Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Is There Another Computer?
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Almost none of them present had heard this news.
Especially Cheng Juan and Lu Zhaoying.
Li Yuhan was surprised. “The campus… the campus belle is a repeater? Her results should be quite good if she could come to our school. What trouble did she make so that the school didn’t want her anymore?”
“She has a poor grade because she skips class every day and fights. She’s almost the last in school. Later, the teacher stopped caring about her. She could come to First Middle School because…” Mu Ying looked at Qin Ran’s direction and lowered her voice. “Anyway… sigh, I won’t say more about the specific reasons.”
After she finished speaking, Li Yuhan thought deeply and looked anxious to gossip.
Mu Ying couldn’t help but look in the direction of Cheng Juan and Lu Zhaoying. Cheng Juan leaned quietly on the door, his expression relaxed while playing with his mobile phone.
He had good-looking hands, long fingers, and clean fingertips. His knuckles were raised as he pinched his phone.
His eyebrows were slightly down, and it was still obvious he was looking in the direction of Qin Ran.
He didn’t even care what she was talking about.
As for Lu Zhaoying, his hand was on the car window and he was chuckling. “Master Juan, I didn’t expect Qin Ran to be so cool.”
The reaction of the two was beyond Mu Ying’s expectations. Mu Ying couldn’t tell what they felt, so she just pursed her lips and stood there.
“Bring the bag back to my aunt. I bought it last night and didn’t have time to bring it back. You can help me.” Qin Ran returned and gave the bag to Mu Nan.
After listening to this sentence, Mu Nan frowned.
He wanted to say something, but he had always been quiet, so he just silently took it and turned around.
Mu Ying didn’t dare to look at Qin Ran. She whispered, “Cousin, I’m going.”
After Mu Nan and her left, Qin Ran got into the car, but the car didn’t get to start.
A little girl ran out of the bubble tea shop. Because she ran fast, her face was flushed, and she handed over a cup of bubble tea. “Qin Ran, thank you for helping me to work overtime last night.”
Qin Ran leaned on the back of the chair and said without much energy, “It’s nothing.”
The little girl hurried back to work again.
Cheng Juan was sitting in the passenger seat. He leaned on the back of the chair and looked in the rear-view mirror. She was holding the bubble teacup and her complexion had improved a lot, but her spirit was still weak. “You work part-time at the bubble tea shop too?”
Qin Ran poked the straw in and nodded.
Cheng Juan raised his eyes. “Are you short of money?”
He thought of how Ning Qing had been decked out in famous brands. He didn’t know the details of her family, but Ning Qing didn’t look like she came from a family with a lack of money.
“Yeah.” Qin Ran nodded without any psychological burden.
Cheng Juan didn’t speak.
The Lin family.
The Lin family and Lin Jinxuan were at home tonight. Qin Yu had come back home directly as there was no self-study for her. First Middle School’s self-study was primarily for the boarding students, so she was freer.
At the dinner table, the Lin family mainly focused on three things. One was about Lin Jinxuan’s recent busy work, the other was when Lin Wan would return to Beijing, and the last was the current situation of Qin Yu’s learning.
“Is Feng Ci back?” Lin Qi chatted with Lin Jinxuan casually.
Lin Jinxuan nodded. “This time our project is in Yun Cheng. He will come back naturally.”
Lin Qi patted his shoulder. “Do well with him.”
The Feng family was a real prestigious family in Yun Cheng. His father was the mayor, and the Lin family had a normal relationship with the Feng family. Even Lin Qi couldn’t see the mayor easily.
However, Lin Jinxuan had a close relationship with Feng Ci.
Lin Wan also laughed. She gave Lin Jinxuan a piece of vegetable and said in a gentle voice, “The Feng family has a deep foundation. There won’t be any big problems if the two of you cooperate.”
Lin Jinxuan bowed his head. “I know.”
After talking about Lin Jinxuan, the conversation turned to Qin Yu again.
Lin Wan asked this question in more detail and learned that Qin Yu had done well in her exams, so she naturally was eager to praise her.
“This was an ordinary test. It’s useless to take ninth place.” Qin Yu smiled and spoke humbly, but the pride in her voice couldn’t be hidden.
“You’re just being humble.” Lin Qi smiled happily.
The atmosphere on the table was very good. Ning Qing sat next to Lin Qi, gave Lin Qi a piece of meat and smiled. Then, she called Aunt Zhang to bring another bowl of soup.
