Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Attack Together, Save Time
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Cheng Juan didn’t ask her what she wanted to do. He just put down his things and brought a computer over to her.
When Qin Ran took over the computer, he asked, “Who was it, sounded like a bitch.”
Qin Ran’s cold fingertips swiped across the computer. The corners of her lips weren’t smiling and revealed a bit of casual coldness.
This matter wasn’t complicated to explain, so Qin Ran explained why she had come to Yun Cheng succinctly.
It was quite brief, but Cheng Juan understood the main parts.
He looked at Qin Ran for a while and then said, “Your mother is your biological mother?”
Qin Ran’s voice sounded wrong and she was still weak and coughing. Cheng Juan stopped looking at his documents and kept staring at her to check on her condition.
He frowned at the thought of how Ning Qing didn’t even ask about him.
This sentence made Qin Ran smile and she was quite happy. “Yeah, she is.”
Qin Ran’s USB flash drive was with him.
She stood up, looked around the room, and took the computer to the tatami mat near the window.
Cheng Juan’s computer had a spy screen, and this place was a dead end. Unless he stood behind her, he wouldn’t be able to see what she was doing.
She opened the USB flash drive and started work casually. She hadn’t taken orders for more than a year.
Cheng Juan was preparing for his Sunday operation, but he still couldn’t calm down. He looked at the words he had written down on the paper. He knew them, but he couldn’t pierce together the meaning.
He tilted his head back and looked at the girl sitting on the tatami mat. She was still wrapped in a shirt, and her face didn’t look as relaxed as usual. Her expression was a little more serious than he had ever seen before. He squinted slightly and didn’t know what she was doing, but her whole body seemed to be glowing.
He moved his hands.
After a short while, he turned to find a cup, poured a cup of warm water, and put a few pills beside it.
While he did it, Qin Ran’s eyes didn’t even deviate slightly.
After work at this time, Lu Zhaoying went back to the gate of the yard and picked up the meal that En Yu Hotel had just delivered.
He originally wanted to call Qin Ran but was interrupted by Cheng Juan’s gaze.
“Then we’ll eat later.” Lu Zhaoying placed the two wooden boxes on the table. “Master Juan, have you arranged for the surgery on Sunday?”
He came over and looked at the notebook in Cheng Juan’s hand.
Damn it, it was still the same as at noon.
Lu Zhaoying was curious. “Master Juan, why haven’t you finished it?”
Cheng Juan glanced at him. His good-looking fingers hit the table and he said concisely, “No time.”
Lu Zhaoying: “…”
Qin Ran finished her work. It was already ten minutes after dinner. She ate and took her medicine, before looking around the school medical office and tidying the things that needed to be tidied.
As soon as she was about to leave, her sleeves were tugged on by Cheng Juan.
If it had been somewhere else, or someone else, she would probably frown or break their hands impatiently.
“What’s the matter?” At this time, Qin Ran’s mood was rather good.
She turned sideways, looked at Cheng Juan, and narrowed her eyes casually.
“Bring this cup. The cup is new and no one has used it.” Cheng Juan passed her the thermos cup she had just drunk from. He was a little lazy and his eyes were dark. He paused for a while before saying, “You’re a girl, don’t always drink cold water.”
When Qin Ran came to the school’s medical office, she always carried a bottle of mineral water or a can of cola.
Cheng Juan had observed this many times. She was his patient and was ill, so it was only right to be concerned about her.
Qin Ran took it and glanced at it. The white cup looked pretty.
Cheng Juan touched her fingertips, and after the temperature dropped, her fingers became cold.
He quietly retracted his hand.
“Thank you.” Qin Ran waved her hand at Cheng Juan.
Cheng Juan looked at her leaving figure, then raised his hand in a complicated way and looked at it for a long time.
“My Master Juan, what are you looking at? We should go.” Lu Zhaoying came over.
Cheng Juan retracted his hand, got up, and looked expressionless. “Let’s go.”
Qin Ran returned to class to study by herself.
Her evening self-study was reading a book and copying papers.
