Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Elder Xu’s Successor
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Behind her, Qin Yu stood at a loss beside Lin Wan.
Lin Wan’s face looked inexplicable, and she asked, “Yu’er, is this your sister?”
“Yeah, I didn’t expect my sister to be here…” Qin Yu blinked and sighed.
Inside the bubble tea shop, Qin Ran didn’t even look up. She took a new teacup and said directly, “Don’t disturb me at work.”
At the mention of this, Ning Qing folded her arms tighter.
“Work? What are you working for? Have I treated you badly?” Ning Qing’s turned pale, but at the thought that Lin Wan was still outside, she swallowed her saliva and suppressed her anger. “I’ve arranged tuition for you, yet you didn’t go. In the end, you’re working part-time here. Qin Ran, who are you showing off to? Have I neglected you?!
“With your grades, even Zi High School might not want you. Now that you’re in First Middle School, why can’t you just study properly?!
“Tidy up your things and go to tuition with me,” Ning Qing said, and when Qin Ran ignored her, she turned to another part-timer and said indiscriminately, “Where is your boss, let him come over.”
Her tone was arrogant and high.
The other part-timer had never seen this happen before.
She looked at Ning Qing’s branded stuff, and then at Qin Ran, who wore her school uniform jacket every day. She was a little awkward but felt like Ning Qing wasn’t easy to provoke.
“Qin Ran, just go back with your mother.” The part-timer tried to persuade. “It’s your mother, after all, she must be doing it for your good…”
“How can there be hatred between mother and daughter.”
“My little son can’t even attend First Middle School. You’re in there but are still so ungrateful.” Someone felt sour.
“Children these years have bad grades and don’t even attend tuition, then they come to work instead…”
“You’re so young and yet such a troublemaker. Sigh, it must be hard on your mother…”
Several onlookers pointed out one by one.
In their traditional view, parents could have no fault.
The surrounding finger-pointing seemed to give Ning Qing courage. She reached out to pull Qin Ran…
Her hand just reached out.
A bony joint with a sharp hand knocked her down.
Ning Qing looked up immediately and saw a clean and handsome face. The teenager was fresh and his movements weren’t rude. He said calmly, “If you wanted to control her, shouldn’t you have done it ten years ago?”
Ning Qing’s mind was emptied for a moment.
Wei Zihang didn’t plan to just let it go. He bit his cigarette, turned around, and pointed at Ning Qing. “This person got divorced when her daughter was seven years old, and then she married a wealthy man. She refused to bring her daughter back. In twelve years, she never came back once. Do you guys still think she is a mother?”
“But… if I didn’t care about her, why would I help her study in First Middle School…”
“Speaking of this, I want to ask more.” Wei Zihang looked at Ning Qing and suddenly smiled, but his eyes were cold. “I remember that Principal Xu already let Sister Qin attend First Middle School one year ago. Aunt Ning, I want to ask you, why do you have to make it seem like Sister Qin could only attend school because of your family?”
There was silence at this moment.
For a while, Ning Qing didn’t know what to say. She was pale, her head was empty, and she acted mechanically.
Wei Zihang chuckled. “Speaking of that, Sister Qin is already so big and you’ve never even taken care of her before. Forget that you took advantage of her, now you’re still pointing at her and criticizing her?”
At this moment, the onlookers no longer looked at Qin Ran. Instead, they were all pointing at Ning Qing.
Having a step-father meant having a step-mother. Which biological mother wouldn’t go to see her daughter for twelve years?
Ning Qing didn’t expect things to turn to this.
In these twelve years, she had never experienced such a dilemma.
Everyone was looking and pointing at her while gossiping, making her feel uncomfortable.
Soon someone recognized the 30,000 yuan bag in her hand and then they started discussing Qin Ran’s clothes. Ning Qing saw someone hold up her mobile phone and lowered her head and quickly walked out of the tea shop.
Qin Ran’s expression remained unchanged from beginning to end.
Another clerk recognized Wei Zihang and lowered her head in horror, afraid to say a word.
Her hands holding onto money were shaking.
Ning Qing went out.
Lin Wan smirked.
Ning Qing clutched her handbag and didn’t look at Lin Wan.
“How did my sister know him?” Qin Yu whispered.
“Why?” Lin Wan only tilted her head slightly and let Qin Yu take her arm.
Qin Yu looked at Wei Zihang’s direction in a complicated way. Wei Zihang was well known and hardly anyone dared to mess with him, but they all discussed his appearance in private.
“That’s the famous school bully of Zi High School next door. They don’t do honorable business, and I heard that he’s even related to the underworld,” Qin Yu whispered.
Ning Qing’s expression was even worse.
Lin Wan glanced at Ning Qing, smiled slightly and nodded her head. She raised her eyebrows and spoke thoughtfully, “Yu’er, that person said that Qin Ran managed to attend First Middle School not because of your father?”
Qin Yu also looked at Wei Zihang’s direction. Her hands paused and she returned to her senses and said, “Back then, First Middle School didn’t accept Sister. We all know how her grades are… but I heard that Principal Xu went to Ninghai Village to help the poor out before and three years ago, an incident happened there. I guess Principal Xu took pity on her.”
As soon as Lin Wan heard this, she thought for a moment and didn’t ask anymore.
Qin Ran didn’t look like someone who was associated with First Middle School’s Principal.
They went to see Qin Yu’s performance. Qin Yu’s charisma was really good. She was young yet played the violin well.
Lin Wan also knew music and naturally understood it.
She would return to Beijing in a few days.
She thought about it and pulled Qin Yu aside after her performance.
“Aunt?” Qin Yu said in surprise.
Lin Wan pondered for a while and said, “I’ve found a violin teacher for you, an international master. I can’t tell you his name for the time being, but he has a high apprenticeship and likes students with their own spirits. It’s best that you take some original music to him. A few months later, you will have a chance to perform in front of him, do you understand?”
Qin Yu didn’t respond.
Her heart was beating like a drum. What was Lin Wan’s identity now? The family she married into was also a little famous in Beijing. How amazing would the violin teacher be if even she was full of high praises?
Qin Yu was well aware of her foundation. This kind of teacher was sure to be demanding. She could write her own music, but it might not be what he wanted…
“Yu’er?” Qin Yu didn’t speak for a while, and Lin Wan called her again.
Qin Yu was a little absentminded. She remembered the musical notation locked by her in the drawer. After a while, she looked up, her eyes glowing like a torch, and said certainly, “Aunt, thank you. I won’t let you down.”
She clenched her fists.
The bubble tea shop wasn’t far away.
Cheng Juan bit a cigarette in his mouth. He didn’t light it and his face was expressionless. His eyes were droopy and frosty. “Lu Zhaoying, you’d better have something urgent.”
Lu Zhaoying looked at Cheng Juan with an expression of resentment. How anxious could he be?!
The beauty had already been saved by the hero!
If you were in a TV show you would be the second male lead!
The idiot who only knew how to give!
The one that couldn’t survive past three episodes!
He wanted to vomit, but there was something more strange now. Lu Zhaoying turned and repeated what had happened to Cheng Juan. Then, he tutted. “Master Juan, it’s been so many years and so many people have fallen into Elder Xu’s hands. But when have you seen Elder Xu being so compassionate to give a letter of recommendation?
“Elder Xu said last time that he had found a successor. Do you remember?”