Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Lin Jinxuan’s Surprise, The Board
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“Ah, no.” Lu Zhaoying stood up as if a lightbulb lit up in his head. “I think she’s like…”
He pondered about it and suddenly thought of someone. “Like my mother, Master Juan!”
Lu Zhaoying guessed and didn’t explain anything to Master Juan. He might even fly to Africa to mine in the evening.
He had said she was like his mother casually, of course, but Lu Zhaoying couldn’t remember where the specific sense of familiarity came from.
Cheng Juan continued to look at him expressionlessly. His eyes were as thick as ink, but Lu Zhaoying’s scalp was about to explode.
He cleaned up the bowls that the three had eaten. “Then… Master Juan, I have to wash the plates?”
Cheng Juan retracted his gaze and nodded.
His emotions couldn’t be heard, and Lu Zhaoying sighed a breath of relief in the kitchen. He was still thinking about it, pondering over where the familiarity had come from.
The Lin family.
Qin Yu had been practicing the violin these two days, familiarizing herself with the melody.
Lin Wan lived in Beijing. Qin Yu knew what status her aunt’s married family had in Beijing. Although the Lin family was considered a wealthy family in Yun Cheng, they weren’t worth a mention in Beijing.
Since she had this opportunity, she had to seize it no matter what. Besides attending school, Qin Yu ate quickly and was basically in the violin room the whole day.
Downstairs, Lin Jinxuan came back late today and found Qin Yu absent as he ate.
Ning Qing smiled happily. “Yu’er is practicing in the violin room. I’ll bring dinner to her later. She has improved a lot recently.”
Lin Jinxuan didn’t expect her to work so hard, but he had also heard Lin Wan talk about the teacher in Beijing, so it wasn’t too surprising.
After eating, he went to the study on the second floor. The door of the piano room wasn’t closed. When he passed by the violin room, he heard a low voice come from inside.
He had heard the violin played by Qin Yu, but had never heard this melody before.
He paused.
Qin Yu put down her violin, looked up, and found Lin Jinxuan standing outside the door. She was a little surprised. “Brother? Why are you back?”
Lin Jinxuan shoved his mobile phone in his pocket, smiled softly, and said with a gentle voice, “Yu’er, your violin has made a lot of progress. Just… use less emotion and practice more.”
Lin Jinxuan had played the violin since young.
Because he knew music as well, Lin Jinxuan rarely praised her. At most, he would only nod and say it was “Not bad” if she asked.
This was the first time Lin Jinxuan had praised her.
Qin Yu pursed her lips and then smiled. “Thank you, brother. This is a song I composed myself, but it needs improvement. Could I ask you if you have time?”
“Yourself?” Lin Jinxuan was a little surprised. The song was cold and dark, and the structure was also a little big. It didn’t seem to suit Qin Yu.
Qin Yu nodded. “It just needs improvement.”
“It needs to be changed. The entire style doesn’t suit you. Give me your music notations and I’ll take a look.” Lin Jinxuan looked at Qin Yu in surprise. “But it’s impressive.”
Finally, he couldn’t help but praise her.
Qin Yu just tilted her head and smiled.
The next day.
In the second class in the morning, Qin Ran accompanied Lin Siran and Nie Fei to get colored chalk.
In high school, too few people were willing to engage in the board. But Tuesday to Wednesday was too tight a time, so Lin Siran only found Nie Fei as a companion.
Nie Fei was in charge of painting, and time was short.
Lin Siran took Qin Ran together.
While going to get the colored chalk, Lin Siran wanted Qin Ran to go with them.
Wu Yan also went to the office to get English papers.
It happened that Qin Yu was holding the Chemistry papers, so Wu Yan was waiting for Qin Yu to walk together with her.
When they were in the corridor, they saw Qin Ran and Lin Siran downstairs, walking from the comprehensive building to the teaching building, during which there was a sophomore boy who even gave her a love letter.
Thinking of what happened yesterday, and how Qiao Sheng had yet to come to find her, Qin Yu pursed her lips and asked, seemingly nonchalant, “How’s Qiao Sheng’s relationship with your class’ new student?”
“Qin Ran?” At the mention of this, Wu Yan’s expression was also very complicated. “Qiao Sheng covers for her very much. Nobody dares to go against Qin Ran in class.”
