Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Qin Ran Is Really Like Someone
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Xu Yaoguang was as laconic as ever. He paused for a while before looking at Qin Yu.
Quiet and taciturn.
However, Qiao Sheng suddenly tilted his head and looked at Qin Yu strangely.
Qin Yu squeezed her book tightly and smiled. “Did I say something wrong? Getting into fights is nothing new for my sister. This is the truth. If she didn’t cause trouble, a school would not have rejected her in the past. If Principal Xu did not pity her, how could she be accepted here considering her personal record?”
“Why are you so prejudiced against your sister? She’s not like what you said. Today’s problems were caused by Jiang Han from your class.” Qiao Sheng dribbled the basketball in his hand and rebutted her without much expression.
Qin Yu was startled.
She did not think that Qiao Sheng would speak to her like that.
“I’m going to the court to play basketball. I won’t be going to the Art Building today,” Qiao Sheng said to Xu Yaoguang before dribbling his basketball away and rallying a few boys to the court. He did not apologize to Qin Yu.
Xu Yaoguang nodded. After Qiao Sheng left, he saw that Qin Yu was still in shock and slowly spoke. “Principal Xu is not a sympathetic person.”
“Hm?” Qin Yu did not react.
After a while, she pursed her lips and smiled. “You’re joking again. How do you know what sort of person Principal Xu is like?”
After that, she hugged her books and quietly walked. Looking at the few boys in front who were playing basketball, Qin Yu felt very depressed.
She was not very sure of Xu Yaoguang’s identity. That time, he defended her once in front of Wei Zihang, and she felt that someone who could stand up to Wei Zihang was not ordinary.
However, in the past two years, Xu Yaoguang stayed in the dormitory and dressed and ate simply.
Due to this reason, even though his surname was Xu, no one associated him with Principal Xu.
In contrast, Qiao Sheng was an obvious rich second-generation heir.
The two of them walked into the Art Building.
Qin Yu did not do anything else besides practicing hard on the violin. She seemed to spend almost 10 hours every day on the violin. Now, her playing was smoother and clearer than the past.
However, it still seemed to lack something.
Nevertheless, a few members of the Student Union were shocked and very excited. “Qin Yu, do you want to play this on the school founder’s day? This also sounds amazing.”
“I thought that the song to be placed on the school founder’s day was already fixed.” Qin Yu pursed her lips. “I’m trying to find a mentor using this song. I composed it myself.”
“Really?” Everyone present was in awe and envy.
Only Xu Yaoguang was a little hesitant.
Qin Yu’s playing was great, but it seemed to be missing something. He frowned and could not say anything.
“What do you think?” Qin Yu asked him.
Xu Yaoguang snapped out of his thoughts. “It sounds really good.”
Once Qin Yu was done practicing, she went to the cafeteria to eat with Xu Yaoguang.
Since class ended late today, Qin Ran continued to stay in the classroom for a while.
It rained quite heavily tonight. The rain and fog made everything misty, and even the houses nearby looked blurry.
Lin Siran talked to Nie Fei about a poster and left with Nie Fei carrying an umbrella. She originally wanted to get an umbrella from the dormitory, but after seeing Pan Mingyue at the doorway of the Ninth Class with a black umbrella in hand, Lin Siran smiled and informed Qin Ran.
At this time, the five of them shared two umbrellas as they walked across the school. It was not noisy and mostly quiet.
The school’s medical office.
As it suddenly rained, few people were in there now.
Lu Zhaoying leaned back on his chair, propped both of his legs up and tapped his fingers on the table. He turned to look at Cheng Juan. “Master Juan, President Jiang wants to see you.”
Cheng Juan was currently analyzing a rare illness. In response, he coldly turned a page and lazily replied without looking up. “I will not see him.”
The operation was already over, so there was no reason to see him.
Knowing that Cheng Juan was usually impatient with these things, Lu Zhaoying was not surprised. Looking outside the door, he said in concern, “It’s raining so heavily. I wonder if Qin Ran brought an umbrella with her. She just recovered from a fever.”
Cheng Juan paused and could not help but raise his head.
The door of the school’s sickbay was still open because Qin Ran had not arrived.