She put away the notes that Mu Nan had given her and began to sort through her papers.
She put the test papers one by one from small to large according to the score, and then put it back in satisfaction.
She began to look through a foreign book that had not been translated.
“Ah, ah, I love Doudou’s new album, and it will be on sale tomorrow morning at nine!” Lin Siran’s voice beside her was still very loud, even if it was deliberately suppressed.
Fortunately, classes had already ended, so her voice wasn’t abrupt.
She shook Qin Ran’s arm. “Ran Ran, look at him, he’s so handsome.”
Qin Ran glanced at the screen. It was a magnified young man in a black punk outfit with thick eye makeup that looked very casual on him.
His eyebrows looked pretty and were considered very outstanding in the entertainment industry.
“Do you know him, he is…” Lin Siran was very excited to popularize her idol to Qin Ran.
“Yanxi,” Qin Ran propped her legs up and said casually.
“Ran Ran, are you a fan too?” Lin Siran brightened up.
Qin Ran was expressionless. “No.”
Lin Siran wasn’t disappointed and was very enthusiastic about selling her love for him to Qin Ran instead. “In three years, he has become popular all over the country. The songs he sings are all magical…”
Qin Ran took out a lollipop, peeled it, and put it directly into her mouth.
Lin Siran: “…”
After self-study class, Qin Ran and Lin Siran returned to the bedroom.
Their bedroom was at the end of the corridor, so they passed by Pan Mingyue’s bedroom.
Pan Mingyue had returned early and had cooked a bottle of boiling water. A pretty girl blocked her dormitory door.
“Pan Mingyue, why did you add twenty points to your college entrance examination? Are you a minority?” The girl had a shawl in her hair and squinted at Pan Mingyue.
Pan Mingyue lowered her head and didn’t talk nor look at her.
“Forget it. Jiang Han, don’t make a mess, the host is coming.” Another girl held the talking girl.
Jiang Han put aside her hand and was a bit arrogant. “Why can’t I talk? She and Xu Yaoguang are always about twenty points apart from each other, and Teacher Li already said that she added twenty points and has a good chance of getting champion. Pan Mingyue, tell us yourself. We’re all humans, are you one class higher?”
Several people stood in the way and blocked the side road. Several passing girls didn’t dare to lift their heads and just walked past them.
Qin Ran didn’t go around them. She lowered her head and said concisely, “Make way, it’s troublesome.”
Her eyes were pale and reddish, and she weighed the cup in her hand.
Jiang Han froze. “What did you say?”
This Jiang Han was quite a troublemaker in First Middle School. Seeing this scene, the girls who wanted to get water in the corridor quickly returned to their dormitory. Unless they were passing by, no one dared to step forward.
She was Xu Yaoguang’s number one fangirl and didn’t dare to provoke Qin Yu, so she could only express her anger in other ways.
Qin Ran looked up and smiled, but her tone wasn’t very good, so the evil spirits in her eyes almost rushed out. It was suppressed again and she closed her eyes. “I said, make way. Good dogs don’t block the way.”
Jiang Han looked at the girl who dared to talk to her in this way. She was unfamiliar, with white skin and a good-looking face. It was very hot, but she was wearing a jacket and even had her clothes pulled up high like an obedient student.
Lin Siran didn’t respond. She looked at Qin Ran and didn’t even have time to say anything.
There were many small enterprises in the school and Jiang Han was naturally from such a family too. Her father was an upstart and had donated a library. Her results were rather good as well, so she was in class 3.1.
“Which class are you from? Don’t you know who I am?” Jiang Han’s eyes became amused and a little disdainful. The few girls behind her surrounded her instantly and she sneered. “You’re looking for death—”
Qin Ran let Lin Siran take her cup.
Lin Siran came back to her senses. “Ran Ran, what are you doing? Don’t rush…” In the school, few girls dared to provoke Jiang Han.
Qin Ran reached out and took off her school uniform jacket. Inside was a white T-shirt. She put the school uniform jacket in Lin Siran’s hand, squinted, and said calmly, “We’ll attack together and save time.”