Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Who Are You Showing Off To?
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Qin Ran rolled her sleeves and narrowed her eyes slightly as she looked at Jiang Han, chuckling lowly.
Suddenly, the goosebumps on Jiang Han’s body stood up and felt instinctively dangerous. Her pupils shrank and she tried to take a step back, wanting to escape!
However, before Jiang Han could take a step back, her whole person was strangled by a huge force, and she was severely thrown against the wall by her neck.
There was almost no strength in the body.
Qin Ran held onto Jiang Han with one hand, stretched her legs and knocked the other two girls to the ground. She looked at the last girl, raised an eyebrow, and smiled. “Do you want a taste of this too?”
Girls and boys of this age were unscrupulous in their actions, and in Qin Ran’s eyes, they were just easy targets.
“Stop fighting.” Behind, someone pulled her sleeve.
It was Pan Mingyue.
Qin Ran didn’t speak. She just looked down at Jiang Han expressionlessly.
Jiang Han’s eyebrows were cold and sweaty. The girl in front had her hair tied up, and a few strands of hair fell to the side of her face and stopped at her mouth.
Her eyes were pretty, but her pupils looked blood-stained. Her stare was scary and made people feel goosebumps.
Everyone in the other bedroom knew about this change.
Wu Yan was also a little scared, but she glanced at Jiang Han and the others, stood by the door and said, “Qin Ran, don’t go crazy. I’m going to find the host…”
Qin Ran opened the next door.
When the door hit the wall, it bounced back fiercely with a loud noise.
Not only Wu Yan was afraid to speak, but the entire floor was also silent.
Qin Ran was a little taller than Jiang Han. She let go of the hand that was against her neck, lowered her head slightly, and smiled softly.
After a long while, under Jiang Han’s frightening and somewhat strange eyes, she let go of her hands and slowly put down her rolled-up sleeves.
She went to get her cup back from Lin Siran.
Still with bloodshot eyes, before she left, she turned slightly and smiled wickedly at Jiang Han. “Mind your own business and eat more.”
She took the cup and walked to her bedroom without any rush.
The remaining girls standing in the corridor were like frightened white rabbits, jumping to make way for her.
Almost all the girls in the hallway shrank into the bedroom door and watched her enter the room. She was the first girl who dared to mess with Jiang Han.
For a few minutes, none of them were able to come to their senses and were extremely quiet.
After Lin Siran took a shower, she didn’t see Qin Ran in the dormitory. She frowned and didn’t see her until she came to the balcony.
She saw Qin Ran sitting on the balcony with her back to her, her legs dangling slightly.
Lin Siran was so scared that her heart suddenly stopped. “Ran Ran!”
Qin Ran had heard her noise and she squinted slightly, her eyes narrowing. “What are you panicking for?”
There was still an unlit cigarette in her mouth, and she dangled her legs carelessly. The night scene soaked through her as she thought about something.
Lin Siran didn’t respond.
Qin Ran suddenly laughed in a low voice. She stretched out her hand, jumped back, and threw the cigarette into the trash bin. “Let’s go back to sleep.”
Lin Siran touched her heart and breathed a sigh of relief. “Ran Ran, you were so impressive.”
She was referring to what had happened just now.
She had really never seen any girl make Jiang Han shudder to that extent.
Qin Ran went to the bedroom, her hands behind her head. She didn’t say anything.
It took a long time for Lin Siran to hear her four words, thin and cold. “I’m not a God.”
A villa somewhere in Yun Cheng.
Cheng Juan was holding a knife and studying the mannequin.
He heard Lu Zhaoying opening the door in a panic. “Master Juan, Master Juan, there’s… there’s…”
Cheng Juan turned expressionlessly, pointed his thin scalpel at Lu Zhaoying and tilted his head. “Can you afford my mannequin if you break it?”
Lu Zhaoying was silent.
