Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Embarrassing Yourself
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People were always prejudiced by first impressions.
Li Airong’s last recollection of Qin Ran was when Principal Xu gave her that personal file. At that point, her impression of Qin Ran was ruined.
When she heard reports of Qin Ran’s fight with Jiang Han, she angrily rushed to the Ninth Class. “Mr. Gao, I’ve already told you a long time ago that we can’t keep this student. Is school a place where she can do as she please? Do you see other students acting like her?”
The whole class turned to look at her.
Qin Ran calmly flipped through a book. She leaned slightly against the wall, slightly lowered her eyes and it seemed that she did not care at all.
“Ms. Li, this could possibly be a misunderstanding. Qin Ran is not an unreasonable student. We should clarify matters first…” Gao Yang frowned slightly, walked to the door and adjusted his glasses.
“Misunderstanding? What sort of misunderstanding can there be? Mr. Gao, I’m just about done with you. If you don’t want your class to learn well, I want my class to do well during the exams. I will look for the principal regarding this matter, but I have to trouble you to inform Qin Ran’s parents to come over,” Li Airong said as she looked at the girl who was sitting down and flipping through a book.
Li Airong contemptuously remarked. “Mr. Gao, you don’t have to say anything. Save it for when you speak to the principal.”
Turning around, she walked off in her high heels.
Gradually, some people started whispering in a low voice.
“What’s going on? Qin Ran fought with Jiang Han? She doesn’t seem like someone who would fight with others,” someone whispered.
“What do you mean? Who do you think would look like someone who would get into a fight then?”
“That’s true. Haven’t you heard? In the past when Qin Ran did something illegal, even the police were shocked.”
“Really? What did she do?”
There was a commotion in the initially quiet classroom due to this matter.
“Didn’t Jiang Han tell you why we fought?” Qin Ran put down the book, stood up and looked at Li Airong with eyes blazing with anger.
Li Airong did not expect her to speak and was slightly startled. She sneered. “A fight is a fight. What’s there to explain?”
“You are right. There is nothing to explain. Ms. Li, do you care about your students?” Qin Ran glanced at Gao Yang and did not give him a chance to speak first.
“Of course I care about my students. They all want to excel in their exams and get into a good school.” Li Airong was slightly offended. “Your excuses are all useless, Qin Ran. Today, I have no choice but to…”
A cell phone suddenly appeared in Qin Ran’s hand and she threw it on the table. “Who are you going to talk to? Principal Xu? You don’t have to look for him because he will be here soon.”
In reality, Li Airong was not really serious about looking for the principal.
Principal Xu was usually busy and many things in the school were managed by the vice-principal. Looking for Principal Xu was not easy.
This was especially since many unknown visitors usually came to see Principal Xu. These visitors either drove luxury cars or had red car plates and were very impressive.
In recent years, the teachers and students of the school came to know that Principal Xu’s background was probably not simple. It was as difficult to reach him as calling the hotline of the mayor.
The Ninth Class fell silent. The students looked at Qin Ran in surprise.
Li Airong was also stunned for a moment before saying with an angry expression, “Do you think I will believe a lie that you casually threw out? I can also say that Principal Xu is at my house now…”
“What’s with the ruckus?” Before Li Airong could finish, a deep voice was heard.
An old man slowly walked over with his hands behind his back.
He hid his pair of sharp eyes behind his glasses.
Principal Xu rarely appeared, so most of the students did not recognize him. However, his esteemed presence was not to be underestimated.
“Principal Xu?” Li Airong and Gao Yang’s hearts skipped a beat.
Xu Yaoguang could not help but look at Qin Ran. So this was the life-saving benefactor who was able to get his grandfather to call him here? Who exactly was Qin Ran?
The Ninth Class was silent again.
Li Airong paused and looked at Qin Ran.
Gritting her teeth, she said, “Principal Xu, it’s great that you’re here. This transfer student just joined the school not long ago and is already stirring up trouble. Last night, she fought with Jiang Han, who is in my class, and disrupted the learning of my students. I am sure you know that our class has to focus on the exams and can’t afford to be disrupted.”
Principal Xu was still calmly looking at Qin Ran.