Just as he spoke, they saw two people walking towards them. The girl who was holding an umbrella had short hair and wore glasses, so her face could not be seen clearly. She was actually quite attractive but looked a little boring compared to the girl beside her.
Cheng Juan did not notice that his eyes were focused on the girl beside her.
She was indifferent and cool. Her remarkable eyes were vivid in the fog and as bright as a landscape painting.
Qin Ran had not spoken to Pan Mingyue at all from the beginning to the end.
When Qin Ran walked into the sickbay, Pan Mingyue turned around to walk to the cafeteria.
Looking at her back view, Lu Zhaoying felt that she was quite thin. He could not help but turn around and ask, “Qin Ran, is that your classmate? Why don’t you ask her to sit down? Look, her clothes are all wet.”
“She has no time and needs to rush back to study.” As her school jacket was wet, Qin Ran took it off.
Lu Zhaoying remarked. “What a nerd.”
Cheng Juan picked up the air conditioner remote control and raised the temperature by a few degrees.
He continued to look at the case but did not focus. In the residual light in the kitchen, he saw Qin Ran. He appeared expressionless but was actually irascible.
She was very unhappy, and her body language also showed that she was upset.
Cheng Juan continued to look at his case. He leaned on the sofa and turned the pages carelessly.
These two days, the three of them had developed a difficult relationship. Even after putting aside their differences, Lu Zhaoying did not feel defensive against Qin Ran.
When Cheng Juan said that there was a shortage of people, Lu Zhaoying did not stop him.
At this time, Lu Zhaoying invited Qin Ran to stay for dinner and Qin Ran could not reject him.
There were many people in the cafeteria, and she rarely went there.
She usually went out to look for shops with few people, it was quite time-consuming.
As they were eating, Cheng Juan slightly lifted his feet. He saw that she looked distressed and could not help but ask, “What’s wrong?”
“Oh.” Qin Ran responded. The girl who was usually cool seemed out of character. She narrowed her eyes. “There’s a parent-teacher meeting this Saturday, but my grandmother is still in the hospital.”
Lu Zhaoying originally wanted to say something, but he suddenly remembered Ning Qing. She lowered her head and started to eat quietly.
Cheng Juan looked at her for a while and could not help but smile. He usually looked lazy, and even his smile sometimes caused others to feel stressed. But as he smiled now, his eyes were clear like melted snow.
“It’s not like your teacher knows your family,” he said.
Lu Zhaoying generously said, “Qin Ran, I can be your dad!”
Qin Ran touched her chin, looked at Lu Zhaoying and considered this possibility. “You’re too young to be my dad.”
“I can be your brother. It’s settled, then.” Lu Zhaoying straightened his clothes and was very pleased with himself. Then, he asked, “Is that student you were with in the same class as you?”
Cheng Juan looked at him expressionlessly.
The two of them discussed for a long time until they finished eating. Lu Zhaoying was still immersed in the conversation and suddenly felt Cheng Juan’s gaze.
Cheng Juan’s face was as picturesque and kind. “Why haven’t I seen Lu Zhaoying, the resolute man, so enthusiastic before?”
However, Lu Zhaoying’s legs went soft. He scratched his head again. “Oh, Master Juan, Qin Ran is quite attractive, and I was drawn to her when I saw her. However, I really don’t feel that way about her.”
He was not daring enough.
Qin Ran spoke quite matter-of-factly. There was no one to take her to the parent-teacher meeting on Saturday.
However, Lu Zhaoying felt an inexplicable sadness.
He had never cared about other people’s feelings before, but during the past few days that Qin Ran was here, he did not mention her family at all.
Even though she was responsible for both of their meals, he did not even look up her information.
If one must know, to be the chef of both of them, she had to go through multiple rounds of interviews.
Cheng Juan initially said it casually, but after hearing this, he recomposed himself and pondered slightly. “Continue talking.”
Lu Zhaoying scratched his head, touched his earring and looked away. “I just… think that I feel an inexplicable closeness to her. How about we threaten her mother together since I have the time after eating?”
“Closeness?” Cheng Juan’s face darkened and continued laughing.
“Ah, no.” Lu Zhaoying stood up as if a lightbulb lit up in his head. “I think she’s like…”