Young Master Cheng had spent five million customizing human body models, and even the blood vessels had been simulated clearly. He could afford it, but whether or not he could find someone to help customize the human body models was another thing…
He paused, then said, “The order was returned…”
Cheng Juan retracted his dagger. A gust of wind raised the corner of his shirts gently. “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”
Lu Zhaoying: “…”
Although it was senior year, First Middle School didn’t have supplementary classes during the holidays. They had it previously, but after some students’ parents reported it to the Education Bureau, they stopped entirely.
In the past two days, Qin Ran was free except for when she went for her part-time job at the bubble tea shop.
Early Saturday morning, Ning Qing called her several times in a row, but she didn’t answer.
Qin Ran took her backpack and went directly to the hospital to see Chen Shulan.
Chen Shulan lived in the VIP ward of the hospital and had special care. When Qin Ran arrived, her aunt was feeding Chen Shulan soup.
Mu Ying was sitting on a side chair playing with her mobile phone.
Mu Nan sat on the other side cutting an apple with a fruit knife.
Qin Ran went in immediately but stood outside the glass window looking at Chen Shulan for a while.
Chen Shulan had married her grandfather early but had her children late. She had her first child in her thirties.
She was now close to eighty.
As people get older, their organs begin to degenerate, and various diseases would then appear.
Qin Ran had ways to help Ning Wei’s legs, but in the face of natural death, illnesses, and various organ failures, even Qin Ran was helpless.
Qin Ran opened the door and went in. Chen Shulan’s spirit improved immediately.
“Ran Ran, I asked your mother to bring these things. Keep them.” Chen Shulan’s fingers were shaking and unstable as she took out a pile of papers from under the pillow and handed it to Qin Ran.
Qin Ran looked down. The pile of papers was notes that she had crumpled into the trash before.
All written casually.
She didn’t expect her grandmother to pick it up and keep it well.
Seeing that she had no reaction, Chen Shulan couldn’t help but pull Qin Ran’s hand and shove the papers into her hand. Chen Shulan was old and had a bad memory, but she still remembered how the imperial capital’s teacher had looked at these notes.
Like they were a gem.
If it had been another parent, they would definitely have forced their child to learn.
But Chen Shulan was different. She would be happy even if Qin Ran didn’t get married, so all those were just trivial matters.
“Cousin, what’s this?” When Mu Ying saw Qin Ran coming, she put her phone back and came over.
She only saw the paper.
And couldn’t see clearly what was written.
Qin Ran rolled up the papers and stuffed it into her school uniform pocket. “Nothing.”
She said lightly.
Although Mu Ying was curious, she didn’t ask much and just felt strange.
They accompanied Chen Shulan at the hospital till noon, and only when Qin Ran left to work at the bubble tea shop did she leave too.
On Saturday, Qin Yu still came to school to practice the violin.
Qin Yu had a performance on the school anniversary.
On weekdays, the driver usually sent her. This time, however, Lin Wan wanted to see Qin Yu off personally, so he followed along, and Ning Qing could only accompany them.
The car could enter the campus on Saturday.
But when they passed by the door, Qin Yu wanted to drink milk tea.
All three got out of the car.
The driver came down to queue for Qin Yu to buy milk tea.
Qin Yu took Lin Wan’s arm, smiled and introduced her to the current situation in First Middle School.
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a familiar figure at the bubble tea shop. Qin Yu was stunned for a moment.COMMENT
Lin Wan noticed that Qin Yu had a strange expression. “What’s wrong?”
She asked, following her gaze.
“Mom, why is sister here?” Qin Yu glanced at Ning Qing.
Ning Qing had already seen her. She was pale and pursed her lips, before striding over to the bubble tea shop with frosty eyes.
Qin Ran leaned on the bar side, her head lowered and calmly putting a cup of bubble tea on the table.
Ning Qing clenched her fingers tightly. She clutched her 30,000 yuan bag and gritted her teeth. “Qin Ran, what are you doing? Did I not give you money?”