Qin Ran lowered her eyes and seemed to be thinking about something. Not making a sound, her expression was indecipherable.
Li Airong looked at her more scornfully. Now that Principal Xu was here, why was she still silent?
After Principal Xu arrived, the class was quiet for a moment before a commotion broke out again.
The voices of many girls were heard.
“I bet her act was exposed and she has nothing to say anymore. Out of everyone, she just had to fight with Jiang Han. And now Principal Xu is really here.” Jiang Han’s results were not bad, and her father was a nouveau riche. The books in the school’s library were all donated by her father.
“What act? She was the one who invited him here.”
“She has the same surname as Qin Yu, so why is she so different from her?” Most of the gossip came from the girls.
Once Qin Ran joined, she became a celebrity in school. Every day after class, many people would look for her. If she were like Qin Yu, who had a good family background, good results and good looks, they would be accepting, but someone like Qin Ran just made them jealous.
The classroom was filled with noise.
“Ms. Li, you said that you cared about the students in your class, so why don’t you know that Jiang Han from your class has been threatening Pan Mingyue with violence?” Qin Ran lifted her head, smiled and said quietly.
“You…” Li Airong was shocked.
“There’s no need to argue. You can take a look at the surveillance cameras that monitor the hallway of the girl’s dormitory.” Qin Ran turned to look at Li Airong and coldly said, ” You said that you care so much about the health and growth of your students, so I want to know why do you not care that Jiang Han has been insulting and threatening Pan Mingyue.”
Her last sentence made the entire Ninth Class stare at Li Airong.
Li Airong’s face gradually turned pale.
Since it concerned Pan Mingyue, Principal Xu became serious.
He sternly said, “Ms. Li, I have to check the surveillance cameras and get the police to investigate this. If it really is as Qin Ran said, violence in school cannot be tolerated.”
How did this turn into school violence and involved the police?
Since Qin Ran mentioned the surveillance cameras, it meant that she did not lie. Li Airong tried to adapt to the circumstances and quickly said, “Principal Xu, I apologize. I did not clarify things and did not know that this was related to Pan Mingyue…”
“It’s no use telling me this. Qin Ran is the one you should address.” Principal Xu calmly reminded her.
Li Airong was pale with rage. Apologizing to a student, especially a student she looked down on, was a little humiliating. In the end, she braced herself and apologized to Qin Ran in front of the entire Ninth Class. “Qin Ran, I’m sorry for misunderstanding you.”
“That’s not needed. Besides, I’ve heard that in the past that Ms. Li was a righteous and good teacher who cared about her students. I didn’t expect that you would be so corrupt and despise the poor and curry favor with the rich,” Qin Ran indifferently said.
A few boys in the Ninth Class could not help but burst into laughter.
Li Airong did not want to stay a moment longer. She lowered her pale face and left. Today, she embarrassed herself.
When she walked past Gao Yang, she directed her anger at him and viciously said, “Mr. Gao, don’t be so proud. Look at the trash in your class. I want to see how many of them will actually pass the college entrance examination.”
The bell that marked the end of class sounded.
Due to this conflict, the class was delayed for about eight minutes.
Many people were already gathered outside the Ninth Class.
Qiao Sheng kicked a stool and stood up. Standing firmly on the ground, he arrogantly said, “Qin Ran, what exactly happened? Do you need me to help you teach Jiang Han a lesson?”
The students in the Ninth Class who were gossiping about Qin Ran did not dare to say anything more.
Qin Ran packed her books and said indifferently, “No.”
After glancing at Qin Ran, Xu Yaoguang took his books and said faintly, “Let’s go. Qin Yu said that she will be practicing a new song tonight.”
Recently, he was obsessed with Qin Yu’s new song, and Qiao Sheng also knew about it.
As Qin Yu did not see Xu Yaoguang and him downstairs, she went upstairs to wait for them.
Seeing that a lot of people had gathered outside the Ninth Class and were talking about Qin Ran without noticing that she was there, Qin Yu could not help but pinch herself.
She pursed her lips, looked up and sighed in worry. “I heard from them that my sister got into trouble again?”