
“Oh, she’s your relative, three years older?” Lu Zhaoying glanced at Cheng Juan. After hearing that Mu Ying was her relative, his smile eased. “Did you skip a grade?”
Mu Ying shook her head and said very vaguely, “No… no, she retained a year, because… anyways, the school before didn’t accept her, so she transferred over to First Middle School…”