From the big jar of lollipops last time to Qiao Sheng wanting to put Jiang Han and the others in place, class 3.9 didn’t dare to even talk about Qin Ran.
“Oh.” Qin Yu had expected it and didn’t have any expression on her face.
She wasn’t familiar with Qiao Sheng and only knew him mainly because of Xu Yaoguang. She didn’t know why Qiao Sheng still followed behind Xu Yaoguang even though he was obviously the rich second generation kid.
Qin Yu knew Qiao Sheng through Xu Yaoguang.
At this time, she didn’t know what to say and remained silent.
Wu Yan saw that Qin Yu was still staring at Qin Ran and the others, lowered her head and pouted as well. Her tone was sour as she said, “That’s our class board that nobody was willing to do. Old Gao found Lin Siran, and Nie Fei also knows how to draw. I don’t know why Qin Ran is there with them, what does she even know how to do? Her words are like a dog’s claws. I just hope she doesn’t ruin our board review.”
Qin Yu was listening while her thoughts flew.
They had two days to do up the board, and the first theme was regarding the “High School Entrance Examination”.
Lin Siran wrote well. She used her spare time to post the content.
Nie Fei would then paint it.
On Tuesday, Lin Siran used noon for self-study, and there was time for self-study during class too. She wrote almost everything and left a blank space for Nie Fei to paint.
At noon on Wednesday, Nie Fei drew a little and waited for self-study at night to do the rest.
They studied from six to ten in the evening. Four hours was enough.
By the end of the evening, more than half of the board was still blank.
Qin Ran sat on a stool and flipped through her books. She sat there leaning against the wall, lazily supporting her chin, waiting for Lin Siran to leave first.
Before they both left, they saw Nie Fei walking over.
Lin Siran put away the math papers and was very happy. “Nie Fei, wait for me, I’ll be done right away.”
In the past two days, she ate dinner with Nie Fei.
Before she finished speaking, she saw Nie Fei bow to her guiltily. “Siran, Qin Ran, I’m sorry, I can’t continue to participate in the bulletin anymore. Someone just notified me that the student union has a reminder board and I must go there instead.”
Nie Fei was an officer in the art department of the Student Union, which was considered official business.
Lin Siran also knew this, so she smiled forcefully. “It’s all right.”
When Nie Fei left, she sat down on the chair, looking sadly at the blank spaces on the poster. “Ahhhhhhhh, Ran Ran, what should we do?”
If Nie Fei had told her yesterday, Lin Siran could have found someone else.
But it was already night, and some people weren’t staying in school and didn’t attend self-study, so Lin Siran wouldn’t be able to find anyone.
Lin Siran was annoyed. A girl from the front came over and lowered her voice.
“Siran, have you offended Qin Yu?” the girl whispered.
Lin Siran was aggressive and shook her head directly. She had reminded Qin Ran before that Qin Yu mustn’t be messed with, so how could she have committed that mistake? “How could it be?”
“Then I don’t know.” The girl glanced at Lin Siran. “When I went to the comprehensive building in the afternoon, I saw Qin Yu asking Nie Fei to help draw the student union’s board poster.”
Qin Yu had a good family background and her grades were good. Compared to Lin Siran, it wasn’t difficult for Nie Fei to help Qin Yu instead.
Even though she knew this, Lin Siran still frowned. Since she couldn’t find anyone else to do the board, she could only do it herself.
Qin Ran kept her phone in her pocket. She stood up, knocked on the table and frowned, her face shrouded in the shadows so that her expression couldn’t be seen. “Go and eat first.”
Her voice was also light.
Lin Siran wasn’t in the mood to joke around today, so she went to the cafeteria sadly.
The cafeteria was far from the teaching building.
It took almost ten minutes.
Xu Yaoguang was having dinner with Principal Xu at night. He didn’t go to the cafeteria and went back to the class to get his jacket.
Today the door of the class was unlocked. He plugged the key back and walked toward the front door. The front office was opened. As soon as he reached out, he saw a person standing at the blackboard behind, drawing something on it.
Xu Yaoguang stopped subconsciously not far from the door, squinting his eyes, glancing over coldly.