She did it all with the aura of a hostess.
Lin Wan glanced at her and put down her chopsticks.
“Yu’er, I heard that your elder sister is also in First Middle School. How is she doing?” Lin Wan asked with a smile.
Ning Qing’s face froze.
Qin Yu’s expression remained unchanged. “I’m not in the same class as her, so I don’t know clearly…” She paused. “But after seeing her score of 30 in English, I think sister just came here and might not be used to our school’s learning methods. It’ll be fine once she gets used to it.”
“Hah—” Lin Wan picked up a paper towel and wiped the corners of her mouth, her voice dull. “The education in Ninghai Village is really bad. Yu’er, thank God you grew up in our Lin family.”
Ning Qing’s expression was even worse.
After the meal, the people at the table went to do their own things.
Qin Yu went upstairs to practice the violin. The violin score was still in front of her, and she played it several times.
Although the song was good, Qin Yu really couldn’t pull off the emotions behind it.
She sat on the chair for a long while and locked the score in the drawer again. Although the song was good, it was too time-consuming to practice it, so she didn’t plan to practice it again.
The study room was also on the second floor.
“When are you going to return to Beijing?” Lin Qi poured a cup of tea for Lin Wan and said gently.
Lin Wan pressed her temples, looking tired. “Two days later.”
“Just know when you have to leave.” Lin Qi nodded.
Lin Wan took up the teacup and took a sip. “About Teacher Wei, I listened to the violin played by Yu’er yesterday, and I think she basically only plays songs that everyone already knows.”
“She’s still young.” Lin Qi laughed. “She can’t compose yet.”
“Teacher Wei likes apprentices with their own spirits. This kind of popular music can’t impress him. I’ll settle the quota and let Yu’er concentrate fully on composing. There’s still some time left, it’s completely doable.” Lin Wan put down her teacup and said slowly, “I’ll take her to Beijing for a few days. Old Master would surely like it.”
“Just as you have planned.” Lin Qi had no opinion. For so many years, he also regarded Qin Yu as his biological daughter.
The atmosphere on both sides was good.
Ning Qing, who was walking into the room with her mobile phone, was iron-blue, on the other hand.
Lin Wan indeed played her weight at night. When Lin Wan came back, Aunt Zhang and the rest all basically revolved around her.
Ning Qing was uneasy.
She pulled out a phone number in the phone book and pressed it directly.
Lu Zhaoying continued to order meals at En Yu Hotel in the evening.
Qin Ran wanted to thank the two for their warm help at noon in the evening but didn’t expect that Lu Zhaoying didn’t give her the opportunity to at all.
Cheng Juan only asked her to sit and take a good rest, and then took his thermometer to measure her temperature. When he saw that her fever was almost gone, he poured her a glass of water and then sat down on the sofa.
Qin Ran took a sip. It still had a touch of sweetness.
Noon hadn’t been an illusion.
She felt inexplicably better.
She held the cup and watched Cheng Juan and Lu Zhaoying. Although these two were capitalists, they were simply too good as bosses. Since they didn’t let her work, Qin Ran wanted to make it up in other ways.
She sniffed and looked at Cheng Juan, wanting to say something when her cell phone happened to ring.
It was Ning Qing’s voice. It sounded irritable, and it seemed to be suppressing some anger that had nowhere to go, so she took the liberty to vent all of it onto her. “Qin Ran, why aren’t you learning well even in First Middle School? How could you score 30 points, I can’t even buy over any school with this score! Do you know that at today’s dining table…”
Qin Ran had very little contact with Ning Qing.
Her head had already been throbbing, and the sudden sharp voice made her veins tighten and she coughed two times before saying emotionlessly, “If you don’t have any other damn thing to say, I’m hanging up.”
If possible, Ning Qing would also like to ignore her, but she was her own daughter. Outsiders would always point at her and say, Look, that’s Ning Qing’s daughter, the last place.
She breathed a sigh of relief. “From this week on, I’ve found a few teachers for you. You can go to tuition classes obediently. You will go once you’re on vacation, and don’t make trouble everywhere…”
She didn’t finish talking.
Because Qin Ran had hung up the phone.
Putting away the phone, Qin Ran leaned back and tilted her head. Her good-looking eyes were squinted and looked quite arrogant. “Do you have another computer?”